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Mega Man is the best and my love
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The way i am....While i was feeling sad i heard Mega's voice saying don't give up don't lose hope....I looked around but no one was there....creator (by creator i mean waterdragon104 we call him creator from miiverse) doesn't understand and don't see Mega like I do....he thinks I don't know what's real or not but I think of him from another dimension....And though he lives far he's always there for me....And he's always a hero in my eyes and heart....Maybe if only he could see my point of view....and what Mega has done for me over the years....and everything he has giving me....Hopes dreams love joy....and my past journals will explain the rest he gives me....
Why can't you guys just let me be who I am....? Let me be me....there's only one me....Please stop trying make me into the person I'm not! True friends accept and love me for who I am....why can't you....? Don't change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will lov

Please no more hate....:…

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First of all, i love animals! I have a cat name Cookie. I adoped him from a shelter. (I love his big gooley eyes! XD)…

When it comes to music, i practice a lot on my piano. I like may kinds of music (heavy metal, techno, and classical are my most favorte). Exsept for guangster music! I hate guangster music! Yuck!…

I even practice drawing a lot too.I even re-edit pics. I love drawing chibis! =^_^=…

My favorite sport is soccer. I love playing it, but i hate it when i get hit on the face with the soccer ball!>x<

I do not like to be pushed around and getting my feelings hurt. i'm a very sensitive person.

I always help my friends no matter what. What ever what problems you have, i want to help you out. Friends are really important to me!

I have a crush on on this guy................Please don't laugh at me!


And that incluses MegaMan Classic, Mega Man X, Mega Man Legends, Mega Man EXE, CyberElf X (from Mega ManZero), and Model X! <3 =^_^=

Things i love! =^_^=:



toya and other stuff



listen/make music

helping others

my friends and frienship *




Mega Man! <3 =^_^= *

favorite colors: blue and red

Things i hate! >_<:

feelings hurt


friends fighting

bad words


broken heart *

when other "people" try to take Mega Man away from me.... *
rejection *

being left alone *

my friends getting hurt *

My weaknesses.... =V_V=:



lonely friends

lonelyness -

sadness -

*also my weakness

-also i hate…

And here's another thing you should know....Broken heart is one of my ultimate weakness....if my Mega Man is with someone hearts will be broken and i'll die and never come back to is mine! And that also includes the other generations! Classic, X, Volnutt, EXE, Cyberelf X, Starforce and Over-1!

I get jealous easly when i see Mega from any series that being flirt by someone and stuff like that! And even more when i see the girls huging and/or kissing him! And everytime i see stuff like that i feel sad and deprest inside....and feel broken hearted....yes i admit it i'm that jealous....I like DA cause of the neat pics but i hate DA becuase of countless broken hearts i get from other picks i do not like want i see and keep getting more of it.... </3

List of Mega games i have:…

Mega records:…

Favourite Games
Mega Man
Please don't ask me to give you the Mega models (the ones made by kuroonix) as it is againts her rules to redistribute them. It's why she took them down for download in the first place. She gave us two chances and someone payed the price there for punishing us for their mistakes. You keep begging me to give them to you saying how's she gonna know. Trust me she WILL know....She has her da account here as well. I'm using the models because i got them fair and square while they were still up for download. Please don't ask me to give them to you illegally since it's against someone's rules to do so.
Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In Best animals? To be honest I have a HUGE phobia on rays&#8230;. Just read from here to see why&#8230;.
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I still love watching about how this Mega game saved the franchise. If it weren&#8217;t for it no more Mega games no other Megas. Without Mega beck wouldn&#8217;t exist either.
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hey can i use your alma.exe

you should create a discord

:tighthug: making sure you ok. I still fighting my mental disability but still keeping my promise I talk to you daily.