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First of, good day to all of you. Tis been a long while since I posted anything here, so I wanted to kinda give you all an idea of what I've  been up to, and what's gonna come in the future.

To be honest, things have been quite... awkward in the last months, specially since I got into college three months ago. But, of course, things started to get weird way before that. In my last entry -september 2012-, I mentioned a charity trip... well, it didn't go as planned. Let's just say I had to do something disgusting. Dear lord...

That aside, I've been getting more and more into modding lately, specially in Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars. I've left the BG2 dev team and started working freelance for various mods, such as La Belle Alliance and the War of 1812. That, and I've got myself my own little modding corner in the Flying Squirrel Entertainment forums, called "Mr. Kochi's Skin Warehouse" (…). I've uploaded quite a few British reskins in there, featuring some of the famous, or 'darkest' regiments in the British Peninsular Army, such as the 28th Gloucestershire, the 41st Regiment of Foot and the 82nd "Prince of Wales' Own Volunteers".



In other news, I'm now taking bagpipe lessons. Not Scottish, but Asturian bagpipes, one of the many kinds of Spanish-Celt bagpipes out there. Blasted thing only has 12 notes, and although it looks easy, it's a pain to play. But I adore it! Pity it's too damned noisy to practice at home (had to get a custom made flute to practice), and too bloody expensive to buy my own (800 euros, plus shipping it from Spain).

And, even if I wanted to buy the bagpipe, even if I had the money to do so, I have other priorities for money spending. I -finally- managed to find and sign up in a Napoleonic reenactment group, and since March 16th, I've been marching around in a fancy Spanish uniform, holding a Brown Bess and getting lots of cramps in my arms. Blasted musket is heavy.

Well, that wraps up all I've been doing so far. Right now I'm trying to port NW's models and textures into Garry's Mod, so expect more screenshot stuff quite soon.
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Next week I'll be leaving with my class mates for a charity trip to Tuclame, Provincia de Córdoba.
Basically, Tuclame is an isolated town in the north of the province, where most people suffer from hypothyroid due to the lack of iodine ingested in their daily diet. Water there has very little iodine, thus turning iodized salt in the only way to ingest the mineral.

The idea behind this year's trip is installing a somewhat good network of working computers in the town school. Last year I went with another group of lads to help with a new water pump, which became one of the few real water sources in town (Ever since a dam was built up north, the drought it caused meant a huge damage to the environment in this region. There's little to no grass, dead trees and dust everywhere), so now we want to give some importance to the kids' education, making sure they receive the best education available to them... though looking at the school desertion percentage, few will actually finish primary school.


BG2 wise, it was decided that a new dev team would be established. Even though I wasn't originally going to be on that new roster, I asked to join in, and got accepted as historical researcher and texture guy (again). We got new mappers, new modellers and designers, so we are set for a great graphical update in BattleGrounds 2: 2.2.
All we need now is get to work xP...
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Well, shite. Warband Revolution mod died miserably due to a lack of communication and cooperation between the main mod developers, thus me not having any models to work with, and the whole mod falling apart.

And here I thought I would be able to upload better Revolutionary War videogame stuff. Oh well... BG2 and Gmod will have to do.... when I'm done with a huge pile of work, that is.

Apologies, lads, but no uploads for a while. I'll have to get this done first. Wish me luck.

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Due to BG2 development being stuck due to the lack of coders, and the fact that I have nothing better to do, I decided to start modding for other games, specially Mount and Blade Warband.

About three weeks ago some guy came out with the idea of making a Revolutionary War mod for Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars. However, at the time I was a bit busy working on the 47th Lancashire skins. Now, they asked for my help. How can I say no to such a great proposal?

So, as of now, I'll be working on a Revolutionary War mod for Napoleonic Wars. This, however, will be quite a challenge, since I am truly not used to doing everything from scratch... but I can manage xP.

So what does this mean? Well, first of all, I'll upload stuff in here much more often. I was put in charge of uniforms, so expect interesting designs coming in.

