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Helmet HUD Theme v2.0

By Knovocaine
Update for Helmet HUD. Thanks to Entereri ([link]) you can now use any wallpaper!
© 2010 - 2021 Knovocaine
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Quite futuristic! :D

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Awesome idea in theory... but there's no defined 'setup' so you kinda just ...throw stuff around.
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... so i have tons of stuff...

and this fit spectacularly xD

Thank you a ton!
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could you please make a 1600 by 900p version of the centre bits and the lines on the side? thanks.

btw, your ishiumura skin looks great with this. (btw, i customised the ac line to say UNSC Infinity, seen as im a halo fanboy)
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Love the theme man, just wondering where I can find a download for the font?
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where i can get the wallpaper*
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hey would love it if you can tell me when i can get the wallpaper! anyways love it :D thx a lot
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Not sure what the original source might be, but you can get it here, good sir. [link]
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Couldn't you call it by it's original name, or something similar? Just because you changed a few things doesn't change the fact that it's from Halo...
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Does it really matter? I gave credit where credit was due, it's not like I went off and sold it for profit without saying it was a Halo HUD. It's just not relevant.
It is missing the options.ini file needed to make it work. I'm not yet up to speed enough to build that myself.
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What is this for and how do I get it to work for said thing?
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how to edit the top part of the hud? like removing the little arrows???
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You can just open it in GIMP or photoshop and make the changes you want and just save it as a PNG again. if you switch filetypes to a jpeg you will lose the transparency
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Hey Guys! IS there the radar thingy for rainmeter! (That radar on the prototype suit)
Hey how would I edit the other center.png to fit in 1920x1080? Its just a squished image right now whereas the others in 1920x1080 work perfectly.
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If I remember correctly I made the center.png (the non-circular one) specifically for my screen (1366x768)

You could always photoshop it and make it larger, but I don't have a screen that large so I can't make it to fit, because I cant see what it would look like :(
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