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I'm going to add my two cents on your image (and the other one in this series). Clearly, you know what you are doing as far as the tech...

I really like this. You have told a story in one picture. The woman is clearly a high-ranking woman based on her dress and none to happ...

I really like this. It is my type of bondage tells a story and a dramatic one. Things I really like. I like the shading th...

It is always dangerous to write a I never write one when I don't like the artwork. So I really like this art. That doesn'...

Something terrible happened in Epilogue 2 of the Lady Spies and the Redemeption Affair. Who do you think is responsible? 

12 deviants said Greta - the ex-Nazi and East German Spy
11 deviants said The Dragon Lady
10 deviants said The Duchess and Natasha - the Duchess gang
9 deviants said An unknown enemy
8 deviants said The Ranch Gals - Ginger Monroe and Dale Young
4 deviants said The Puppetmaster - KGB Spy
3 deviants said The Cardinal
2 deviants said The Agency Stacy and Susan work for.
1 deviant said Royce, the Butler
I am not against artists making money so please don't send hate mail.  Having said that, there are some truths that artists joining Patreon should understand.  

Please note:  I have NOTHING against Patreon and admittedly I don't know what the financial arrangements are except that I assume that Patreon takes a portion of the money that an artist brings in.

"Everyone is doing it"

Is that a good thing...not for the artist.  Basically, the artist is setting up a mini-pay website.  The internet seems like an endless source of potential money.  It isn't.  There is a limited amount of money out there to be spent on fetish stuff.  That was/is certainly the case with bondage (photography).  Oh, some producers have done well, even to this day, but the internet road is lined with the remains of bondage companies who were finally overtaken by the wave of free bondage material available and an over-saturated market.  [That includes my company.]

At some point a lot of the artists on Patreon will either leave or their accounts will become inactive due to the competition.  It will happen.

The Artist is Going to Have to Change Their Lifestyle

Don't think so?  There is no more - I don't feel in the mood or I need to take a break.  The artist is now running a pay site.  I did it for 15 years, updating once a week - when I was sick, when I was out-of-town, when I had company visiting, just like the mail, the artist HAS TO deliver.  When my wife and I went on vacation in the beginning (early 2000's) getting on the internet was both difficult and could be very expensive, particularly if you were overseas.  Still we did what we had to do to update the site.  People were paying us money which meant we had an obligation.   The pressure for the artist to update their material will never end.

And, the pressure will likely increase.  Why don't you post as much as this other artist?  Why don't you post more often?  Questions like that will pop up.

The artist is now competing for money with every other fetish artist on Patreon, every other artist that has their own pay site and in some ways every fetish site on the internet.  If the artist doesn't produce and produce frequently enough, people will leave and take their money elsewhere.

Oh, and now you have to advertise because people will leave and you need to replace them.

Some artists will be able to deal with this constant pressure, others will not.

Welcome to the REAL World

The artist, by going on Patreon, has entered the real world of internet pirates and other low-lives.  When an artist only did commissions and/or posted stuff for free, there was no threat of anyone stealing anything.  Now, the artist has created value by having people pay for their work.  Most clients are great, but some will take your material and will repost it without your permission - because it now has value and they think it should be free (apparently).  You have to learn to live with that.  At least for me, it felt like someone coming into my house and stealing my valuables.  It was a violation, like being robbed.  And there is little the artist can do about it really.  Some of these people will claim to be doing 'advertising' for the artist - they are not.

Every possible way that the small minority can steal your material will be used...posting passwords (I assume Patreon has something like that) on sites so other people can use them, etc.

Then the artist will have clients that will only sign up for a minimum period every year to download all of the artist's work for a minimum cost.

So What Can Be Done?

Absolutely nothing,  Either an artist can deal with the pressures, the stealing, and the constant work or they won't be able to and will soon fade into history or back to DA.  Also, the artist will find out how good their work really is - I suspect that many will find that a lot of people that rave about their work on DA are unwilling to actually pay money to see it. 

I wish artists that go to Patreon all the best.  I will miss your work.

Comments welcome...

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My profile picture is not of is what I do. I am the producer of Knotty Silk Scarf Productions ( and I specialize in bondage videos, video clips, and photo stories. I also write bondage stories. The focus is on scarf, scarf & rope and pantyhose bondage. I also promote scarf fashion for women.

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Cover of Angela Morris - PI
Cover Illustration for book 2 of the Angela Morris PI adventure series.  This is how their client, Mrs. Baachus and her helper, Patrica, left Angela and Wendy, our brave private Investigators.  They are in a rundown motel room.  If their client does this to them, imagine what the bad guys do!

The headscarves are actually part of their gags, making it all, but impossible to work the scarves off of their mouths (and expel the mouth stuffing).

If you want to find out what happens to our heroines, go to   Angela Morris - PI - Chapters 1 and 2
This story is a fetish bondage story, which includes both consensual and non-consensual sexual acts.  If such things bother you, please don't read it.  It is tongue-in-cheek fiction.  The author would not wish these things to happen to anyone, male or female, in real life.  
Thomas Silk
Copyright 2017 Knotty Silk Scarf Productions

Chapter 1 – A Warm Summer's Eve
The young heiress stood on the balcony of her family's beach bungalow.  She needed some time alone.  This was where she had so much fun as a child, but now that she was in her early 20s it seemed like the whole world was closing in on her.  She needed time to think, to figure out what to do.  It was 1932 and the world was going to hell in a hand basket.  But her troubles were closer to home.  It was marital problems.  Yes, she needed to clear her head.
The young woman was doing what she used to do as a child, when her parents were

Illustration by the awesome :iconmileshendon:  A version without the text is on his page.

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This story is a fetish bondage story, which includes both consensual and non-consensual sexual acts. If such things bother you, please don't read it.  It is tongue-in-cheek fiction. The author would not wish these things to happen to anyone, male or female, in real life.

Thomas Silk

Copyright 2019 Knotty Silk Scarf Productions

Chapter 7 – This Is Embarrassing

"This is embarrassing," Dan said as he looked at himself in the mirror.  His reflection was that of a young woman's body, but with his head.  Betty had spent the last half-hour dressing him after they had stripped both PIs naked.  Once again, Betty had donned another woman's clothes right down to Wendy Larson's bra, panties, and stockings.  She seemed to revel in taking on another woman's identity by wearing her clothes.  Betty didn't have the matching wig, but it wouldn't matter at night with Wendy's headscarf tied over her head.  She was already wet in her crotch from the impersonation.

Betty had spent the last 30 minutes dressing Dan in Angela's blue dress.  The fit was less than good, but it wouldn't matter.  It was only necessary that the two women were seen leaving and that the car ends up back at the Winston building.  It would be found the next morning.  The mystery of the two PIs and their disappearance would dominate the headlines for a day or two.  Slowly the public would lose interest in the case, and the fate of the two PIs would never be known, except to Dan and Betty.

Betty had insisted that Dan wear Angela's satin panties and sexy lacy bra.  The bra was filled with rolled up socks and a box of tissues to fill out her breasts.  The only thing that Dan couldn't fit into were the PI's shoes so Betty found a worn-out pair of flats that he could use.

"Now you know what a woman feels like and what we go through to be sexy for guys like you," Betty said with a laugh, "Now let's change your head into a feminine one."  She took what had been a nylon stocking, cut and tied off, smoothing it over Dan's shortcut hair.  She then took the wig that she had used for impersonating Susie and carefully put it on Dan's head.  The stocking was used to lock the wig in place.  Betty took Angela's light blue headscarf, placed it over Dan's head and knotted the ends under his chin.  In the dark, no one would know that he was not a woman and the headscarf would help keep the wig in place.

"Welcome to my world, Dan.  At a distance no one will know that you're not just another pretty girl," Betty said as she applied red lipstick to Dan's lips.

"It's embarrassing!"  Dan hissed, "How are we going to get back?"  Dan was admiring himself in the mirror.

"We'll catch a cab at the hotel down the street from the Winston building.  I'll bring a change of clothes for you so you can go back to being yourself," Betty said, "What about those two?"  Betty glanced down at the naked bodies of Angela Morris and Wendy Larson.  They had been tied to the bed, and much to same way as Susie Reynolds had been tied.  Their hands were bound to the headboard, and their legs were tied spreadeagled to the footboard.  A long cord had been wrapped around their bodies at the waist and had been secured to either side of the bed frame.  The PIs had begun to come out of their drugged state and were squirming on the bed.

"I tied them real good.  They ain't going no place," Dan said as he ran his hand down Angela's body causing a shiver to go down her spine.

Angela was vaguely aware of what was happening.  Her eyes still burned from the spray and she wondered if she'd ever see clearly again.  The PI had vague female shapes hovering over her, but Angela knew that one of them was Dan.  She wanted to say something, but her mouth was entirely filled.  It was one of Dan's rolled up athletic socks, a dirty one at that, according to Betty.  It was now merely a wet ball of cotton in her mouth.  But there was something more.  Based on the perfume that she tasted, it was a couple of Betty's ladies handkerchiefs, wadded up and stuffed in the sides of her mouth.  Betty had confirmed that and with glee in her voice had told her that they had been well used before being shoved in her mouth.  She retched at the thought but realized that she had to control her gut reactions.  Betty had all so told her that the two nylons she was wearing as mouth wraps – one wrapped several times in her mouth and tightly knotted under her left ear, and the other stretched over her mouth with several layers was secured under her right ear – were Wendy's stockings.  Betty had tied the ends of both stockings in feminine bows to add insult to the humiliation.  All the stretch had been pulled out of the nylon, so it was like having steel wrapped in and around one's mouth.  Angela couldn't move her mouth at all and couldn't cry out much above a whisper.  She could see that Wendy had Angela's nylons used to secure the gag in her mouth.  The look in Wendy's eyes told Angela that she was as helpless as Angela was.

"I trust your skills at tying up a woman, but these two girls have some training so why take chances?  Let's chloroformed both of them.  And then we should chloroform Susie to be on the safe side.  Can't take any chances that any of these girls are a modern-day Houdini," Betty said as she pulled out a bottle of chloroform.  She dosed a folded handkerchief and gave it to Dan who put it under Wendy's nose.  The PI began to buck in her ropes but soon became still.  He handed the handkerchief back to Betty, who poured more chloroform on the already saturated cloth.

"You want to fuck these two before we dispose of them?  I thought so," Betty laughed, although she was not pleased with the prospect of her lover using other women, and then turned to Angela, "Inhale deeply, honey.  It'll be over faster."  Betty forced the drug-laden handkerchief over Angela's nose.  Angela held her breath and stared at the bitch.  Betty smiled and with her free hand rammed two fingers up Angela's twat.  Angela gasped and inhaled the chloroform she was trying to avoid.  Betty pumped the helpless PI and watched her face with glee knowing that she was violating the young woman's sexuality.  Angela strained against the cords but was helpless to avoid the chloroform which infiltrated her body, sapping her strength.  As Angela's body continued to fail her, Betty made sure that her smiling face was all that Angela could see.  Betty had leaned very close to the PI and allowed the ends of Angela's silk headscarf, which she now wore, to drag across and tickle Angela's ultra-sensitive breasts.  Now Angela was breathing the chloroform in deep breaths, her lungs searching for oxygen.  She no longer felt her hands or feet as her limbs succumbed to the drug.  Finally, Angela's vision began to turn black-and-white and back to color again – repeating the process several times.  Her eyelids finally flickered producing a strobe-like effect on her vision.  And then Angela's world turned black, and her mind ceased to struggle.

Betty used a couple of her own headscarves to blindfold the two private detectives.  She had much more respect for their abilities than did Dan.  

Susie was the next to be chloroformed.  Dan went down to the basement where his special little room was located.  It would only take a few hours to wall off the entire death chamber which would then become the tomb of Susie and these two nosy PIs.  He stepped over the half-built wall.  Susie squirmed as he approached.  At first, Susie didn't recognize him dressed as a woman. Then her eyes grew wide as he told her about her two PIs that were now helpless prisoners.  Hope faded from Susie's eyes.  Dan kissed her breasts and rubbed her crotch.  Dan smiled as he poured a little chloroform on the scarf that was over her nose.  Susie convulsed in her ropes for about a minute before her head drooped.  Dan checked to make sure his wife was unconscious.  He shifted the scarf over her nose so that Susie didn't continue to get dosed with chloroform.  Dan knew that forcing Susie to inhale chloroform for an extended period would kill her and he didn't want her to die that easily.

Chapter 8 – Who the Heck?