Second: I will have less time for other things, so GMOD screencaps will have to wait...

Lastly: :icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Heh...
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After a week of trial and error, plus a patch that basically broke Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars, I finally managed to get the 47th Regiment's skins done. The whole pack includes the King's and Regimental Colours, remade Ranker, Ensign, Officer and Drums, new shako and a small tweak in the code.

:thumb309037764:   :thumb309038583:

I must admit, these skins were quite a challenge to make. BG2 and Napoleonic Wars are quite different regarding their models' UV templates and texture arrangement. I had to edit about 6 files to make the whole texture pack, some even including new bump maps.
Truly, I am quite impressed  with the final results. This skin pack looks way better than expected, and I even managed to add a few extra details to make it even better (Belgic Shako and code tweaking).

Overall, one of my best retexturing projects.

:icontrrplz: Huzzah!
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As I continue my twisted foray into the world of BG2 development, I figured it would be a good idea to also try my hand in other games, with different engines. Therefore, I've began playing around with Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars.

To my surprise, this game is, as the devs said, quite easy to mod and play around with, so I took the initiative and began making a few skins for the British 33rd Regiment.

This project is way more ambitious than the previous ones, as it also includes twisting around a few scripts and editing 8 files + normal maps. These skins, however, are way tougher to edit than BG2's... mainly because this is a commercial game and not a mod...

I'll keep you posted on my progress in this new adventure. Hopefully ye'll see something interesting within this week.

Also, my birthday's on Tuesday, and hopefully I'll get enough money to buy myself a new PC. That and finally get a driver license...
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I just finished submitting all my new textures to BGmod SVN. All the new uniforms I posted have been uploaded to BG2's 2.2 update directories.

Now onwards to something else: making flesh, skin and detail sprites.

Also this:…
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1) Choose one of your own characters.

2) Make them answer the following questions.

3) Then, tag 4 people.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Corporal Isaiah Raven?!

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Aye, sir?

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: You were chosen to participate in this... nonsense. Stand at ease and answer the following questions. Got that, corporal?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Yes, sir.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: What is yer gender?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Male, sir.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: How old are ye?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: I do not know, sir. I believe I am about 20-25 years of age, sir.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Can I have a hug?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Excuse me, sir? Is that a real question?

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: It is... Answer it, if you please.

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: With all due respect, sir, bugger that!

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Hahaha... Any bad habits?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Sadly, drinking, sir... I was turned into a drunk after I joined the army...

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Like most of us, mate. What's your favorite food?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: May I speak freely on this one, sir?

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Go ahead.

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Whatever but those shite rations given in the army, sir.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Agreed. Next question: Do you have a crush right now?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: What is that supposed to mean, sir? This... "modern" vocabulary is unknown to me.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: It means if you have anybody on your sights. And I am not talking about your musket...

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: You mean if I've got my eye on anyone, sir?

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Aye...

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Well, truly, no. I am not in love with anybody, nor there's anyone who catches my sight. However, I think this new girl, Gilly... Well... I might as well get lucky with that one, sir.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Heh... What is your species?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Hoovensharian Stallion. An earth pony, basically.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Have you ever killed anyone?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Is that a real question, sir? Each shot I discharge means a dead Zebrican bastard, sir.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Do you hate anyone?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: I can't say I hate my enemies, sir. Although I really do despise those who murder, rape and plunder without a reason.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Do you have any best friends?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Nay. Only brethren in arms and drinking mates, sir.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: What's your favorite season?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Fall, sir. Winter means lack of food and snow. Summer means extreme heat. For marching, all those are horrible aspects.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Do you have any hobbies?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: I sometimes sneak out of the camp to shoot things, sir. Things like bottles or cans, or whatever I find first.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Ye know ye could get flogged if Capt. Ross found out, don't ye lad?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Ross is not that smart, sir. He won't find me.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Hmm... What is your favourite beverage?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Brandy, sir. There's nothing as good as a bottle of fine brandy after a long day of marching.

