never ask a poet for a straight answer

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my heart is a secret
and I guard it well,
for I am my Heaven
and I am my Hell

my truth holds a yearning
I cannot expel
the future is hidden
and I can't foretell

the past, when the past
can be heard with a knell;
what happens to love
under hate's clientele.

but if you are a rose,
then I must be its smell
when you are a house
I will be a hotel

and the second you show
I am under your spell
I shall run to a safe place
crawl under my shell

until then, I'm told,
this will be our farewell
because you're not my Heaven
and you're not my Hell.
(especially not when the poet is so far from straight it's incredible)
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Love this. Great work and thoughts! :heart:
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Ahhh, thank you so much!
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You are quite welcome :heart:
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As a poetess, I know I never give real answers. Either in rhymes or archaic words no one remembers, they make no sense.
But I can't help it. It's just a part of who I am.
Thank you for such a beautiful poem. This is perfect! :heart:
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If it could resonate with you, then I'm really happy. Thank you so much for your comment! It means a lot to me, y'know?
I'm also really happy I'm not the only one who has a difficult time answering in a simple, straightforward manner.
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I'm just stating the truth! :aww: But you're very welcome.
Haha, don't worry! I think every poet and poetess encounters problems with communicating in simpler words.
You're definitely not the only one! ;)
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This is a really beautiful piece, really smooth reading, absolutely gorgeous imagery!! Incredibly well made! <3 
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I really appreciate your comment, especially the "smooth reading" bit, because that was what I was going for. <3 So yeah, just, thank you so much!
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I really like this poem. The rhyme, the flow, it's amazing!
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People seem to like it. I don't get why, but I guess the attention is nice. Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it.
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Thanks, and thanks for the fave too!
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I really like your rhyme scheme. This has great flow.
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Thanks! For both the feedback and the fave, actually. Comments are excellent things and decidedly not utilized enough by the majority of people who check out my poetry.   sighs deeply
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You're welcome. I know the feeling all too well. Constructive comments are my favorite to give and receive Meow :3 
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Huh. Just for that I checked out your profile, and I'll admit I'm impressed. Would you mind if I watched you? I'd like to see your progress, not to mention, well, keep on reading your poetry as it appears.
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You don't have to ask, I greatly appreciate it Love
I have to get some sleep now but I will check out more of your work sometime in the afternoon.
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Consider yourself watched, then! And also I like asking people sometimes, just in case their account seems personal. But anyway idk yeah I just felt like it was the thing to do in the situation.
Ahh, time zones, huh? Thank you, I really appreciate you wanting to see more of my stuff; makes me feel very accomplished. Basically, sleep well, dream of outer space.
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This was beautifully written. :love:
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Thank you, and thanks for the fave! You're too kind.
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A poet's words are emotions
Conflict and prose
Love and lyrics
Regrets and rhyme
Poetry is the meaning of the heart.
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A poet is, by trade, a storyteller,
a novelist with a five hundred word limit.
They may tell the truth. They may lie,
but they may never let their language stagnate
or grow ugly.
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