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Ian Koivisto Reference (SDF)

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Name: Ian Koivisto (I-an KOI-vis-toe)
Species: Wolverine
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Weight: 150 Ibs
Height: 5’4’’
Reason for entering: Ian wishes to obtain job security. She greatly hopes to prevail in the contest, get a spot in the film, and afterwards get her own cooking show. Because that’s how tv works, right?
Personality: Blunt, boisterous. Ian speaks loudly and passionately, with very few filters. She’s a horrible liar, and often just speaks the truth and her mind. Can also be very stubborn. Isn’t afraid of confrontation or a fight.
Special Abilities: None.

:bulletgreen:Thick fur all over her body helps protect against cold, and claws and teeth.
:bulletgreen:Strong bite.
:bulletgreen:Strong left arm that can lift up to 75 Ibs.
:bulletgreen:Has battle experience and training (though most of her training relied upon having all limbs working and mobile. And was based on hand-to-hand brawling, biting and clawing combat).

:bulletred:Peg Right Leg: Ian doesn't have a steady balance because her ‘leg’ is poorly built (It's worn down to be too short with time, but Ian never had the finances to get a new proper one). She has to be holding onto something solid (like heavy furniture) or leaning against a wall to be steady. She also can only make 180 degree turns very slowly, having to be mindful of her leg.
:bulletred:Ian owns a walking stick so she can get around, but both stick and peg leg can be broken. They're both just plain carved wood. She can only walk or move slowly: any faster movement without falling is impossible. She must be even slower and more cautious on uneven ground.
:bulletred:Crippled Right Arm: Ian’s right arm was horribly damaged in battle. Her thick fur hides the scars well, but her right arm has an extremely low range of motion (Ian often just lets it remain close to her chest most of the time because she can’t fully unbend it) and can hardly hold anything heavier than five pounds.  The old scar tissue also makes the arm very tender: getting the crippled arm pulled on or grabbed extremely painful. This makes getting herself back up if fallen a major challenge.
:bulletred:Ian is extremely inflexible with short, stout limbs. She can’t reach around to scratch the back of her own neck or back (she has to use trees as backscratchers).

History: Ian grew in a tribe-like environment with her mother far from most large cities. The town had a few radios and televisions, electricity and running water. But the culture focused more on living off of the land as much as possible with few shipments of other necessary things from the nearest city. She was a warrior there until a rival clan attacked, resulting in her injuries and the death of her mother. Most of the warriors in her tribe were killed in the attack, along with several civilians. To escape the shame of living as a ‘cripple’ and the bad memories, she left what remained of her mostly-killed tribe to go to the city, where she’s barely scraped a living as a cook here-and-there.

Likes: Cooking. Talking, telling stories. Getting to know people. Others seeing her beyond her lame arm and prosthetic leg. Good food. Learning about new types of foods. Making friends.
Dislikes: Others pitying her because of her leg and arm. Microwave food, bad food. Liars. Bears. Weapons.

:bulletwhite: Ian is Left-handed.
:bulletwhite:Ian was named after her Grandfather. Most names being used for males and females is common in her home tribe, so people calling attention to her name being ‘a guy’s’ name’ usually just makes her laugh. The notion of names being divided by genders is silly to her.
:bulletwhite:Raised to fight on a system that involves ‘honor’, she sees fighting with anything besides just one’s teeth, claws, tail, and bear hands as cowardly (ESPECIALLY if it’s someone around the same size as she is or bigger; though with those smaller than she is she’ll likely be less huffy about it).
:bulletwhite:Because of the honor system above, Ian will avoid using her walking stick as a weapon (well that and because the wood would likely break if used as a weapon, and she needs it to walk).
:bulletwhite:Ian has fought before and seen death before. Se has also learned to accept both as a way of life, which may seem odd or even revolting to some competitors. 
:bulletwhite:Ian has no modesty. Her tribe were also anthro 'nudists'. Luckily there's not much to see with all that fur.



Well I going to try to do this thing :la: Even though I clearly can't draw wolverine anthros, pff. Oh well, the more practice the better! I also wrote far too much in the 'other' section gosh darn it. Gunna flood the competition with so much useless information I'll blow their brains out, muhahahaha~
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Songdog-StrayFangHobbyist Digital Artist
Good luck in the competition!
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knux33Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much! C:
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CorvusRavenProfessional Filmographer
Very cute character. I look forward to your audition!
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knux33Hobbyist General Artist
Aw, thanks C: Hopefully my audition won't be to boring >w<
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Former warrior with a desire for a cooking show. Awesome!
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knux33Hobbyist General Artist
Cx Thanks! The cooking bit was probably inspired by me watching too many cooking shows recently, pfff
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Her simplicity is quite nice! Also liking this. Ehem, pirate feel she has with the peg leg, XD. And by far this is actually a very reasonable reference size! Quite short even, the additional information is quite nice : D! Keep the info flood comming!

Much luck for the tourney to you : D!
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knux33Hobbyist General Artist
Why thank you! C: (She's gunna rob all the booty, shhhh). It looked quite a bit bigger on the word document xD Looking at it now it actually does look nice and tidy, yay!

Again, much thanks <3!
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CloudbatHobbyist General Artist
She is perfect.
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knux33Hobbyist General Artist
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PixelDoughHobbyist Traditional Artist
OMergawd I have a wolverine oc too ;0; and btw nice character <3
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knux33Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe, I'm not surprised; wolverines are awesome critters >D And much thanks~ Cx
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PixelDoughHobbyist Traditional Artist
hee hee no prob :3
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Evelyn-CrossHobbyist General Artist
Such a fun character and love her design! ^^ 
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knux33Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! ^w^ She's like a pirate~ All she needs now is a parrot and eyepatch and she'd perfect for a pirate film >D
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ReverendAspenHobbyist Writer
Thank you for your interest. :tea:

Everything checks out, and we look forward to your audition. ^^
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knux33Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for taking the time to look it all over ^w^ I hope I do not disappoint~
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