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Cannot agree more, lad. When's your birthday?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: Again, I do not know, sir. Sometime between 1785-1790

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Are you nice or mean?

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: I am a soldier, sir...

:icontrrplz::iconsaysplz: Very good. Now pick a few people to tag. Try to be merciful, if you please.

:iconisaiahravenplz::iconsaysplz: fair enough... let me see...

:iconbl1ghtmare: :iconbmludwick: :iconjackftwcod5: :iconbluteisen:
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Got news!

First of, regarding BG2 development, I'm finally in possession of things to show! Starting off with The Stand of the East Norfolk:

Stand of the East Norfolk by koach2

That picture right there shows about 70% of all my work within the last month. A full new Redcoat pack for the British side, based on the 9th East Norfolk Regiment of Foot.

Then, (this pic's been here for ages) the Point Blanking Bastard, the Light Infantry unit, based on the 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers:


This one has been drastically improved, with way better textures and overall look. Expect to see more of this soon.

Lastly, The Redcoats, a full preview to all 3 new skins in detail:

The Redcoats by koach2

Changing topic, I was promoted to Guardsman in 47th Foot, and elected as commander of a squad! I am now the head of the Loyalist component of the unit, a group exclusive for American members. We'll be holding late night public events in BG2 for the American population on Saturdays at around 11 pm EST, so if you're interested, jump in!

Lastly, I would like to ask you something: Do you people like history as a whole?
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I've been quite busy lately with BG2 stuff, so I apologize for the lack of updates besides this

Feelings... by koach2

To give you an idea on what's going on, as I had no task given by the devs, I decided to do something on my own, and ended up with a pretty HD looking Royal Infantry skin (standard issue redcoat), that resembles the 9th (East Norfolk), the 29th (Worcestershire) and 57th (West Middlesex) Regiments of foot.

They basically look like this:…

On another note, my sleeping pattern got fucked up so badly I ended up staying awake every day until 8am, then sleeping until 3-4 pm. Bollocks.

That's it for this update. I sign off, good bye, my good men (and ladies, if any around)

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!rcon rage 1

Thank you everyone for not giving a crap, I APPRECIATE YOUR LACK OF CARE.

!slay all

!rcon rage 0
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Alright, I believe it's time for a little update on... well... whatever is going on with me right now. Heh...

First of, I managed to get rid of the blasted Valve texture replacement task for the BG2-Dev team. No, I did not finish it, but it was declared as "not very urgent", so I picked up another item from the long list of textures to replace: the Light Infantry // Point Blanking Bastard class. Basically, the current one is a RECOLOUR of a recycled texture and model used during BG2's ALPHA stage (2005). Ergo, shite. Therefore, I had the idea of turning it into this:


Basically, I retextured almost everything...

:icontrrplz::iconsays3plz:On another note, my old clan (47th Lancashire Regiment of Foot) was reactivated on Wednesday, and my rank of Pte. Veteran was re-established, with all battle honours and deployed in the First Company of Light Foot, under Captain Picaso.

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Well, now that the bloody tag is dead, I might as well tell you what's been going on in the last couple of days.

First and foremost, after long days of waiting, I was accepted in the BattleGrounds 2 Development Team as their new (and only) texture artist. You have no idea how happy I was on Sunday, and how depressed was on Monday. I was tasked to replace ALL textures made by Valve. There are around 30, 22 being map textures and the rest are models.

IT'S BEEN THE BIGGEST PAIN IN THE ARSE SINCE MY OLD ATTEMPTS AT MODELLING. It's so frustrating to see your hard work and effort look shit ingame, while flawless in the Paint.Net canvas...


But so far it's been 60% fun.

This leads me to the 2nd thing: I won't be as active as before in DA. Apologies, but I can't upload my work (I'm not allowed) until further notice, and Pony pictures/Fanfics are on hold. Sorry to those who were expecting more from me. I'll get back to work on Ponies when my shitload of textures are done.
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Basically this works like this, copy pasted from :iconbl1ghtmare:

"A good way to bring good art to other people. Here how it goes:

1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!"

