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Next week I'll be leaving with my class mates for a charity trip to Tuclame, Provincia de Córdoba.
Basically, Tuclame is an isolated town in the north of the province, where most people suffer from hypothyroid due to the lack of iodine ingested in their daily diet. Water there has very little iodine, thus turning iodized salt in the only way to ingest the mineral.

The idea behind this year's trip is installing a somewhat good network of working computers in the town school. Last year I went with another group of lads to help with a new water pump, which became one of the few real water sources in town (Ever since a dam was built up north, the drought it caused meant a huge damage to the environment in this region. There's little to no grass, dead trees and dust everywhere), so now we want to give some importance to the kids' education, making sure they receive the best education available to them... though looking at the school desertion percentage, few will actually finish primary school.


BG2 wise, it was decided that a new dev team would be established. Even though I wasn't originally going to be on that new roster, I asked to join in, and got accepted as historical researcher and texture guy (again). We got new mappers, new modellers and designers, so we are set for a great graphical update in BattleGrounds 2: 2.2.
All we need now is get to work xP...
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