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Butterfly Celt

I drew it, Gwen colored it.  This went in the Celtic Astrology coloring book which is currently available from our website.  We are always expanding our product line at Cafe Press, and Zazzle, and adding new coloring books on our home site, Feel free to drop by and check out the skateboards, cell cases, bags, boxes and, of course, T-shirts in every imaginable size and color!  We also take suggestions for images or new books.
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Again, thanks.  Have yo found your own celtic zodiac or do we not have it up yet?
Celtic zodiac? Lol I don't know what that is! 
All of the Celt Zodiacs have both the image by itself and the image with associated info.  After I put up the butterfly by itself, I put up the image with info which shows the dates for the Butterfly within the Celtic Zodiac, Sept 30-Oct 27.  If you go through the older images you might find yours.  We have 10 of the 13 images dates range from January21, which is the beginning of the Cat through Oct 27, the end of the Butterfly.  Still working on Oct 28-Nov24, the Wolf, Nov25-Dec 23, the Falcon, and Dec 24-Jan 20, the Stag.
I just looked it up.
Apparently I'm Adder/Snake!