So, let's get this done with. :icondamn-yuki: Dont let me down, ye bugger.


A) Berserker by Bl1ghtmare

B) Deus Ex by Bl1ghtmare

C) S.T.A.L.K.E.R. by Bl1ghtmare

2) :iconbubba145:

A) Kar 98K Request by bubba145

B) Good Lord by bubba145

C) Lavenski J. Army BEL by bubba145

3) :icondamn-yuki:


Mature Content

Can You Take Me Higher? by Damn-Yuki

B) Lose Yourself: Part 1
Lose Yourself (Part 1)
[ Shipping | Angst ]
It was late at night, far later than Spike usually stayed up. On an average night he would have been asleep hours ago, but tonight sleep just wouldn't come. He was all of 17 years old, and he was already feeling like his life was stuck in a rut. He laughed mirthlessly to himself. Life? What life? He'd spent all of his years helping Twilight with whatever needed to get done, and for the most part, getting no thanks for it. As far as he could tell, it looked like that was how things were going to stay. He had no life outside of Ponyville, and yet he didn't even really have a place in his adopted hometown. He was the only dragon for miles and miles around, and even though he'd lived here for almost 11 years now, he still drew strange looks on the street. In Spike's opinion, being one-of-a-kind was overrated.
Everypony else's lives were going just peachy. Rainbow Dash and Applejack had hooked up a couple of years ago (he still had no idea

C) Metalestia by Damn-Yuki

4) Free

5) Free

6) Free

7) Free

8) Free

9) Free

10) Free

11) Free

12) Free

13) Free

14) Free

15) Free

16) Free

17) Free

18) Free

19) Free

20) Free
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Well, It's been a long bloody while since I uploaded anything here, so I believe I should post why.

In the last couple of weeks, creativity decided to pack her bags and bugger off, for writing and drawing, at least. I couldn't get to write The West Riding Chapter 2 beyond 300 words and I ran out of ideas for pony uniforms. Since Sunday I've been busy as fuck, and didn't even have time to look at DA.

Now let me tell you why this entry's called "Development":

On Sunday 15th, I applied for the BattleGrounds 2 Development Team as their texture artist. I was convinced to do so by one of their mappers, Klifsnider, who gave me a texturing task as entry exam: Jayarc's Door_Closed texture, which was in UV state until yesterday.

I've also been working with MPC in the making of a Virginian Militia skin. Basically, he came to me yesterday at around 6:30 pm, asking about the door, told me about his Virginian Militia skin and gave it to me. IT WAS A BLOODY DISASTER. Together, we spent 12 hours working on it almost non stop (till 6:30 am). We replaced many textures for custom made ones, added way more detail, removed pointless things and added lots of fancy stuff.

That screenshot sucks, but's all I got for now.

Those two works are gonna be my ticket into the BG2 Dev Team, and hopefully I get accepted.

:icontrrplz: Wish me luck!
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The West Riding is now officially my current project, leaving The American Battlegrounds in 2nd place. I really wanted to work on something new, and the other fanfic wasn't going anywhere. I tried many times, but it became a burden, so I moved it to the back burner.

I was asked about the backstory of all my fics, so let me give you some data on the setting and storyline:

The events in "A visit from Hoovenshire" began around two months after MLP Season 2.

3 years before "A visit from Hoovenshire":

The electorate of Hoovenshire, a once great military power, was rearming. The previous prince-elector had banned magic, causing most unicorns to bugger off to Equestria. Now, with the old PE dead, a new one came to power. This new elector, Prince Uhlan III not only unbanned magic, but also restructured the armies. The old, fully armoured soldier armed with sword and shield was replaced with regiments of line and light hoof. As magic was out of the question, due to the lack of unicorns, Uhlan ordered the creation of bombardiers and artillery pieces. Pegasi were trained to fly over the enemy and drop grenades, while earth ponies took the muskets and bayonets.