Patsy had locked up the office.  She had waited to see if she heard from Angela or Wendy – hoping for a report on their encounter with the husband and the mistress.  The reception had heard nothing from Angela or Wendy since their visit to Susie's house.  Patsy was getting very worried, but Joe had called and insisted that she head home.  She agreed to be on the next and last bus for the night.  Joe had decided to meet her at the bus stop, not wanting her to walk the several blocks to their apartment at this time of night.

Patsy put on her coat and a white silk headscarf that she often wore.  She turned out the lights to the office, locking the door behind her.  The receptionist walked down the stairs because the elevators were turned off this late in the evening.  Even as she was going down the stairs, Patsy hoped that she'd hear the office phone ring, but that hope faded as she walked out of earshot.  She waved to the lone security guard in the lobby.  Even he would lock up the building and leave shortly.  As Patsy exited the building, a cold breeze hit her in the face causing her white headscarf to flap in the breeze.

Patsy was about to cross the street to the bus stop when she saw it.  She waved frantically, but apparently, neither Angela nor Wendy saw her.  At least, she assumed it was Angela and Wendy.  Strangely, Wendy was driving Angela's car.  That definitely didn't seem right.  The car made a quick left hand turn into the underground building parking lot.

Patsy edged across the front of the Winston Building and went down the ramp into the underground garage.  Angela's car had been driven to the end of the garage and a relatively dark area due to a burnt out bulb in the garage lighting.  Patsy took off her shoes so her footsteps wouldn't be heard as she tried to edge closer to Angela's car.  She stooped low and moved closer, hiding between a couple parked cars.

Patsy hoped that her eyes had deceived her.  She hoped that it was Angela and Wendy returning.  When the receptionist finally got a good look at the two occupants of the car, Patsy had to cover her mouth to avoid verbalizing her reaction of shock.  The woman was not Wendy, although she was wearing her clothes and her headscarf.  Before getting out of the car, the woman took off Wendy's scarf and replaced it with another one, a bright floral headscarf.  The other woman wasn't Angela.  Patsy's eyes grew as she saw it wasn't a woman at all.  The man quickly changed out of Angela's dress and headscarf, removing a wig in the process.  He slipped on a man's shirt, pants, and shoes.  As he got out of the car, he was rubbing off the red lipstick that coated his lips.  Patsy had seen a picture of the man.  It was Dan Reynolds, Susie's husband.  The other woman was not Susie.  It had to be the mistress.

Patsy had to duck down low as the couple left the car and headed for the ramp leading up to the street.  They turned in the direction of the nearest hotel, no doubt to get a taxi.  When they were out of sight, Patsy went to Angela's car.  The driver side door was locked, but the passenger door was open.  Patsy was relieved that there was no sign of blood, but she realized that Angela and Wendy must be in danger.  Her choices were limited.  She could take the bus and meet up with Joe, but that would be another hour that went by before anything could be done.  And then she looked up and saw the bus stop at the bus stop and then continue on.  That option was lost now.

In fact, Patsy had very few options.  She could wait for Joe to find her.  That could take a long time.  She could call the police, who were not fans of Angela and Wendy.  She could get a taxi at the hotel down the street, but she really wasn't caring enough money to pay for a cab.  If she could drive Angela's car…

Patsy looked more closely in Angela's car.   The keys were on the seat.  Patsy took a piece of paper out of her purse and scribbled a note.  Then she folded it and wrote, "JOE," on the front.  The building was probably already locked, but she ran out to the front to check.  Indeed, the guard was gone, and the front door was secured.  She jammed a note in the door.  She hoped that Joe would find it in time.  Patsy ran back down into the garage and, indeed, the entrance to the building from the garage was also locked and wouldn't be opened until 5 AM.  Angela and Wendy had keys to the building, but Patsy did not.

Patsy got into Angela's car and prayed that she was doing the right thing.  She put the car in gear and traveled out of the garage onto the street.

Chapter 9 – Walled In

Dan and Betty returned to Betty's house somewhat after 1 AM.  They paid off the cab driver and went in to find their captives just as they had left them.  All three were beginning to come out of the chloroform stupor they had been forced to endure.  Betty could already tell that Dan was excited and she decided that she had to put a stop to that.

"Dan, I didn't go to all this trouble to have you fucking every skirt that comes your way.  I was okay with you doing it to your wife one last time, but these two gals were just doing their job for which they will pay dearly, but if you touch them sexually I'll kill you," Betty said in a stern voice, "From now on, the only girl or woman that you fuck is me, understand?"  Dan looked stunned and started to calculate his options, which weren't many.

"Okay!  Okay!  Let's moved these two bitches to the death room.  I'll add a couple of vertical 4x4 vertical beams.  I'll be able to nail them to the ceiling beam and will secure them to the floor with concrete.  Then I'll wall it off, and the temptation will be gone," Dan said in a reluctant voice.  He really did have the hots for Betty, but the two PIs were a temptation, particularly in their present state – bound, gagged, and naked.

Over the next hour, Dan installed the new beams.  When they were in place, Dan and Betty untied the two PIs, carrying them to the basement.  Although the two new beams were ready, they were short of rope.  So instead of binding the two PIs in an upright position like Suzie, they tied them in a kneeling position with their wrists and ankles secured behind the pole.  One cord was bound to the beam just under their breasts.  Betty had removed their blindfolds, which were her own silk headscarves, but used Angela's and Wendy's headscarves to add that extra layer of gagging silk over their mouths and noses.  Betty wasn't afraid that any noise these women could make could be heard outside of the house.  However, she didn't want to listen to their last minutes of agony as they were being suffocated to death.

Angela and Wendy glared at Dan.  After Betty had left and gone upstairs, Dan exposed himself and his excited manhood.  Betty had said that he couldn't fuck them, but she had said nothing about him getting off on their naked bodies.  Dan did exactly that, depositing his cum on their breasts.  He then fondled their breasts, coating them in his sexual juices, much to the disgust of Angela and Wendy.  He simply laughed.

"Goodbye Susie, my love.  And goodbye to you gallant, if over-matched and stupid, PI bitches.  As soon as I wall off this room, it will become airtight, and you all will slowly suffocate.  I have installed a small peephole which will allow us to watch the process.  Then tomorrow I will be adding lime and other chemicals to help conceal and dissolve your bodies.  By the time I'm done, you'll just look like insulation.  Enjoy the last few minutes of your lives," Dan said with a deep laugh as he stepped outside the room and began mixing and laying the concrete filler that would secure the bricks in place.

Chapter 10 – What the Hell Am I Doing?

"What the hell am I doing?"  Patsy thought to herself as she sat in Angela's car down the block from the mistress' house, "I'm not trained for this.  I'm not a PI.  What should I do?"  Patsy had stopped at a phone booth and tried to call her beloved Joe.  But as expected, he wasn't there.  He was out looking for Patsy by now.

Patsy had remembered the address of the mistress' house, so it was easy to find on the map Angela In the car.  She had seen the taxi pull up and drop off Dan and his mistress girlfriend.  Patsy had arrived seconds after the taxi.  She had been sitting there for over 30 minutes trying to figure out what to do.  Finally, Patsy decided that to take a closer look.  If she could see any evidence of Angela or Wendy in the house, she would be able to call the police.  The receptionist got out and began to walk carefully toward the mistress' house.  When she came to the house next door, Patsy moved up close to the hedges in front of that house.  Moving slowly to the windows of the mistress' house, the receptionist tried to look inside, but she was too short to see anything.  Patsy realized that it was necessary to find something to stand on.  Looking around, she saw nothing.  Patsy crept to the garage hoping to find a box or something that would help her look through the windows.  Patsy opened the garage door as quietly as possible.

"If you move or make a sound, I'll shoot you," Betty hissed as Patsy raised her hands, "Turn around slowly.  Who are you and what do you want?"  Patsy slowly turned around to see the woman that had been driving Angela's car.

"My name is Patsy.  I'm looking for my bosses, Angela Morris, and Wendy Larson.  I know they came here and never left," Patsy told the truth, "Where are they?"  Betty moved to within inches of the receptionist

"Well Patsy, they aren't in my garage!  And if you lived through this, just a hint – wearing a white headscarf at night when you're skulking around is like wearing a beacon – hard to miss,"  Betty snickered, "Turn around and put your hands on the car trunk…" Patsy started to turn around to face the car that was in the garage.

"Or what?  Are you going to shoot me?  Go ahead.  That will bring the cops and somehow I don't think you want that to happen.  I…ooppff!"  Patsy was cut off by pain radiating from the back of her head.  She tried to stay upright, but she collapsed onto the trunk of the car and slid to the concrete pavement.

"Or that!  Now what to do with the snoop?"  Betty said to herself as she fingered a blackjack.  She knew if she informed Dan, he would insist on using the receptionist.  Betty had already played her cards with the two Pis.  Besides, Dan's wall was probably nearly finished by now so the little bitch couldn't be added to the trio of guests in the walled off room.  Then Betty had an idea – she could put the receptionist in the freezer where she would die quietly.

Betty dragged Patsy over to the freezer.  It was 4' x 6' x 4'.  She opened the 6-foot long freezer which mostly contained meat.  Betty lifted the top up on its hinges and saw that there was enough room to throw the unconscious woman in on top of the meat.  Leaving the top open, she grabbed Patsy by the armpits and tried to lift her.  After several attempts, Betty realized that she didn't have the strength to lift the dead weight of the woman up, over and into the freezer.  Betty regretted knocking her unconscious.  With her awake, it would have been a fight, but Betty could tie the bitch, leaned her against the edge of the freezer and pulled her legs up forcing her to go inside.  She still didn't want to tell Dan about the new intruder, not yet anyway.

Betty looked around the garage and found a couple pieces of cord, enough to tie her wrists and ankles.  But she also needed to find something to gag the woman with.  There was her headscarf, of course.  Being outside, she would need something to stuff in the girl's mouth.  And then it occurred to her.  Betty went under the girl's skirt and pulled her panties down and off her legs.  She turned them inside out and forced them into Patsy's slack mouth.  The mistress untied Patsy's headscarf, folding it down a couple of times, placed it over Patsy's mouth and nose, and tied it tightly at the back of Patsy's neck, over her hair.  She tied the ends in a bow as an afterthought.  Betty pulled up Patsy's head and yanked at the scarf.  She wouldn't be getting that off of her mouth or nose without help, the mistress concluded.  Betty pulled Patsy's arms behind her back, crossed, and tied her wrists with one length of cord.  The other length she used to bind Patsy's ankles.  Betty checked her work and smiled.  The bitch would be out for at least an hour.  And when she was awake, Betty would put her in the freezer.  Even Dan wasn't interested in fucking a frozen corpse.  Betty closed the garage door and went back to the house.

Chapter 11 – Bus Stop to Hell

Dixie Tucker shook her daughter, Deborah, out of a sound sleep.

"Get up, sleepyhead.  You're going on a trip," Dixie told her daughter, who was still half asleep.

"What time is it?  It's way too early to get up.  Besides, I have to go to school today," Deborah hissed and tried to roll over and go back to sleep.

"Deborah Tucker, this is a life or death situation.  Get your ass out of bed.  Now!"  Dixie said, "I packed a bag for you.  You need to catch the 5 AM bus to the main bus depot and then take a bus to your aunt's house."

"That's three hours away.  What's going on, mama?"  Deborah asked, confused.

"I have been up all night worrying about this, Deb.  Some bad people want me to help rob the Thorton family, and they threatened to use you to force me to do it.  I want you out of the city and out of danger.  Understand?"  Dixie said in a stern voice, "So no arguments, young lady."

Debra got dressed and put on her coat.  Her mother handed her more than enough money for the bus rides.  Her small suitcase was packed with enough clothes for several days.

"Go to the bus stop a couple blocks away, not the close one.  There is a bus at 5:10 AM.  You need to be on it.  Once you get to the main bus depot, you know what buses you need to take to get to your aunt's," Dixie said as she pulled out a floral silk headscarf, "I know you don't like to wear these, but I must insist.  If these people are watching our building, it might help confuse them."

"But mama…" Deborah started to say but knew that it was pointless to argue.  Deborah's hair was quite short, and she never thought that she looked good wearing a headscarf.  Still, Deborah placed the scarf over her head and tied the ends under her chin.  She knew that once she was on the bus and out of the city, she could take it off.

"One other thing – these people are white.  If any white people, men or girls, approach you, run and scream.  Don't take any chances!"  Dixie advised her daughter as she walked out the door.

