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Sorry I have been away for so long.  My computer is fine, it didn't blow up I have just recently made a deal with another colorist who is keeping me in an embarrassment of riches as far as colored images.  My wife has tried coloring some herself and was disappointed with the results.  Gwen, who never disappoints, has a real life and not as much time to do all that we ask, as soon as we ask.  

Actually, if the truth is known, it's my wife who is so impatient.  She has said she feels like she is opening a gift every time we get a new colored image from Gwen.  Now she's getting gifts from a new artist, her name is Theresa.  We will be posting some of the new, beautiful stuff we are getting.  I'm going to hold it to 4 a day so, hopefully, we don't have a full-scale image dump!

I tried to answer all communications.  If I missed yours, please feel free to ask or state again.  I'm always interested in others' ideas.

Thanks for continuing to come by, look at my stuff and share yours!
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