Using muskets was not easy, specially due to the lack of fingers and magic. However, the Hoovensharian scientists developed a special kind of musket, and a horseshoe that allowed for reloading. The Equestrian Pattern was born, and with it came a special kind of horseshoe that allowed the soldier to hold (with a small claw-like device) the paper cartridges and ramrods. Soon, a common Hoovensharian soldier could fire 2 or 3 rounds a minute.

Despite the advanced technology, making the muskets was too expensive. Therefore, armour was removed, introducing red coats and shakos. In spite of the now lower cost, it was still too expensive to upkeep the new army, so all but 5 regiments were disbanded:

*The 1st North Riding Line Hoof (later 17th, 1st Hoovenshire North Riding Regiment of Hoof)

*The 2nd East Riding Line Hoof (Later 43rd, 2nd Hoovenshire East Riding Regiment of Hoof)

*The 3rd West Riding Lights (Later 51st, 3rd Hoovenshire West Riding Regiment of Hoof)

*4th Royal Bombardiers

*5th Royal Artillery

All these regiments, except the 2nd East Riding, were stationed in Hoovenshire for the next 4 years.

Two years after Uhlan III became prince-elector, the Zebrican empire faced a coup d'etat. A new, war hungry government came to power, and began a massive military expedition to the north. The zebras landed on Bad Wolf Bay a month after, and began expanding to the north and east. They first attacked Glascow, facing Cowpenhagen's Livgardes and the Hightrotter warbands. They occuplied Glascow in 3 months, then launched an attack eastwards, on Hoovenshire. They began raiding towns, raping mares and killing their husbands. Soon, Hoovensharian militia organizations were created to defend the electorate.

Hoovenshire had way better technology than the Zebras, who used, at the start of the war, lances, swords, shields and bows. This put the zebras in a big disadvantage against their red coated foes. Therefore, almost a year after the conquest of Glascow, the Zebricans signed truce with Hoovenshire, in which both factions agreed to not attack each other within the Hoovensharian island for 2 years. In the meantime, The Zebras continued pushing east, reaching Dream Valley and Mareheim. They killed, raped and plundered everything in their way.

Seeing the fast Zebrican advance and taking into account the Equestrian lack of experience in battle, Princess Celestia joined wars with Hoovenshire. With her, King Pferdinand of Germaneigh, Napoleon Coltapart of Prance and the Cevrid Council formed a coalition to stop the Zebrican forces in Equestria. Each nation sent 1 or more regiments to assist the cause. Celestia deployed the full Equestrian Royal Army, Coltaparte sent the 16éme Régiment des Grenadiers and the Chasseurs à Patte and Pferdinand deployed the Flankfurt Jaegers.

Hoovenshire was also asked to send a regiment to the front lines. Despite their delicate situation, Uhlan sent the 2nd East Riding to the Equestrian front lines, granting the Equestrian Royal Army full control of that regiment. It was renamed to 43rd, 2nd Hoovenshire East Riding Regiment of Hoof. Two battalions were deployed: one was sent to Manehattan and the other to Dream Valley.

Ten days before "A Visit from Hoovenshire", a small Zebrican force managed to pass undetected through the Equestrian defences and began marching to Canterlot. Their mission was to clear the way for a way larger assault force. However, there was a spy amongst them, who informed Col. Bandook. Immediately, the 1st Battalion began a quick march to Ponyville to resist the invaders. One of the lieutenants suggested marching through the Everfree, getting the battalion massacred. Then "A Visit from Hoovenshire" and it's storyline took place.


A month before the truce ended, all the Zebras' eyes were set on Hoovenshire. Both sides began preparations for a final showdown, which would determine the fate of the electorate. Uhlan III, however, was very concerned about the well being of his kin. He was certain the zebras would defeat his army. A week later, the coalition held an assembly in Canterlot. It was decided that Hoovenshire was to be evacuated entirely to Equestria, and that the Hoovensharian army deployed completely under Equestrian command, under the leadership of the new Equestrian marshal, General Uhlan, former prince-elector.