Deborah was still half asleep as she walked to the bus stop.  She thought this whole thing was rather ridiculous.  Probably a lot of people want to rob the Thorton family, they were rich after all.  But that house was like a fortress and what could her mama do to help these people?  She thought about ignoring her mother, but she had never disobeyed her before.  Deborah realized that her mother was terrified for her safety.  When she got to the bus stop, no one was there.   The bus was due in 10 minutes.  She sat down and watched a few cars go past.  Wearing the headscarf made her feel self-conscious even though its warmth was welcome.

With just a couple minutes before the bus was due to arrive, two more Negro women approached and sat down on either side of her.  Deborah gave a sigh of relief that they weren't white, given her mama's warning.  They looked like working young women, each was wearing a white headscarf tucked into their coats.  Deborah could see the bus coming, and at that moment one of the young women turned to her and smiled broadly.

"Aren't you Deborah Tucker?"  The young woman asked.  Deborah didn't recognize her, but perhaps she had met her someplace.  Deborah nodded.  It was at that point she realized that she might have made a mistake in responding.  The bus was pulling up at the bus stop, and Deborah started to get off the bench.  The woman on the other side of her grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back while clamping a handkerchief over her mouth.

"Be cool, girl, unless you want to get hurt," the black woman told her, "Open your mouth so I can put this hanky inside."  Deborah did as she was told and felt the soft cotton being pushed into her mouth."  The woman who had spoken to her was standing right in front of her, blocking anyone on the bus from seeing Deborah's situation.  That woman also waived the bus away.  After the bus had continued on its journey, the woman turned around and was holding a black silk scarf in her hands.  Before Deborah could react, the silk scarf was tied over her eyes.  The girl on the bench who was holding her pulled her hands behind her back and secured them with a cord.

"Good girl.  Daddy and Teacher will like how well she obeys," one of the young women said.  Deborah heard a car pull up.  The two women yanked her off the bench and forced her into the backseat of the car.  One of the young women got in next to Deborah, and the other got into the front passenger seat.  Deborah realized that there was someone else in the backseat other than the woman who had abducted her.

"Deborah, good of you to join us.  My name is Teacher.  My brother, who is called either Father or Daddy, and I run our little group.  We need some funds, and your mother is going to help us get those.  Your presence will assure us that your mother will do as she is told.  You will not be harmed as long as you behave yourself and your mama behaves herself.  I'm afraid it will be necessary to keep you bound and gagged during your stay with us.  It is most unfortunate, but I am sure that you understand the situation," the voice was that of a Negro man, "Now I need a sign that you will obey me.  If you do not do as I tell you, you will be severely punished.  Do you understand?"

The young woman who was sitting next to her began to unbutton her blouse.  Deborah started to struggle, and the woman slapped her hard several times until tears started rolling down from under her blindfold. Deborah sobbed through her stuffed mouth.  The girl pulled her coat off of her shoulders and then pulled her blouse down.  The young woman fondled her bra covered breasts, finally pushing her bra up and out of the way, revealing what looked like modest mounds of chocolate ice cream with pink cherries in the middle.  The woman fondled Deborah's breasts until her nipples became hard.

Deborah was forced onto the floor in front of the man, who called himself Teacher.  The young follower got on the floor with her, reaching around and pulling out the wet handkerchief in her mouth.  Deborah opened her mouth to say something and was immediately gagged again.  She knew what was shoved in her mouth even though she had never been with a man before.  Her mother was overly protective in that regard as mothers sometimes are.  Her lips wrapped around his instrument, but he did nothing.  The woman off to her side leaned behind her and began to fondle her naked breasts.  Still, the man did nothing even though his manhood grew in her mouth.

"Sister Deborah, you have a life or death decision to make.  If you do what is expected of you – if you worship me as any woman should – then you will be allowed to join our little group.  If you are revolted by what's in your mouth – if you wish to return to your humdrum life – if you don't enjoy the pleasures of your own body – I will withdraw now, but you will be strangled to death after your usefulness has ended," the man said.  Deborah wanted to revolt, to fight, to flee, but she couldn't.  She wanted to live, and apparently, there was only one way that was going to happen.  She closed her eyes under the blindfold, her lips tightening their hold on his rod.  Her tongue caressed the tip of his weapon.  She felt his hands on either side of her scarf-covered head.  He moved her head back and forth, slowly at first, picking up speed until what she did really didn't matter.  With every thrust deep into her throat, she gagged.  She had never been used by a man at all and certainly never envision sex in this way.  His manhood exploded in her mouth, but he kept pumping and she retched on his sexual juices.  The flow went down her chin and dripped down her naked breasts.

The young woman beside her on the floor pulled her back from the man.  The follower's mouth was all over Deborah's body, licking up the cum which had spilled out of the captive girl's mouth.  She moved up to Deborah's face and continued her assault on the helpless girl.  The woman grabbed Deborah's head, immobilizing it, as the follower forced her lips over the bound girl's mouth and her tongue deep into Deborah's mouth.

Deborah was aware that the car had been moving this entire time, but now the car stopped, and the man was gone.  She was unaware of being lifted onto the backseat, but someone else had gotten into the car.  The car was moving again.  Another young woman, this one white – somehow Deborah could tell – was caressing her scarf-covered head.  Her new minder stuffed the handkerchief back in her mouth and cupped her hand over to secure it.  Deborah had no idea what was about to happen.

She felt hands – male hands – go under her skirt, pulling her cotton panties out of the way.  Now she knew what was going to happen, but this was a different man – a white man – the one they called Daddy or Father.  He entered her, caressing her breasts as he pumped her.  Deborah was surprised when her body tightened and emotions flooded over her like a tidal wave.  She could feel him growing inside of her as the man continue to pump.  A second orgasm hit Deborah as she felt his juices squirted into her love hole.  He continued to pump until his member receded and he withdrew.

Deborah wasn't aware of her ankles and knees being bound or of a silk scarf being tied over her stuffed mouth.  She was vaguely aware of leaving the car over someone's shoulder and being deposited on a mattress in a cold room.  Deborah wondered if she would survive this hell.

Chapter 12 – A Hopeless Situation

Yes, doing divorce work or spying on cheating spouses was supposed to be the safest part of the job.  At least, that was what Angela had told herself when she had agreed to go into business with Wendy.  But here they were again in a life-and-death situation.  They had been lucky in the past to get out of some very tight spots, but this seemed to be a hopeless situation.

Angela, Wendy, and Susie watched the last bricks being put into place.  Except for a tiny peephole like the ones they had in hotel room doors and the circular two-inch pipe which Dan had left in place so that chemicals could be sprayed into the small room, the three women were now sealed in their tomb.  They heard a cap being put on the 2-inch pipe.  Now the room was airtight, and it was only a matter of time before all three women would suffocate.  Dan had estimated that for Susie, she might survive up to three hours before succumbing.  With three of them breathing the air, it would be only about an hour at most.  The more the women struggled, and they would struggle in a vain attempt to save their lives, the shorter the period would be.

Angela and Wendy quickly figured out that they were the only hope.  The way Susie was bound, it would be impossible for her to escape without assistance.  Angela and Wendy were not tied as rigorously as was Susie.  That is not to say that they weren't tightly bound, they were.  Being secured on their knees to a beam was very painful, particularly for the knees.  Also, both women were cold.  It wasn't that the temperature of the house was cold.  The concrete floor was cold, and all three women were stark naked.  Dan had explained to them that it was easier to disintegrate the bodies without clothes.

The one advantage of being bound on your knees was that they put your hands and ankles closer together.  So both Angela and Wendy started working on the rope bonds securing their ankles.  Even if they got their ankles free, the PIs would have to figure out how to free their wrists. Also if they got free of the beam that they were tied to, how would they get out of the airtight room?

Chapter 13 – Stashed in the Garage

Patsy became aware of her surroundings slowly.  What brought her out of her forced sleep was the intense pounding at the back of her head.  Why did the bitch have to KO her, Patsy wondered.  Why did she have to hit her at all?  The woman had the drop on Patsy with a gun.  The second thing that Patsy realized was that she was cold, freezing.  She had no idea how long she had been lying on the concrete floor of the garage, but the concrete felt like it was ice cold and the chill had seeped through her clothes, including her coat.  Patsy was on her stomach with her face pressed against the cold, dirty concrete floor.

The moment she tried to move, Patsy realized that she was tied up.  She tried to pull her wrists free of the cord that bound her.  She was tied tightly, but only at the wrists and the ankles.  She tried to cry out, to alert someone of her situation, just to retch on the wad that was in her mouth.  Patsy realized that she was chewing on her panties, not because of the feel or flavor, but because the receptionist could feel that she was no longer wearing them.  Somehow it made sense that her gag was sealed with her own headscarf.  What Patsy did not expect was that the mistress had tied the scarf over her nose, as well.  The silk compressed her cheeks and was painful where it pressed on her nose.  Patsy tried to rub the headscarf off of her mouth on the dirty concrete floor; it wouldn't budge.  The gag not only silenced her but made it very difficult to breathe.  Every time she inhaled, Patsy got a dose of her own hairspray, which apparently saturated her headscarf.  The receptionist liked the fragrance of the hairspray, but not in such a concentrated form.  

Patsy was shivering but managed to turn over onto her back, pushing herself towards the car.  She squirmed so that her back was up against the car.  The garage door had three small windows near the top of the door.  There were also two windows on either side of the garage.  These provided some light from distant streetlights and from the mistress' house.  The small, detached one car garage was typical for this area.  There was a large freezer in front of Patsy.  To her right towards the garage door were typical lawn and garden maintenance equipment, including a push mower, rakes, and bags of fertilizer.  To her left at the back of the garage was a workbench.  And then she saw it – a hand saw.  All she had to do was get to her feet and hop over to it.

Patsy gathered all her strength and brought her feet as close to her butt as possible.  She pushed up as hard as she could.  The receptionist slowly rose against the car, cleaning a swath of dirt off the vehicle as she did so.  Then there was a snap sound.  Patsy rapidly slid back to the floor, her feet going out from under her.  Patsy hit the ground hard on her butt.  She looked down and saw that the heel on her right shoe had snapped off.  Patsy cursed to herself.  She tried to leverage the high heels off of her feet, but they were strapped in place.  Patsy tried once again to push herself up and failed.  She was trapped on the floor – a helpless damsel in distress waiting to be murdered.

To Be Continued...

Angela Morris, PI - Kidnap, Chapters 7-13
PIs Angela Morris and Wendy Larson get involved in a kidnapping by a cult who are after more than a ransom.  They also have to deal with a murderous husband and his mistress.

September 1953

Chapter 7 - Dan, Susie's husband, gets in touch with his feminine side.
Chapter 8 - Patsy gets a surprise when she leaves work.
Chapter 9 - Angela and Wendy get walled in.
Chapter 10 - Patsy goes looking for Angela and Wendy.  She gets a headache for her trouble.
Chapter 11 - Dixie send her daughter, Deborah, away so she would be safe, but her trip takes an unexpected turn.
Chapter 12 - Angela, Wendy, and Susie find themselves in a hopeless situation.
Chapter 13 - Patsy explores a garage.

The cover is published here... Cover of Angela Morris - PI - Kidnap   

The illustration is by the talented artist :iconmileshendon:.  He published a version of the illustration without the text.

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Thomas Silk

Copyright 2019 Knotty Silk Scarf Productions

September 25, 1953

Chapter 1 – Bad Decisions

Susie Reynolds pushed the red and white checkered silk scarf off of her brunette, shoulder-length hair and let it slide onto her shoulders.  She pulled it tight so that it became a neck scarf.  Susie saw her husband's car there.  That meant that the PIs that she had hired were correct.  Her husband had a mistress.  He had also been systematically transferring money out of their joint savings account.  Something that had happened slowly at first, but had been accelerating more recently.  Her husband, Dan, had always taken care of the expenses, so it was just by chance that Susie realized what was going on.  Now she was here to confront him and his mistress.

The PIs that Susie had hired, Angela Morris and Wendy Larson, had warned her against a confrontation.  They had told her that her husband might get violent and recommended that if she was determined to confront him that they should go with her.  But Susie had a stubborn streak.  She had been married to her husband for seven years, and she knew him well enough to know that he would not hurt her.  Still, to be on the safe side, Susie had left a message with the receptionist at the PIs' office, someone named Patsy.  It was also a Friday afternoon, and there were lots of people out on the street, including a child's birthday party across the street.  Susie wanted to make sure that people knew that she had gone to Dan's mistress' house.

Finally, Susie got up her nerve, getting out of the car which was parked across the street from the address that the PIs a given her.  She wore a cream-colored silk blouse with little red roses on it.  The skirt was cotton with the same red color as the roses on her blouse.  Susie also wore red heels and matching red cotton gloves.  Because of the cold weather, the angry young woman also wore a light beige raincoat.

