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[...]Odin edged away a bit. "Come again?!" The young redhead before him looked up from his work on the dead bird rather confused: "Laufey. My mother's name was Laufey." This couldn't be. This could not be the one Odin had seen in that dreaded dream. "And your name is...", he had to make sure. "Loki", the other answered making the one-eyed god's worries come true.[...]

And here we have the Trickster himself.
Not much too add about him, eh? ;)

Things I am aware of:

The holster might be a bit too small for that gun.
The image is a bit distorted what comes from me not having a scanner and had to photograph it. Will change that ASAP.
Overused pose is overused.

Yet, it's not as bad as it looked like at first, so, please leave comments and critique.

Thank you.

(Links to the reference picture will follow as soon as I can find them again X_x )
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Does this have a fanfic to it if it does what is it called