A week before the truce ended, Hoovenshire had finished the evacuation. All supplies were taken, and all that remained was an abandoned city and a few, empty villages. However, they forgot 1 key piece of paper: a copy of the blueprints of the Equestrian Pattern and horseshoe.

When the truce ended, the Zebrican forces marched on Hoovensharian soil. They found a letter inside the castle, which stated that Hoovenshire peacefully surrendered and that the zebras had full control over the city and the inhabitants. However, there were no inhabitants. They also found the blueprints for the Equestrian Pattern. Within two months, the Zebrican army was fully equiped with muskets and bayonets. However, that did not give them any advantage, as also the Equestrians, Prench, Germans and Cervids were now using them as well.

Four months after that, General Uhlan began the counter attack on Zebrican Equestria. The events narrated on "The West Riding" began.

Then the rest would be spoilers.

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Work on the script was resumed in a quite interesting way. I was certain I was about to disregard history and continue the story regardless of certain facts, but I ended up finding a neat way to stick to the facts. Conversations are, so far, my biggest challenge. Not because of language or tone, but the damn topic. Ever wondered "what do soldiers talk about when they are marching?" Well, I'm trying to find that answer, but so far I only found frustration.  

Now for a bit of recruitment. To those who have Steam and Source SDK 2007, The BattleGrounds 2 is a Half Life 2 Revolutionary War modification, mainly set during the latest years of the war. Each side has it's own pros and cons (Americans mostly dedicated to long range engagements and skirmish orders, while the British take the advantage in hand to hand combat, melee and close up shots.

BG2 has 3 main official game modes and 2 unofficial ones. The 2 main include:

*Typical Control Point map, which can be sequential (3 flags, 1 per spawn and 1 in the mid), scattered around a map (4-5 flags scattered in 4-5 key positions), assault styled (one team must capture flag A in order to unlock flag B or 3 flags already owned by one team, while the other must control all 3 at once.)

*Ticket Mode, which works like BattleField style Conquest game mode. Each team starts with a fixed number of respawn tickets, if your team holds the majority of the flags, each enemy respawn consumes more tickets. The winner is, obviously, the team with that eliminates the other.

*Capture The Flag. Self explanatory concept. In fact, BG2 is the only game in which capturing a flag makes sense.

Then we have the 2 unofficial game modes:

*Line Battles, my personal favourite. Played in very big maps (around 500 square yards), LBs are fought in line formations, one or two per sides. The players designate a commander out of the group, who is in charge of moving and ordering the line around. Rules tend to be easy, but some clans take it too seriously... *cough*29th*cough* Each formation must listen to the commands and either obey or leave. Teams must be in a line before opening fire, and follow the standard "Make Ready, Present, Fire" drill.

*Realisms are way more disorganized. Normally played in big custom maps, like open fields, forts, towns and redoubts, this game mode allows for acting freely in an open, realistic environment. Each side has one or two officers leading, most commonly clan high COs or server admins. Realisms are played in skirmish order (loose formations and charges) and require much more skill than Line Battles, as you engage in melee pretty quick, and long range shots are very useful.

To give you an idea on how BG2 looks like, take a look in my BG2 screenshots folder, and if you like the idea, join me in my endless quest for head stabs and long range musket headshots. <--- Check that.


That would be all for now.

Nec Aspera Terrent,

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First of, Happy New Year to all of you buggers who stalk me with that Deviant Watch thing. Finally, 2011 is out of my life and a new, better year rises up.