Susie had to wait for a couple of cars to go past before she crossed the street.  The last thing she wanted to do was to be hit by a car because she was blinded with anger.  Susie took a deep breath and walked with determined strides directly up to the front door.  She rang the doorbell and waited.  Susie rang the doorbell again.  She was expecting that her husband was trying to hide, but she knew he was in the house.

The door opened, and there stood the mistress.  She was perhaps a couple of years younger than Susie.  Other than that, she was about Susie's height and close to her body type, thin and modestly endowed.  She also had brunette hair, which Susie knew that Dan preferred.

"Mrs. Reynolds, we've been expecting you.  Dan said that you would pay a visit.  Please come in," the woman stood aside as Susie entered the house, "My name is Betty Parker, the future Mrs. Reynolds.  Dan will be out in a minute.  He predicted that you would come in confront me.  It makes everything so much easier."  This bitch was too relaxed, too certain of herself, Susie thought to herself.  In contrast, Susie was about to explode in anger.  Her face was crimson.

"You're awfully sure of yourself, Miss Parker," Susie hissed, "You know that Dan will get nothing in the divorce.  Susie saw her husband come out of a room down the hall.

"Hi, hon.  There's not going to be a divorce," Dan said with a smile.  Susie walked past the Parker woman until she was face-to-face with her husband.  He was a small man, not much taller than she was.

"What you mean there isn't going to be a divorce?"  Susie asked, clearly puzzled.

"There is no need for divorce if you simply disappear, hon," Dan gave a broad smile.

"People know that I came here.  I told the private investigators that I hired, Angela Morris and Wendy Larson.  They warned me not to come here, but they know that I did come.  You do anything to me, they'll make sure that you pay for it," Susie said out of desperation, realizing that she had made a significant miscalculation, perhaps a fatal mistake.

"You told a couple of PI broads?  I didn't even know they allowed girls to become PIs.  I hope you didn't pay them too much because no girl PI is a match for Betty or me," Dan laughed.

The blow to the back of her head took Susie entirely by surprise.  She fell forward into Dan's arms.  Betty Parker was lightly slapping the blackjack against her left hand, contemplating another blow to Susie's head.  Dan's expression showed concern.

"Did you have to hit her that hard?  You could have killed her," Dan hissed.

"Well, that is what we're going to do ultimately, isn't it?"  Betty said waving off his complaint.

"I thought we were going to chloroform her?"  Dan asked as he dragged the limp body of his wife into the spare bedroom, throwing her onto the bed.

"Better let me strip her.  This requires a feminine touch.  You're too much of a brute to do it without damaging her clothes," Betty said, "I'm not quite sure how long the bitch will be out so we had better gag her real good just in case she comes around before we can tie her up."  She pulled one of Dan's handkerchiefs from her skirt pocket.  Betty flipped open the handkerchief, wadding it up into a ball.  Using her left hand, she forced Susie's limp mouth open and began packing the cotton wad into her mouth with her right hand.  Susie moaned as Dan used one of his folded handkerchiefs, tying it tightly between his wife's lips.

Betty began by taking Susie's raincoat off of her.  She had to pull each of Susie's arms out of the coat.  Manipulating an unconscious body, 115 pounds of dead weight, was taking more effort than Betty had expected.  She finally allowed Dan to assist, under her direction.

Betty carefully unbuttoned Susie's silk blouse.  Dan lifted Susie so that Betty could remove Susie's arms from her top.  She unknotted the scarf around Susie's neck.  Betty got up and hung the blouse on a hanger and draped the headscarf over her chair.

"Now let's take off her bra," Betty said with a smile as her hands massaged Susie's breasts through her lacy bra.

"You don't need her bra to dress up like her.  Not that I'm objecting.  Susie has very enticing breasts.  Not as good as yours, of course," Dan said realizing that he'd almost put his foot in his mouth.  He lifted up Susie and Betty unhooked her bra in the back.  She watched Dan's reaction as she pulled away the sexy bra revealing two perfectly formed breasts with pink nipples.  Dan managed to display a poker face, but the response in his pants told a different story.  He was still turned on by his wife, particularly when she was out cold and helpless.  Betty ignored him and put the bra over a chair.

"It's going to be a turn on to feel as much like her as possible.  Wearing her undergarments, as well as her other clothes, is going to make me hot and very horny," Betty said with a smile, "We had better tie her hands and secure her to the bed before she wakes up.  I think she should experience the rest of her disrobing while she's awake."

Dan pulled Susie entirely up onto the bed.  Betty pulled her hands in front, taking off her rings and bracelets, and crossed her rival's hands, watching Dan wrapped cord between and around the thin wrists.  Susie's wrists above her head and secured to the metal headboard.  Betty grabbed an extended length of rope, which the two wrapped around Betty's waist a couple of times.  They tied the two ends to either side of the bed frame, further securing the hapless woman to the bed.  They left enough slack so that Susie could be lifted a small distance above the bed.  This was to accommodate Dan's desire to have sex with his soon-to-be ex-wife for the last time.

Moans announced that Susie was waking up from the blow on her head.  Betty had already taken off all of her clothes, including her jewelry.  She had put on Susie's bra, which was slightly on the small side.  Next to come was Susie's blouse, which she carefully buttoned up.  Betty ran her hands up and down the silk blouse taking in the erotic feeling of wearing it.  She didn't have a silk blouse in her wardrobe.  Perhaps she would keep this one, she thought.  Betty turned her attention back to the bed where Dan was fondling his wife's breasts.  Those ivory mounds had turned a light shade of pink from the rough fondling Dan was giving her.  Susie's nipples were now hard little rocks threatening to pop out of their skin covering.  The site of what Dan was doing to his wife made Betty wet.  She really hated the bitch.

Susie was now fully awake and alert, despite the pounding headache from the blow to her head.  She was shaking her head and trying to make noise through her well-gagged mouth.  She was pulling at the bonds that secured her hands to the headboard.  Susie was squirming, trying to kick Dan with her spike point heels.  Dan had positioned himself between her legs preventing Susie from kicking him, but seeing Betty was ready to continue Susie striptease he moved off to the side.  Each of the captors grabbed one of her legs.  Betty unbuckled the straps on Susie's left shoe, removing it and placing it on the floor next to the bed.  She went under Susie's skirt and half slip, disconnecting the stockings from the garter belt.  Betty took her time rolling the stockings off of Susie's squirming leg.  Dan switched sides with his mistress allowing Betty to perform the same procedure on Susie's right leg.

Dan grabbed both of Susie's legs, immobilizing them and Betty unbuttoned and unzipped Susie's skirt, which was quickly pulled down Susie's legs and off.  Betty admired the skirt for a few seconds and then tossed it over the back of a chair.  She then pulled off the silk half slip, which was only held in place by an elastic band.  She caressed the silk slip and rubbed it against her cheek, finally tossing it on the chair.  Betty held Susie's legs and gave Dan the honor of pulling Susie's satin panties off of her butt, down her squirming legs and giving them to his mistress.  Susie's eyes were wild as she realized what was happening.  Betty removed the garter.

Susie watched as Betty put on the garter and slipped into her satin panties.  The mistress rubbed her crotch when they were in place delighting in the erotic feel.  Satin panties were always too expensive for Betty.  Then she sat down on the bed next to Susie and began rolling the stockings onto her legs.  Dan took off his pants and shorts, his manhood clearly excited.  This was the way it used to be when he used his wife.  Too bad the magic had left their love life, Dan thought as he entered his wife.  He began to ram her slowly, back and forth and moving around.

Betty didn't mind if he got his rocks off with his wife.  Soon Susie would be a faint memory, and Betty would have Dan all to herself.  After the stockings, Betty put on the half slip, which she adored.  She then wiggled into the skirt, which fit like a glove.  The mistress had to sit down to put on the heels, which were slightly too large, but manageable.  Betty sat in front of the dresser and put on the wig that matched Susie's hairstyle in color.  She put on the raincoat and buttoned it up.  She also put on the red cotton gloves so she wouldn't leave fingerprints.  As a final touch, Betty tossed Susie's scarf over her head, positioned it and knotted it under her chin.  It was precisely how Susie wore a headscarf.

"What do you think?"  Betty's question was not directed to Dan, who was in mid thrust but at Susie.  Betty saw Susie's eyes tried to focus on her, a difficult task when a man was using the woman as thoroughly as Dan was using Susie.  Susie's eyes locked on her and the realization that she was looking at a carbon copy of herself flooded her face.  Susie screamed into her gag, not because of Dan's thrusts, but because of the realization that she had been replaced by a double.

"I'm glad you approve," Betty said to Susie and then to Dan, "Take a break, big guy.  You can have her all to yourself in a few minutes.  Right now Susie and I have some girl-to-girl business to take care of."  Dan swore but got off of Susie.  Betty crawled onto the bed, straddling their captive, and pushed her skirt up to her waist, and pulled the satin panties off of her butt.

"Now bitch, you are going to make me cum, or I will smother you to death right here and now.  The choice is yours.  Consider this the transfer of the title of Mrs. Dan Reynolds from you to me.  Betty pulled a handkerchief gag over Betty's lips with some effort and pulled out the cotton wad in her mouth.  Before Susie could utter a sound, Betty covered her mouth and nose with her crotch.  As disgusting as it was, Susie felt that she had no choice but to satisfied this woman.  The thought of giving this bitch or any other woman pleasure in this manner made her sick to her stomach.  Although she had never done this before, Susie knew the sensitive portions of her own body and began to lick those areas on Betty.  She was almost overcome with the smell of this woman in heat.  And the taste of the woman's love sauce made her retch, but she continued on concentrating on the woman's clit.  That was where she got the most significant reaction.  There was urgency in what Susie was doing because the woman was really suffocating her.  She couldn't breathe.

Betty shifted her position allowing Susie to take a breath before her air supply was cut off once again.  Finally, she felt her captor stiffen and stifle a cry.  Betty lifted herself off of Susie, clamping her gloved hand over Susie's mouth.  She took the damp wadded up handkerchief and cleaned herself before stuffing it back into Betty's mouth.  She pulled the other handkerchief back over her captive's mouth, securing the gag.  Betty got off of Susie and began to straighten up her clothes.  Dan was already back on top of Susie, pumping away.  Betty looked at herself in the mirror approvingly.  Her little fling with Susie hadn't done any damage, fortunately.

"Have fun, dear.  Don't forget to meet me at the airport in a couple hours."  Dan nodded as he stifled a cry, as he came.

Betty picked up Susie's purse and walked out her front door.  As she walked toward Susie's car, she stopped to check something.  Betty wanted to make sure that several people saw her leave.  She could see a couple heads turn, one was a man who was admiring her body and the other was a woman who was the street's busybody.  Betty smiled to herself.  She got in Susie's car and drove away.

Chapter 2 – An Offer She Couldn't Refuse

Dixie Tucker got off the bus and began walking the two blocks to her low-income apartment building.  Her last two years she and her daughter had been living in a one-bedroom apartment.  Dixie had been working as a maid for the Thorton family in the upscale part of the city.  She could barely make ends meet on the salary they paid, but her employment options were limited.  Black maids made considerably less than white maids.  Even if she changed employers, her salary would remain about the same.

Dixie was 35 years old.  She had had her daughter when she was only 17 years old.  The father had vanished when he knew that he had fathered a child.  Dixie was still quite good looking and being a maid had helped keep her body well toned.  Her shoulder length black hair was periodically straightened, and she wore curlers almost every night to conform with the accepted white hairstyles, which were expected of all maids.  Tonight Dixie was wearing a cloth jacket over the dress she had worn to work.  The Thorton's owned the maid uniforms, and Dixie was expected to change into and out of the uniform when she came to work and left her job.  There were a total of three maids that work for the family.  The upstairs maid, the downstairs maid, and then there was Dixie.  Dixie cooked all the meals, did all the grocery shopping, and often accompanied Mrs. Thorton and/or her daughter, Pamela, shopping.  Dixie worked longer hours than the other two maids, but she also made more money.

Dixie was aware of the woman walking fast behind her.  The woman was wearing a dark raincoat and what looked like a black headscarf tied under her chin.  To her surprise, the woman did not pass her.  She slowed up, and suddenly Dixie felt something pressed into her back.  She had no doubt that it was a gun.

"Not a sound, Miss Tucker.  I will shoot you if you scream," the woman hissed in her ear as she grabbed Dixie's handbag.

