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I have been chatting back and forth w/ another deviant about doing a deck of cards.  The idea came from one that he did, it's in my favorites, ya can't miss it.  Anyway, to do a whole deck of standard playing cards, 54 images including the 2 jokers, as a contest sounded kinda fun.  Only thing is, I don't know who to suggest this to in order to make it available to all deviants, not just the ones I know.  If anyone has a suggestion where to start to reach someone with the authority to get the idea off the ground, I'd love to hear it!
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If you intend to do the deck in knotwork style you could contact knotwork-groups like this: :icontheknotters: or contact a group in which artists of the preferred art-style gather.
Maybe there are groups about card-games, too.
Knot a bad idea! Danny Hennesy was the artist who did the card art work that I have in my faves and I've never seen him do anything Celtic but I could invite him to try. He has a very unique style so, know that I think of it, I would be interested in seeing what he would do in knots. Hmmm, I'm on it!
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Oh, I should have read your journal more closely, I just looked the card up by now.^^
Somehow I thought it would be knotwork when you were joining :D
But there may be still some groups out there that would fit his style, too. ;-)
No worries. It's always interesting to see what flies out of a brain storm!