Apologies, but I'm gonna start this post with bad news: I'm stuck with The American Battlegrounds (again), and i need ideas. Here's the deal (I'm not spoiling anything because this really happened, and it's on history books), the 80 Lexington militias are standing in front of the 43Rd Monmouthshire and 10th Grenadier Company. both sides are shooting each other, then Brits charge. After that, the British line rejoined the column and resumed the march to Concord. I'm stuck in that part, where i do not know what to write. According to a historian i know, the British divided their forces in Concord, one battalion moved towards South Bridge, the other to North Bridge. 43rd went to NB, got their asses kicked and were chased by the Continentals almost all the way back to Boston. Now the deal is, i have no idea whatsoever on what to write besides historical data... HALP!

Let's get over the good news now, shall we? Ok so good news: I'm quite sure you buggers never visited the BGMS site (link in the deviant ID), so I'll assume you have no idea on what the Battle of Fort Bull was, nor that we are gonna make a reenactment in BattleGrounds 2, record it and make a movie out of it. Therefore, I'll explain to you what was that all about:

On March 27th, 1756, Gaspard-Joseph Chaussegros de Léry led a small french force (84 troupes de la Marine, 111 Canadian militiamen, and 110 natives, to be exact) to attack a British held fort in the Oneida county. The fort was held by a guy named William Bull (the Brits had no imagination, and the guy was all like "fuck it put my name to the fort") and the 50th Regiment of Foot. The little wooden fort was surrounded by forest, and only 100 yards radius of clear land. The French charged the fort with fixed bayonets (imagine 250 men, some natives, running like maniacs straight at the British force in a Russian Charge style), chopped down the gate with an axe and killed every single British living being in the fort, then the Natives scalped the bodies and burnt the fort to the ground. The Brits then rebuilt the fort in May, but when they saw the French coming back at them their bollocks decided to chop themselves off and run away. The Brits also buggered off, burning the fort a 2nd time.

Ok, so the good news is, We got ourselves a mapper! We're gonna finally be able to record Bull, that means FINALLY BGMS WILL RELEASE SOMETHING! :iconfuckyeaplz:

In other news, very bad idea to drink all that champagne. VERY BAD ONE. (specially cus i'm just 16... heh... bugger it.)

I also joined The Royal Recruits, the oldest clan in BattleGrounds 2. So far the clan's 7 years old and has quite interesting members...… WTF?

I also grew addicted to this tune:… Blame the 69th Infantry Division RnL clan.

Ok lads, i wish ye all a happy 2012, i can assure you it WILL BE the best year of your life (God wound't want to make the last year of human existence shit, would he?)

Nec Aspera Terrent, Love and Tolerate, lads.

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I'm finally done moving to this account. too bad not everybody got the memo.

So to give ya a small situation report, the MLP fanfic is on hold due to The American Battlegrounds (TABG, i'll post the prologue this weekend), All screenshots will be uploaded randomly (meaning i'll take one when i find some inspiration), Mapping was discarded, so no more BGMS_Redoubt_lms updates and The Siege of Fort Bull is back on the road.

Things have been quite good since the start of this week, mainly because TABG is moving on smoothly and the 1st chapter is 1/4 done. I'm not going to say much about it, but i must admit it's getting tough to write a 1st person play (never did that before), and keeping the actions simple to allow the script to be recorded is quite hard, specially because the characters can't do everything i want them to (for instance, sit down, go prone, take off their hats, etc.). I also joined a new clan, after 47th decided to call quits and put down the colours, i was left in the hands of the Green Mountain Boys, a joke clan made of 47th vets. now I'm in The Royal Recruits, a 7 year old BattleGrounds 2 clan with contacts in, Janus Syndicate, Steinmann and the now dead Smooth Few Films.

On another note, i joined a dev team for Gmod game mode, named La Peninsula Rebelde. it's going to be a Napoleonic War mod, based on the Spanish Guerrilleros during the French occupation. things are moving slowly but we already got 1 player model in the works (needs bones) and we got a guy making the SWEPS for us. i'm in charge of textures and historical research, so you might find early-alpha screenshots here in a few months.

If you want more info on the Bull project, check out the BGMS site:

That's all for now. Good day to you.

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