"Child, if you be robbing me, Y'all will be very disappointed," Dixie whispered, wondering how the woman knew her name.

"This is not a robbery.  It is a proposition.  Carefully move over to that area away from the streetlights," the woman behind her hissed.  Dixie did as she was told, not daring to look back.  The two women were now in an area that was in deep shadow.

"Take off your headscarf and tie it over your eyes," the woman hissed, "Excellent.  Now put your hands behind your back."  Dixie did as she was told.  She felt cord being wrapped around her wrists.  Why was she being tied up, she wondered.  This whole sequence of events frightened her.  What was this proposition and why did she have to be tied up to hear it.

"What is going…mmmpppff," Dixie started to whisper as she felt a cloth being tied over her mouth.  She instinctively stopped talking.  Apparently, the woman was not going to answer her question anyway.  Dixie heard the sounds of the woman taking off her headscarf.  The movement of silk, particularly heavy silk, made a faint whooshing sound when quickly taken off a woman's head.  It was one of those sounds that a woman recognized without even thinking about it.  What was the woman going to do with the headscarf, Dixie wondered.

Dixie almost jumped when the scarf was laid over her head, and the woman pulled the ends under her chin and knotted them.  Was she trying to make the blindfold and gag less visible?  Dixie didn't have time to ponder why she was wearing this woman's headscarf.  The frightened woman heard a car pull up and the woman hustled Dixie to the vehicle.  Dixie felt a hand on her head as she was pushed onto the backseat of the car.  She heard the car door slam behind her.  The woman who had abducted her apparently gotten the front seat of the vehicle, as the car pulled away from the curb.

"Miss Tucker, I'm sure you're quite scared at the moment," a male voice said in a reassuring tone, "I assure you that you are in no danger from us.  In fact, we need your assistance for a little plan of ours to work.  You see we intend to rob your employer in a couple of nights.  No one will be harmed, just quietly detained for a few hours.  We need you to help us get in by leaving the main gate open.  We'll meet you there at the usual time that you leave, and you will lead us into the main house."  Dixie shook her head no.  She might've been poor, but she had never done anything illegal.  And while her employers didn't pay her much, they had always treated her fairly.

"I don't think you understand, Miss Tucker.  You don't have a choice in the matter.  You will help us, and you won't tell anybody about our little meeting tonight.  If you try to warn anybody about our little caper, well let's just say that your pretty daughter will pay the price.  But we don't expect you to help us for nothing," the man said as he stuffed some money inside her blouse.  Unknown to Dixie, the woman who had brought her to the car was making clay imprints of her keys to her apartment, just in case, they needed to visit Dixie's daughter.  The woman then reached over the front seat, untied her black headscarf, and pulled it off Dixie's head.

The car stopped, and the woman got out of the front passenger seat.  She opened the back seat door and pulled Dixie out of the car.  She untied her hands, put Dixie's handbag back in Dixie's hands, and got back in the car.

"Don't untie the blindfold or the gag until we leave," the man hissed at Dixie, "Remember, Miss Tucker, day after tomorrow.  Don't disappoint us or your daughter will pay!"  Dixie heard the car speed away.  It took her a few seconds to untie her own headscarf and remove it from her eyes so she could see, but there was nothing to see; the car was gone.  They left her about a block from her apartment in dark shadows, where the streetlights didn't penetrate.  Dixie tried to pull the handkerchief off of her mouth but found that was bound too tightly.  She had to take off her cotton gloves and picked at the knot with her fingernails until it finally came loose.  Dixie pulled the handkerchief away from her mouth and saw a perfect rendering of her lips in red lipstick on the gag.  She had freshened her lipstick just before she had left work.  Dixie pulled the money out of her blouse and saw that it was $100 – a small fortune to Dixie.  She was trembling as she headed for her apartment.

"Daddy, you told a fib to that Dixie woman.  When not just going to rob the place, we're going to kidnap that rich bitch's daughter, aren't we?"  The young woman asked as she retied her black silk headscarf in place again.  The man nodded.  She slid down to the floor of the backseat of the car and unbuckled and unzipped the man's pants.  She took his manhood out of his pants and wrapped her red lips around it.  The driver of the car glanced over her shoulder.  She was also wearing a black headscarf.

"Daddy, may I satisfy you when we get back?"  The driver asked as she licked her lips.

"Of course, Daughter #2," the man they called Daddy responded as he closed his eyes, moaning softly.  Neither young woman was actually the man's daughter.  He had a small cult of mostly women, and they all called him 'Daddy.'  The only man in the cult was his own brother.

Chapter 3 – A Short Long Trip

Betty had never actually been in Dan's house before.  He had described the layout.  But being in someone else's house gave Betty the creeps.  Still, she had a job to do.  She didn't act like a thief, even though that was what she was.  She acted like the lady of the house.  Betty made sure that she was seen going into the house.  Actually, she made sure that Susie was seen.

She found the suitcases in the closet where Dan said they would be.  Betty packed a large one with the types of things that Susie would take if she were going on a long trip.  Clothes, lingerie, makeup, toiletries, and a couple of pairs of shoes.  In a smaller bag, Betty packed what she would actually need - a change of clothes.  She added a couple of silk blouses and several pairs of satin panties.  Might as well enrich her own closet, Betty thought.

Betty went to the kitchen and placed the typewritten note that explained that Susie had gone on a trip to Los Angeles to visit friends.  Susie didn't know when she would return.  Of course, in reality, Susie would never return because she would never actually be on the airplane to Los Angeles.  Betty put the two suitcases in the trunk of the car and drove toward the airport.

Betty parked in the long-term parking lot at the airport and walked the half mile to the terminal.  Before she went up to the ticket counter, she took off the raincoat, folded it, and managed to fit it into the large suitcase.   Betty had already called in a one-way reservation on the flight leaving to Los Angeles.  She paid cash for her ticket and had the large bag checked.  When no one came to pick up the bag, it would be delivered to the address on the name tag – a homeless shelter in Los Angeles.  Dixie's bag would disappear forever.

Susie would also disappear, right at the airport.  The airline only counted passengers.  They didn't know which passengers actually boarded the airplane.  All they would know was that they were one passenger short.

Betty went into the ladies room and found a larger stall.  She took off Susie's outer clothes, including her headscarf.  She also took off the wig she had been wearing.  Betty put on the clothes from the smaller suitcase, which included a black dress, black pumps, a white sweater, and a white silk scarf.  She left the stall and stopped at the mirror.  Betty unfolded the silk scarf and refolded it into a triangle.  She carefully placed the headscarf over her head, obscuring most of her hair, wrapped it under her chin and knotted the ends at the back of her neck.  It was how some famous actresses wore their headscarves and Betty had just put on the performance of her life.  She was breathing heavily with excitement.  With the sweater over her shoulders, Betty left the airport terminal, trying not to walk too fast.  She found Dan exactly where they had agreed to meet.  She got in her car, which Dan was driving, and they quickly left the airport.

"Tell me about Susie," Betty said with a smile.  Dan turned to look at her with a big smile on his face.

"She's sleeping like a baby.  Chloroform will do that to you," Dan said chuckling.

"I hope you've had your fill of her.  I want you to be concentrating on me and my body, understand?  I let you have one last fling with her, but that is it.  Got it?"  Betty said as her smile turned serious.

"Betty honey, I do believe you're jealous.  The bitch was bound to a bed and gagged.  I doubt that it was any fun for her," Dan hissed back.

Chapter 4 – Not Everything Is As It Seems

When  Angela Morris and Wendy Larson returned to the Winston building from their self-defense class, it was dark outside.  Their intention was merely to check for any messages and to go home.  It had been a long day and adding an hour of physical activity at the end made it an exhausting day.  They had assumed that Patsy had gone home to her intended, Joe, at least a couple hours ago.

They were surprised to see that the office lights were still on and the telephone ringing.  Wendy unlocked the door, and they both went into the office.  Angela answered the phone.

"It's Joe.  He's wondering where Patsy's at.  She hasn't come home yet," Angela told Wendy.

"Tell Joe that she is working late and she is fine.  She'll be home soon," Wendy replied and then broke out laughing.  Angela relayed the message and then came to her office to see what Wendy was looking at.  Angela broke out laughing as well.

On Angela's desk was a book entitled, "Getting Out Of Tough Situations."  The book was open to the chapter entitled, "If You Ever Get Tied up and Gagged."  On the floor, looking very embarrassed, was Patsy.  Her blouse was disheveled from her struggling, and her skirt was riding up high so that her panties were visible.  Her hands were handcuffed behind her back, and there was a cord leading to her bound ankles, which were wrapped in rope.  She was quite helpless.  There was a large handkerchief tied over her mouth and a wet spot in the middle of it.

"Should we untie her?  She looks so cute like that, and she is quiet for a change," Wendy said with a grin, "We could tell Joe to come and pick her up."  Patsy shook her head and grunted through her gag.

"Maybe we should leave her here overnight.  It might teach her a lesson," Angela said laughing as Patsy growled angerly beneath her gag, "On the other hand, perhaps we had better release her.  We don't want to lose a receptionist.  Angela bent down and untied the handkerchief over Patsy's mouth.  She was surprised to find another wadded up handkerchief, which was soaked in Patsy spittle, packed into her small mouth.  She used her glove covered fingers to work the wad out of Patsy's mouth and tossed it aside.  Wendy went to her desk and got a handcuff key.  She released Patsy's wrists.

"Please, don't tell Joe.  I was…" Patsy began, and Angela put up her hand.

"You were trying to learn how to escape when tied up, except you used handcuffs instead of rope on your wrists.  When you realized you couldn't get free, you tried to get the key which was placed just out of your reach, and somehow the key got lost.  That about right?  Why did you stuff your mouth?"  Angela asked with a smile on her face.

"I wanted to be as realistic as possible.  The old handkerchief over the mouth trick doesn't work unless another handkerchief is packed in the mouth, right?"  Patsy said as both Angela and Wendy rolled their eyes.

"Next time you want to try getting free make sure that one of us is around.  If we hadn't come back to the office, you might have spent a long time tied up and gagged," Angela said.

"And either of us would be happy to tie you up nice and tight and gag you.  It would be our pleasure," Wendy smiled.  Patsy gave her a dirty look.

"So any messages before you found yourself bound and gagged?"  Angela asked.

"You are not going to let me live this down, are you?"  Patsy said as she got up and went to her desk.

"Not a chance!"  Angela and Wendy said in unison.  Patsy frowned as she looked through the papers on her desk.

"Here it is – Mrs. Susie Reynolds called to say that she was going to go and confront her husband's mistress.  I told her that she shouldn't do that and should wait for you, but she had insisted that she had to do it now while she had the nerve," Patsy said with a worried look on her face, "There was no way to reach you."  Patsy then dialed a phone number, and there was no answer at Susie Reynolds' residence.  She shook her head.

"Wendy and I will go to Mrs. Reynolds house to verify that she isn't there.  Will call you from there," Angela said as she got her gun from her desk.  Wendy did the same, and they left the building running.

Chapter 5 – Don't Wall Me In

Betty ran her hand down Susie's naked body, making spirals on her breasts.  She continued down to the hapless woman's twat, ramming two fingers into Susie's love hole.  There was little or no reaction from Susie, who had been well used by her husband.  Her naked breasts heaved in anticipation of being murdered.  Betty puffed on her cigarette and blew the smoke into Susie's face.

"How much longer?"  Betty hissed, as she impatiently walked around the improvised room.

"I'm almost done tying the bitch, and then I just have to finish walling her off," Dan said as he wrapped a cord around the beam and Susie's ankles.  The helpless woman was bound in a standing position to the pole.  She was not only tied to the beam, but also to several metal stakes that were pounded into either side of the pole.  The stakes would prevent Susie's body from sagging against the ropes and perhaps loosen her bindings.  Dan had tied his wife at the neck, tightly, but not enough to strangle her.  She was bound above and below her breasts, at her waist, above and below her knees, and finally, at her ankles.  Her arms had been forced behind the beam and roped at the wrists.  Dan had also tied a rope between her elbows and had pulled it is tight as he could, forcing them painfully against the beam.

Betty had gotten great pleasure gagging her rival.  Susie had been well gagged when they returned home with a handkerchief stuffed in her mouth and another tied over it.  She really couldn't make much noise, but Betty wanted to do a better job.  She started by stuffing not one, but two not so clean handkerchiefs into Susie's mouth.  It took a lot of effort to do this and Susie was convinced that the woman had dislocated her jaw in the process.  Another folded handkerchief had been tied between her lips compressing the mouth stuffing even further.  A final handkerchief had been bound over Susie's mouth securing the other handkerchief's in place.  It was a formidable gag for any woman to wear.  Susie could make only faint noises through the mass of cotton stifling her.  But Betty wasn't satisfied.

