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Paradise of Light

By KnowYouAre
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Dedicated to team Quadspinner :) =nukeation

Their products and training video's are simply the best :D

Used: Supernoi and Rock XYZ from Quadspinner

Program used:

Vue 8.5 Infinite

No postwork :)

Thanks for viewing and your comment! I hope you like it :)
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Nice job🌴
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Really nice! ;p
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Amazing tropical scene :heart: I'd explore it with you someday *sniff* :cuddle:
Love the materials, the vegetation and the lighting but the best of all is the water, very realistic!! *________*
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Beautiful vegetation. The image seems to be a bit too contrast. It could be me, with a different monitor on this computer, but not sure.
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Lovely picture:clap:
Did you use ecopainting to get the growth along the top of the arch and rocks?
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Thanks so much :)

The vegetation on the arch and upper rocks was done with an ecosystem.
Some extra growth like on the left and far right top, was painted :)
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You're welcome.
I've got the version of Vue that supports ecopainting and I've got the ecopainting module . . . unfortunately I don't have a computer that can handle them. Every time I've tried to use it Vue seizes up and dies on me:disbelief:
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nice use of his materials ;)
yea i love nukeations training videos, too :)
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Looks like the heat here would be a killer :phew: Second time I've seen this arch used...and this time it's above water :giggle:
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Thanks Matt :D That means my mission was a succes :) It was suppose to look hot and humid :)

Yeah same arch :XD:
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WOW ! It's very beautiful. what kind of water did you use ?
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Thank you :)

Its the default meta water from Vue. I only changed some setting, and used surface displacement. I learned how to do this from a Quadspinner tutorial called Waterscapes :)
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You're welcome :)
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