The mistress produced the scarf that Susie had worn earlier and that she had worn to impersonate Susie.  The scarf was made of medium thick silk, which she folded down from its folded triangular shape into a five-inch band with the apex of the scarf hanging below it.  She had then folded the top of the scarf one more time to make a smaller, thicker band.  It was the thicker band that Betty forced over Susie's nose, covering it completely.  The wider band covered Susie's lower face down to her chin, with the apex of the scarf hanging down below the chin by a couple of inches.  Betty pulled the ends behind the hapless woman's head and tied them as tightly as she could.  The remaining ends of the scarf were tied in a bow at the back of Susie's head.

The scarf muted any noise that Susie could make through her nose.  It also made it very difficult to breathe.  The headscarf pressed down on Susie's nose in a painful way, but there was nothing Susie could do to dislodge it.

"Now that looks much more feminine.  A pretty silk scarf to hide all those dirty handkerchiefs," Betty laughed when she had finished.  There was no way that anyone would ever hear Susie again.

"Okay, all I have to do is cement in three rows of bricks and my darling soon to be ex-wife will be walled in for good.  She will either die of starvation if we keep the vent open or lack of oxygen if we close it.  I made our small room nearly airtight.  I can shoot lime and other chemicals through the vent to cover the smell and to help decompose her body," Dan said in a matter-of-fact voice.  Dan had several careers, one was in construction, and he had majored in chemistry in college.

"What about those two PIs?  Perhaps we shouldn't close up the room until we are sure that no one is going to come looking for her and that our little ruse has worked," Betty said as she stepped out of the small room.

"As you wish, dear.  We have nothing to worry about.  I doubt that will ever see those two PIs and if we do, will take care of them," Dan said.

Chapter 6 – It's a Gas

It was 9 PM at night when Angela and Wendy got to the mistress' house.  They had gone to Susie's and Dan's house, and no one was home.  There were no cars either in the garage or on the street that belonged to the Reynolds.  Wendy had picked the lock on the side door, and both PIs illegally went into the house.  Nothing seemed to be out of place, although it looked like a lot of Susie's clothes were missing.  They found a note that said she had gone to LA to visit friends.  Something that neither PI believed.

Before leaving the car, both women donned headscarves because it was cold and breezy out.  The thin cloth coats they were wearing seemed inadequate to prevent the cold from penetrating.  Angela was wearing a blue dress with matching heels and cotton gloves.  She had tied her light blue headscarf under her chin.  Wendy had on a beige cotton blouse with a brown skirt and heels.  She also had on brown cotton gloves.  Her headscarf, which was wrapped under her chin and tied in back, was white with splashes of brown as if paint had been spilled on the scarf.  Both women were glad that they were wearing stockings, although the stockings were a minimal barrier against the cold.  Still, the stockings were better than nothing.

They each checked the guns in their purses before they got out of the car.  Neither expected trouble, but something wasn't right.  Susie Reynolds was missing and might be in a great deal of danger.  They ran to the front door of the mistress' house and rang the bell.  It was Dan that answered the door.

"Mr. Reynolds, my name is Angela Morris, and this is my partner Wendy Larson.  We were hired by your wife, Susie, to find out if you were having an affair and apparently you are.  Now, your wife seems to be missing," Angela stated the facts.

"Mrs. Morris and Miss Larson?  I hope I got that correctly.  Please come in.  No sense standing out in the cold," Dan Reynolds said with a broad smile.  He stood back and allowed the two women to enter the house.  Angela and Wendy scanned the living room, and there were no apparent signs of a struggle, which was a good thing.  But all the drapes were drawn, and the shades pulled, which might be considered a bit unusual.  Of course, it might be merely to keep the cold air out of the house and not to hide what was going on in the house.

"Ladies, I respect the fact that you are checking up on my soon-to-be ex-wife.  She did come here this afternoon, and we agreed that our marriage should come to an end.  She left in perfectly good health as will be verified by any number of neighbors who saw her come and go.  She was distraught at the news that I was moving on.  She told me that she would be going to LA to visit some friends for a while and that we would finalize the divorce when she returned.  I'm sure she will contact you on her return, if not sooner," Dan spread his arms open as he explained his version of events.

"Mr. Reynolds, thank you for being forthcoming about this matter.  With your permission and that of your girlfriend, we would like to do a quick search of this house to satisfy ourselves that Susie is not here," Angela said.

"I'm afraid that will not be possible.  I've been open and have told you what transpired.  You can contact the neighbors to verify my story that my wife left.  Now if you would please leave us to get back to our lives," Dan said, obviously irritated.

"Mr. Reynolds, some things simply don't make sense.  We would hate to get the police involved unnecessarily, but if you don't allow us to walk through the house and verify that Susie isn't here, we will have to involve the police," Wendy replied.

"Okay ladies, let me check with Betty.  After all, it is her home.  I'll be right back," Dan said as he walked into the back bedroom.

About a minute later, both Dan and Betty emerged from the hallway leading to the bedrooms.  Their heads were covered with large masks, the type used to avoid breathing toxic air.  On their backs were small tanks with a rubber hose attached to the container leading to a thin pipe like sprayer.  The type used to spray gardens.  

"You bitches should have taken a hint.  Now you can join Susie," Betty hissed at the two PIs as a spray started to come out of the two nozzles.  Dan in Betty approached Angela and Wendy, who desperately tried to get to their guns.  The spray was being shot right into their faces even though the two PIs tried to duck and avoid the wet shower that was hitting them.  Both Angela and Wendy felt the strength leave their bodies and their eyes were burning from the liquid.  Wendy managed to get her gun out of her purse, but Betty kicked it away and forced to sprayer directly into Wendy's face.  Wendy collapsed on the floor and stopped moving.  Angela tried to crawl away having failed to get her gun, but Dan grabbed her headscarf covered hair and forced the sprayer to saturate her face with the chemical.  He let go, and Angela crumpled like a ragdoll.

The sprayers were turned off, and Betty went to open some windows to air out the room.

"Are they dead?"  Betty asked as a point of information without any concern for the PIs' health.

"Naw, they'll be out for couple hours, and it might take a while for their sight to come back, but they'll live – until we kill them," Dan said as he poked Angela's body with his shoe.

To Be Continued...

Angela Morris, PI - Kidnap, Chapters 1-6
PIs Angela Morris and Wendy Larson get involved in a kidnapping by a cult who are after more than a ransom.  They also have to deal with a murderous husband and his mistress.

September 1953

Chapter 1 - Susie Reynolds, a client of Angela and Wendy, makes a dangerous and fateful decision.
Chapter 2 - Dixie Tucker, maid of the well-off Thorton family, gets an unexpected offer and threat.
Chapter 3 - Betty Parker, Dan Reynold's mistress gets some new clothes while impersonating her rival.
Chapter 4 - Angela and Wendy get a surprise when they come back to the office after hours.
Chapter 5 - Susie finds her new accommodations confining and tight.
Chapter 6 - Angela and Wendy go looking for Susie to save the day, but get a face full of...

The cover is published here...

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Cover of Angela Morris - PI - Kidnap by knottysilkscarf

The illustration is by the talented artist :iconmileshendon:.  He published a version of the illustration without the text.
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8 deviants said The Ranch Gals - Ginger Monroe and Dale Young
4 deviants said The Puppetmaster - KGB Spy
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Thomas Silk

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It was March 1962 at the height of the Cold War...

Chapter 46 – Girls on the Run

Abriana and Blac slowly regained consciousness on the floor of the underground corridor.  They were surprised that they were still alive.  Given that the two bitches that had attacked them hadn't killed them, they were surprised that they weren't bound.  But they were gagged with their own silk headscarves.  They tried to untie the gags, but couldn't easily undo the knots behind their heads with their cotton gloves on.  Rather than waiting to be captured again, they stumbled up and headed toward the Cardinal's office.

Once they had managed to get into his office through the secret entrance, they each took off their cotton gloves and picked at the knots that held their gags in place.  Finally, each woman was free of her gag.  But they needed to wear their headscarves to walk through the Vatican office area.  So they shook out their scarves which were both wet and had lipstick marks on them.  They did their best to fold the scarves so the abuse they had taken wasn't very obvious.  They had recovered their purses, but their guns were gone.  They quickly marched through the work area of the Vatican.

Abriana and Blac decided to spend the few dollars that they had on a bus ride to their destination.  Taking one of the Vatican cars or their own car would be much too dangerous and too easy to track.  Being one of many women on a bus heading out of town would be much slower, but much safer.  The Cardinal had given them explicit instructions on what they should do in a situation like this.  With all its stops, the bus ride to Frascati took over an hour.  They walked from the bus stop to the church.  They meekly entered the dimly lighted church and looked around.

"How can I help you, my children?"  Father Rizzo said in a soft voice as he approached them.  Although the two women wore nice clothes, the priest noticed that their skirts and blouses were dirty.  There were runs in their stockings.  And the headscarves they were wearing were rumpled.  They look more like refugees than the working women that he assumed they were.  Clearly, they had a story to tell and perhaps an opportunity for him.

"The Cardinal said you could help us if a certain type of situation arose and it has," Abriana said with her head bowed.  The priest meditated on this for a moment.  The Cardinal in charge of finance had once implied that he knew what Father Rizzo did as a sideline and that if he ever sent anyone to the priest, he would know what to do.

"Yes, my children.  I can certainly help you.  I have some preparations to make.  Please have a seat in one of the front row pews and pray for forgiveness," the priest said and he ushered them down to the second row of pews.  He went to the front door of the church and put a sign on the outside stating that there were plumbing problems and the church was temporarily closed.  Then he locked the doors.

Abriana and Blac saw the priest retreat to the rectory.  The two women knew that the Cardinal would take good care of them because they knew a lot about his financial misdeeds.  If they were caught by the Vatican guards or the Roma police, they could bargain their way out of a lot of jail time.

They never heard the priest return.  He had changed his shoes so that he could quietly approach them from behind.  The attack came swiftly as he clamped chloroform soaked handkerchiefs over their mouth and nose from behind.  They were trapped by the pews they sat in.  He forced their heads back until they were looking up at him.  Their hands were grabbing at his arms.  Their fists were pounding with ineffectual punches.  Their hands tried to grab his face, but their arms were too short.  They should have been able to twist away, but he had put them in a pew that had dividers every couple of seats.  This pew was designed for special guests and the pew itself served to restrict her movements.  They struggle violently but were pinned in place.  Both young women tried to slide off the pew onto the floor, but the kneeling bar made that difficult.

And then there was the chloroform.  Abriana and Blac knew about chloroform, naturally.  They had used it on several occasions, including on Lydia.  Of course, they had never been on the receiving end before and the person applying it knew what he was doing.  The priest was also much stronger than either of the young women.  As they fought, they tried to hold their breath, but that was impossible.  Their lungs ached for air as they fought a hopeless battle, what would turn out to be a life-and-death battle.  The priest watched them carefully and he could feel their struggles slowly subside.  Their arms became limp and any fight left their bodies.  He smiled as he could see them watching him with their eyes, which they fought to keep open.  Finally, each of their eyelids closed in aflutter.  He held the handkerchiefs in place to make sure that they were really out.  He finally checked their eyelids and he knew that they were his new toys.

Father Rizzo had always wanted to assault one of his girls in the church itself.  He pulled Abriana up and dragged her to the altar on the sanctuary.  He pulled off her panties from under her skirt and did what he always had wanted to do.  He then did the same thing to Blac.  It was dangerous because someone could've found their way into the church, but they didn't.  Of course, the danger made it all that more exciting.  He just wished the two women weren't unconscious, but that couldn't be helped.  The two young women would know what happened to them, but not where it had occurred.  Besides, they would never tell anyone.

It was after dark when Father Rizzo got on the road to take his two guests to someplace more private.  He could no longer go to his cabin because Isabel may have told the police where it was.  Fortunately, he had found a secondary place to conduct his sexual business.  He always found it very exciting to drive his captives around at night as regular passengers in his car.  It was unlikely that anyone could see their plight.  Their headscarves hid most of their gags and the rope simply wasn't visible from outside the car.  At night it was very difficult to see inside a person's car so it was really quite safe.  Of course, he had done it during the daytime with Isabel and a couple of other women.  He had come to realize that people see what they think they ought to see.  They're not expecting to see a tightly bound and gagged woman in the car so even if there some hint of that, that is not with their mind records.

It was a second time that day that Abriana and Blac had been rendered unconscious.  Both women were nauseous as they came around.  It took a few seconds for them to realize that they were in a moving car.  A few seconds later they realized that they were bound and when they tried to say something, they realized that they were gagged.  They could also feel that they were wearing headscarves, probably to hide their gags, that were tied much too tight under their chins.  They could both see the priest, who glanced at them occasionally.

Their first concern was trying to get untied, but they soon realized that the priest knew what he was doing.  Their legs were tied at the ankles and knees.  There were ropes above and below their breasts and their arms were tied behind their backs at the wrists and elbows.  Although they still wore their skirts, the priest had pulled them up to their waists.  A rolled up scarf was tied to the chest ropes, through their crotch, and secured to their bound hands.  As soon as they tried to move, they realized the reason for the crotch scarf – to warm them up for what was to come.  They both knew that the priest had already used them when they were unconscious and they had no doubt that he intended to do it again.  At this point, being sexually abused was okay with them as long as the priest didn't hurt them.  They still had hope that the priest would let them go after he had had his fun.

Much to their dismay, their gags were simple and effective.  The priest had wadded up a handkerchief for each girl and had packed them deep into his captive's mouths.  A second handkerchief had been folded into a narrow band and tied over each of their mouths.  No matter how they moved and twisted their mouths and faces, the gagging handkerchief didn't budge.  They desperately wanted to plead and beg the priest not to hurt them, but nothing intelligible came out of their mouths.  Blac, who sat in the backseat, began to cry.

"Save your breath, girls.  I'm not interested in whatever you have to say.  That is one of the reasons I'll keep you gagged.  Besides, you both look fetching with those gags over your mouths.  I'm sorry to say I don't have much time to spend with you because I have other pressing matters to attend to.  Still, I'll make sure that you're well used before I kill you.  Apparently, your Cardinal consider you expendable.  Not to worry, no one will ever find your bodies," Father Rizzo chuckled as he drove into the night.

"Expendable?  There must be some mistake.  We're not supposed to be killed," Abriana and Blac thought as they approached their final resting place.  All they could do is squirm helplessly and grunt into their gags.  

Chapter 47 – All's Well That Ends Well

Stacy, Susan, Rosa, and Giovanna sat around the small table in the outdoor café in Frascati.  All were dressed casually and were relaxed.

"All of the White Face Nuns have been accounted for and arrested.  The only exceptions are Abriana and Blac, who seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth.  The Vatican has tracked down all the money that the Cardinal stole.  Strangely, the Vatican is not going to charge the Cardinal with anything.  Rumor has it that they are transferring him to South America.  Can you believe that?"  Giovanna summed up the state of the investigation, "Obviously, both you and Susan made a successful resolution of this investigation possible.  You helped save the lives of both my sister, Rosa, and Lydia.  We thank you for that – for everything that you did."

"Stacy – and this applies to you too, Susan – my offer for you to join our Agency here in Italy is still open.  You both would be a valuable asset to us," Rosa gave a big smile.

"Rosa, I am going to retire from the spy business.  I thank you for the offer and the chance for redemption in the eyes of my Agency.  But it's time to get out while I am still alive.  I'm going to become a teacher at a University," Stacy said with a smile.

"I'll be staying with our Agency, but won't be an active agent anymore.  I'll be teaching at the spy school," Susan replied.  A waiter came up to the table.

"There is a telephone call for Signorina Donna Cresto,” the waiter said and pointed Stacy in the direction of a back hallway inside the café.  Stacy made her apologies and got up to follow the waiter.

The three remaining spies chatted for a while.  Then Rosa and Giovanna express their regrets that they had to leave for a meeting.  They asked Susan to say goodbye to Stacy for them.  Susan acknowledged that she would and they all shook hands.  The two Italian spies left.

Susan wondered where Stacy had gotten to.  And then she began to wonder how anyone would know that Stacy was at this café.  She quickly got up and went searching for her friend and partner.  When she got to the back corridor where the phone was, it was empty.  The phone was off the hook and then she saw something in the corner, hidden.  It was Stacy's purse and gun.  there was also a piece of paper from a previous Sunday.  It was a cheaply printed program of the Mass a couple weeks ago from the local Catholic Church.  Stacy had told Susan that she had started attending church again so was this a clue or just a coincidence?

Chapter 48 – The Call From Hell

 When Stacy went to the phone to take the call she was puzzled that anyone would be calling her, particularly at the café.  The people she knew best had been with her having espressos and cappuccinos.  She answered the phone.

"Signorina Donna Cresto or should I say, Signorina Stacy Stewart?  Please don't hang up.  Your friend, Signorina Sophia Lombard is eagerly awaiting your arrival," the priestly voice on the other end of the line said, "I have been enjoying Signorina Lombard's company this afternoon.  If you don't do exactly as I say, I am afraid that Signorina Lombard's health will take a turn for the worse."

"How do I know that you have Sophia?"  Stacy asked, trying to buy some time.  She actually had no doubt that the priest had taken Sophia.  She recognized his voice, of course.  Her sixth sense told her that there was something not quite right with the priest.  She had ignored her instincts and had continued to frequent the church, including going to confession with him.

"Donna, I'm so sorry…mmmpppphhh," that was all the priest allowed Sophia to say before he obviously gagged her again.

"Sophia!  Are you all…" Stacy started to reply before she realized that her friend could no longer speak and was not on the phone.

"Signorina Stewart, I'm afraid our mutual friend has one of my handkerchiefs stuffed in her pretty mouth.  I am afraid that being gagged is one of the hazards of being abducted," the priest said, chuckling.

"What are your instructions?"  Stacy asked in a very serious voice.

"I want you to come to church and enter by the side door.  You will take a circuitous route so your friends cannot see that you have left.  Under no circumstances will you bring anyone with you.  You will come unarmed and leave your purse at the café.  You will not leave any notes to your friends.  From the moment that we hang up, you will have 15 seconds to exit the rear of the café.  You will have three minutes to get to the church.  If you violate any of these instructions, Signorina Lombard' will be shot in the head.  And do not enter the church without your hair being covered.  Some traditions must be maintained.  It would look suspicious if you didn't follow the custom.  You have 15 seconds from now to appear at the back door of the café," the priest said before he hung up.

Stacy quickly put her purse in the corner of the corridor.  She knew that Susan would be looking for her soon so she took out the gun and put it next to the purse.  Then she saw the church program and she took that out hoping that Susan would get the message.  She grabbed her pretty blue silk headscarf from the purse and ran out the back door of the café.  To make the church in three minutes would require her to run, which was difficult in heels.  Still, Stacy took off running as best she could.

Chapter 49 – The Bait

Sophia Lombardo was at the family villa when the call came from Father Rizzo.  He had news about her friend, Donna Cresto.  He didn't feel he could tell her over the phone and would she please come to the church.  Sophia got on her scooter and immediately headed down to the Catholic Church.  The priest had told her to come in through the side door.  The main doors to the church were locked because of some plumbing problem.  She did as she was told.

Just before going into the church, Sophia pulled out a large silk headscarf from her purse, which had a blue and white checkered pattern on it, and tied it under her chin.  She was startled when she found the priest right there at the door waiting for her.

"Thank you for coming, my child.  I need your help," the priest told her.

"Father, what is this mmmppphhh," Sophia started to say but was cut off when the priest clamped a handkerchief over her mouth and nose, twisting her arm behind her back.

"Please struggle, Signorina  Lombardo.  It will do you no good, but it will excite me.  Shall we go to my quarters where we can get better acquainted?"  Father Rizzo said as he forced Sophia towards his private room.  Sophia realized that the handkerchief over her lower face was doing more than silencing her.  She had noticed that the handkerchief was wet when it was first clamped over her mouth and nose, but now she realized that it was administering a drug, probably chloroform or ether.  She tried to pull the priest's hand away from her mouth, but she didn't have the strength.  And her strength was leaving her quickly as she inhaled the drug.

By the time he forced her into his room and pushed her onto his bed, Sophia's will to fight had left her.  She landed on her back and he immediately pounced on her.  Sophia opened her mouth to scream and found it immediately filled with a large cotton handkerchief.  Even though she was trying to beat on him with her hands, he pushed and poked the handkerchief until it was fully in her mouth.  He then grabbed her two hands and secured them together over her head using a cord that was already tied to the bed frame.  He went to a dresser and produced another large handkerchief which the priest tied over her stuffed mouth.  Even though she was still wearing her headscarf, Sophia could feel the hard knot of the handkerchief gag at the back of her neck.

The priest wasted no time in pulling down Sofia's panties and exposing his own manhood.  He was in a frenzy as he used her.  All Sophia could do was close her eyes and hope that this terror would be over with soon.  But it wasn't soon.  He mauled her breasts and used her for over an hour, but he only came once.  He told her he was saving himself for Donna Cresto but promised her that he would resume their relationship after he finished his business with Donna Cresto.

When it was over, the priest took his time re-tying her so that her hands were bound to her waist.  He had removed her panties but left her skirt in place.  The priest had put her bra back in place and had buttoned up her blouse, although some of the buttons had been pulled off in his frenzied assault.  He had pulled her headscarf off, retightened her gag, and then retied the scarf over her head to hide the gag or at least that's what she assumed.  

Then came the call to Stacy Stewart or who she still thought of as Donna Cresto.  Sophia really wanted to warn Stacy to stay away.  She already knew that this maniac plan to kill her after he killed Stacy, but the priest gagged her before she could give the warning.  She was quickly moved to a pew in the church.  Father Rizzo then disappeared, leaving Sophia to struggle in a hopeless attempt to free herself.

Chapter 50 – Confess Your Sins before You Die!

Stacy reached the side door of the church.  She stopped long enough to flip her triangularly folded silk headscarf over her head and to tie the ends under her chin.  She thought the adherence to the tradition of a woman covering her head in church – in this situation – seemed ludicrous.  She assumed that his requirement must be part of his own fetish world.  Regardless, she was going to do nothing that would endanger the life of Sophia.  If this maniac wanted her to wear a headscarf, she would oblige him.

She slowly entered the church and could immediately see that the church was empty except for one parishioner.  Stacy recognized Sofia's headscarf and started to move toward her.  From the back, Sophia simply looked like a woman sitting in church, but Stacy was sure that she was restrained and probably gagged.

"Sophia, where is he?"  Stacy said in a loud whisper.  Sophia turned her head and Stacy could clearly see that there was a handkerchief tightly tied over her mouth.  Sophia attempted to say something and shook her head.  Stacy could tell by the faint grunts and moans that the priest had packed her mouth with something, probably his handkerchief as he suggested on the phone.  By her limited movement, it was obvious that Sophia was tightly bound even though the ropes weren't obvious.  Stacy continued to walk slowly toward her friend.

"Signorina Stewart, thank you for joining us," Father Rizzo said, "Signorina Lombardo has been eagerly awaiting your arrival.  Please stay away from her.  I have my gun aimed at her head and I am a very good shot.  Go over to the confessional.  You really must confess your sins before you die."

"I'll do what you ask, but you must let Sophia go," Stacy said loudly.  She was trying to figure out where the priest was.  In the church, the priest's voice seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere, no doubt due to the acoustics.

"Signorina Stewart, you are in no position to make demands.   Signorina Lombardo has a prior engagement.  I've invited her to accompany me at least for a few hours.  Now open the confessional.  Excellent.  Now you see the cord hanging down.  Put your hands in the loop and pull,"  The priest said as he appeared out of the shadows.  His gun was pointed at Sophia's head.  Stacy did as she was told and the cords tightened around her wrists.  Given enough time, she could free herself, but the priest wasn't going to give her enough time.  He moved in quickly and use more cord to secure her wrists and pulled her hands up high above her head.

"Who are you and why are you doing this?"  Stacy managed to say before the priest pulled the handkerchief out, wadded it up, and forced Stacy to accept it in her mouth.

"That's much better.  I like my girls to be quiet, really quiet," Father Rizzo said as he untied Stacy's headscarf, "But to answer your question – there's a lucrative contract out on your life and that of Susan Harris and I intend to collect on both."  He folded down her headscarf and then tied it over the lower part of her face securing the gag.

"You really look fetching that way, my dear.  I've always wanted to fuck a spy," the priest told Stacy.  He then tried to go under her skirt and she kicked him in the stomach with her high heel shoe.  He grabbed her feet and pulled off her shoes.  Stacy wrenched her leg away and kicked him in the stomach and then kicked upwards and caught him in the face.  He grabbed her skirt ripping it apart.  He tried again to approach her.  She kicked and he caught her leg.  She kicked him again in the stomach but he managed to catch her other leg.  He took a cord and wrapped it around her ankles securing them.  He then tied her knees together and positioned her in the confessional.

"Have it your own way Signorina Stewart.  It was your last chance to experience sexual ecstasy," Father Rizzo said as Stacy rolled her eyes, "As I said before, I suggest you confess your sins before you die.  Perhaps God will absolve you of your sins.  Not that it will change your fate."  The priest left but returned quickly with something that made Stacy shake her head and cry out through her gag.

Chapter 51 – Just in Time?

Susan Harris had moved quickly or as quickly as she could with her injuries.  She had left her cane at the café.  She went up to the main doors of the church and saw the sign about the plumbing problem.  She tried the door and it was locked.  Then a woman on the street attracted her attention.

"Signorina, wearing pants in the church – that's disrespectful.  At least, cover your head," the woman hissed at her.  Susan understood enough of the Italian to get the drift.  She moved around to the side of the church pulling out and tying her pink scarf over her head.  No sense in tempting the wrath of the locals.  She dropped her purse behind some bushes and pulled out her gun.  The side door was open.

Susan heard a commotion down the hallway and she moved in that direction.  As she rounded a corner she saw the priest and he was dragging a woman that she recognized as Sophia Lombardo.  It was obvious that the woman was helplessly bound and gagged.  Susan yelled for him to stop.  He turned around and Susan saw the gun with the silencer.  She ducked for cover as two shots shattered the wall near her.  Susan took a quick look and saw that she didn't have a shot without endangering Sophia.  Two more shots zipped by her head.  Susan heard him try to fire again, but his gun jammed.  When she looked again, the priest had left.  She saw Sophia on the ground.

Susan got up and ran to the door just as Father Rizzo's car sped down the street.  She went back to where Sophia was lying.  With some effort, she pulled the handkerchief off of Sophia's mouth and pulled out the wet handkerchief.  Sophia coughed and then dry heaved.

"Sophia, where is Stacy?"  Susan said in English and then repeated it in her broken Italian.

"Stacy – confessional – bomb – hurry," Sophia managed to choke out in English.

Susan got up and began to inch her way toward the main area of the church with her gun leading the way.  She wanted to hurry, but she also had to use caution.  She didn't know if the priest was alone or not.  And if there was a bomb, there also may be booby-traps.  She moved toward the opening of the nave.  She knew that the confessionals were on one side of the nave.  Susan ducked behind a pew and then she saw Stacy bound and gagged in the confessional.  While that was shocking enough, it was the sticks of dynamite wired to an alarm clock that grabbed her attention.  And it looked like the alarm clock was about to strike 9 o'clock.  Considering Stacy's alarmed look, the bomb was about to explode.  Susan dove towards the bomb ripping out the wires just as the alarm clock bells rang.

"You know that you look rather sexy tied up that way," Susan said as she got up and dusted herself off.  Stacy grunted through her gag.

"Oh, I suppose you want your pretty scarf off your mouth," Susan smiled at her as she pulled the scarf down, "I suppose you want the handkerchief out of your mouth too.  He really wanted to keep you quiet.  Not such a bad idea actually.  I'll have to remember this."  Stacy grunted again and Susan pulled the offending handkerchief out of her mouth.

"What happened to that bastard priest?  Did he take Sophia?"  Stacy hissed at her friend.

"The priest is long gone.  I managed to convince him not to take Sophia.  She is still bound in the hallway.  I suppose I should go and untie her.  I'm sure she's terrified," Susan explained.

"You should untie your partner first," Stacy hissed.  Susan shook her head, grabbed Stacy's cheeks with her hand and stuffed the priest's handkerchief back into Stacy's mouth.  She pulled Stacy's scarf back up over her stuffed mouth.

"That is for trying to get yourself killed again.  You know, I'm really beginning to like that look on you.  It's a good use of a pretty headscarf, don't you think?" Susan laughed as she got up to leave.  Stacy grunted through her gag angrily, but deep down she appreciated the gesture by her good friend.  At some point, she would get even with Susan for this little stunt.

Epilogue 1 – Father Rizzo

Italy, April 1962.

Father Rizzo approached the farm where Isabel lived on foot.  It was approaching midnight and he could see the farmhouse, which still had a few lights on.  The priest knew that the men were gone for a couple days.  That left only a live-in maid, Isabel's mother, and Isabel.

Isabel was the girl that got away.  She had led the local police to his cabin.  She also kicked him in the balls when he tried to use and murder her in the hospital.  He intended to get his revenge on the upstart woman.  He was not used to the girls he took getting the best of him.

The priest saw the maid through the kitchen window.  It surprised him that she was a young petite woman.  Her long black hair was wrapped up into a bun, which had a blue and white bandanna wrapped around her head.  She was apparently doing the final cleanup from the evening dinner.  He watched her as she took the garbage out the back door.  She put the garbage bag in a metal canister.

Father Rizzo pulled a handkerchief up over his face.  He expected to kill all three women and take his time doing it, but in case things didn't go his way, he was going to obscure his identity.  He already had the police looking for him because of what happened at his church.  That failure would have to be rectified as soon as he got his revenge on Isabel.  He would fly to the United States, track down Stacy Stewart and Susan Harris.  He would enjoy killing them slowly.  He had hoped that the explosion would have destroyed any evidence that he might've left behind, but somehow everything went wrong.  Stacy Steward wasn't killed.  He had to leave his sexy hostage behind.  And the bomb didn't go off.  It would've leveled the church.  Now the police had whatever evidence they could find in the church and had no doubt connected it to his cabin.  He was truly on the run for the first time in his life and his connections in the spy world wanted nothing to do with him.  So he had to kill the American spies to redeem himself.  But first, there was Isabel.

The young maid gasped when she saw him in front of her.  He clamped the chloroform soaked handkerchief over her mouth and nose and pushed her up against the building.  She was really confused as to what was happening and didn't put up much of a fight.  He quietly told her to breathe deeply and that everything would be okay.  Her eyes were focused on his face, his mask.  He assumed that she thought he was a robber.  She had no idea of the horror that he had planned for her and the others.  Her eyes rolled back and her eyelids closed as she slumped to the ground.  He took a long length of cord and tied her wrists together behind her back and then pulled the cord to her ankles, binding them.  He pulled off her bandanna headscarf.  Untying the knotted ends, he rolled it up, tied a knot in the middle of it, and gagged her with it.  He expected to do her last.

He wanted Isabel's mother to watch what he did to Isabel before he killed her.  He would, of course, make sure that Isabel knew that this was all her fault.  If she had died when she was supposed to at his cabin or at the hospital, none of this would have been necessary.  This was all on Isabel.

Isabel's mother was quite the looker for her age.  She was slim, well endowed and there were only a few streaks of gray in her hair.  She was reading in the living room when he came up silently behind her.  No using chloroform this time.  The priest wanted her wide-awake.  The second the woman became aware that someone was behind her, she assumed that was either the maid or her daughter.  She only realized that she was in trouble when she felt the handkerchief being stuffed into her mouth.  The priest had her on the floor and hogtied in a matter of seconds.  On the way in, he had grabbed one of her silk headscarves off the hat rack.  He wrapped that around her mouth knotting it tightly at the base of her neck and then tying the ends in a bow just for the fun of it.

Isabel's mother squirmed on the floor hoping that this was just a robbery, but then the priest told her exactly why he was there and what he was going to do.  He fondled her breasts after opening her blouse and pulling her bra out of the way in the process.  He contemplated using her right there but decided that he wanted to save himself for Isabel.  He hoped that he had enough left in the tank to ride both the mom and the maid.  He got up and left her on the floor.

He grabbed another couple headscarves to gag Isabel with.  Of course, there was no real need to gag her.  The only people who would hear her scream were helpless to help her.  He just like the young women that he used to be gagged.  Pretty silk headscarves made erotic, feminine gags.

Father Rizzo went quietly from room to room, checking them.  He came to the last room, the last bedroom, Isabel's room.  He opened the door and there she was sitting at the dresser combing her hair.

"Isabel, my dear, I've come for you and this time you won't get away.  Submit quietly and I'll be gentle.  Although if you struggle and fight, I'll enjoy our last encounter even more," the priest told her in a quiet voice.

"I've been expecting you.  What did you do to my mother and our maid?"  Isabel said calmly.

"The maid is asleep, bound and gagged.  Your mother is squirming on the floor, also bound and gagged.  Neither can help you, but I haven't hurt them yet.  So why don't you get on the bed or would you prefer that I force you?" Father Rizzo smiled with anticipation.

"I don't think you'll be forcing me or any other woman," Isabel said as she pulled the gun and shot the priest in his crotch.  He grabbed his crotch as blood began to stream down his legs.  He looked up with a surprised expression on his face.  Isabel shot him in the forehead.  Father Rizzo was dead before he hit the floor.  As she stepped over his body, Isabel spit on him.  She left the bedroom and went to untie her mother and the maid.

Epilogue 2 – Stacy and Susan

Rural Virginia, USA, June 1962

“That was a great retirement party.  All our friends from the Agency showed up," Stacy said as she watched the last of the cars pull away.  The party had lasted the entire afternoon and early evening until 8 o'clock.  The Sun was setting in the West.

"It was also our housewarming party, remember?"  Susan said with a smile.  She took Stacy in her arms and gave her a full-on kiss on the mouth.  The kiss was returned and their tongues intertwined as they stood on the deck that wrapped around their new house which sat high on a small hill.  Their nearest neighbor was a mile away.  Their house was at the center of a large farm.  It was their dream house.  They would soon start the new jobs and would no longer be in danger of being killed at any moment.

Stacy had allowed her hair to go back to being platinum blond.  Susan was totally recovered from being shot.  Life was looking bright for both of them.  They had finally allowed their passion for one another to explode above the surface.  Indeed, life was good.

"Who are they?"  Stacy asked Susan as she pulled away from her embrace.  There were three stretch black limos and a black convertible coming up the winding dirt road.  There was a woman driving the convertible with a gold headscarf flapping in the wind.

"Stacy, I have no idea.  Everyone we invited was accounted for," Susan said with concern.  The limos positioned themselves around the house.  The woman in the convertible stood up and sat on the top of her seat in her car.  She pulled out a bullhorn.

"Stacy Steward and Susan Harris – congratulations on your retirement.  We are here to make it permanent," the woman yelled through the bullhorn, "It's time for you to die."  The doors of the limos opened and six women wearing white headscarves exited from each car.  They put large 50 caliber submachine guns on top of the limos.  The woman in the convertible waved a white scarf and the guns exploded with bullets ripping into the dream house and its deck.  

Stacy and Susan were motionless on the floor of the deck.

The bullets flew for 10 minutes from three directions until the house was about to collapse on itself.  When the guns stopped.  The headscarved women approached and tossed Molotov cocktails at the house.  The fire quickly engulfed the structure as the women watched it burn to the ground.

Then there was the sound of a single-engine airplane approaching from the south.  It dove very low and dropped a bomb directly on the smoldering wreckage of what was once a beautiful house.  A large fireball billowed into the air.

"No one could survive that.  Not even Stacy Stewart and Susan Harris.  Let's go!  Mission accomplished," the woman yelled in the bullhorn.  The women got back in the limos and all the cars left the area.

There was no sign of life when the rural fire department finally arrived.

The End

Join us for 'Lady Spies and the Survival Affair'

after the next Angela Morris mystery.

Lady Spies and the Redemption Affair - Conclusion
Stacy and Susan have one more challenge before they both can retire from being active secret agents in the final chapters of the Lady Spies and the Redemption Affair.

Chapter 46 - Abriana and Blac escape and take refuge with Father Rizzo - not the smartest move.
Chapter 47 - The two Italian and two American spies relax at a cafe.
Chapter 48 - Stacy takes a mysterious phone call.
Chapter 49 - Sophia Lombardo is lured to church to become bait.
Chapter 50 - Stacy is told to confess her sins before she dies.
Chapter 51 - Susan is scolded for not dressing properly when attending church.  
Epilogue 1 - Father Rizzo's fate is revealed.
Epilogue 2 - Stacy and Susan are given a retirement part that is a real blast.

Summaries and links to all the Lady Spy stores are found in Lady Spies - A Chronology.

The cover is published here...  

Mature Content

Cover - Lady Spies and the Redemption Affair by knottysilkscarf

The illustration is by the talented artist :iconmileshendon:.  He published a version of the illustration without the text.


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