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Fan Art: The Girls of KNOTHOLE

By KnotholeTeam
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While work on KNOTHOLE progresses, we've been a little quiet on the upload front, well maybe this will tide you all over for the time being! The girls of KNOTHOLE, Sally Acorn, Bunnie Rabbot and NICOLE!

This wonderful piece was commissioned by a friend of the project as a gift with artwork done by the wonderfully talented Catbeecache who did an excellent job at capturing the designs of Sally and Bunnie in their wonderful style!

Much thanks to Catbeecache for such an amazing piece of work of the girls!

Artwork by :iconcatbeecache:

Character designs belong to :iconknotholeteam:
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© 2020 - 2021 KnotholeTeam
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SallyAcornLover4Life's avatar

Styled very cool and this gloomy touch goes really well with the setting of the Sonic Sat.AM series. 8-)

I really like the picture the way you did it. It looks awesome. :-)

Please keep up the very good work, because you have a God-given talent. :clap: :clap: :clap:

KnotholeTeam's avatar

Appreciate the kind words, but this artwork isn't our work. This was commissioned by a friend of ours from the talented CatbeeCache for our project.

However, we have plenty of images in our gallery from our artist's work for the project if you care to take a look.

SallyAcornLover4Life's avatar

Sure and you're very welcome. :-)

Not a problem at all, I enjoy every good-looking arts. :aww:

I just want to leave good and friendly compliments and acknowledgement. ^^

K4nK4n's avatar

I like this, the more urban look you gave them makes them cooler than the originals.

AmrasFelagund's avatar

Really liking these takes on Sally and Bunnie...!

KnotholeTeam's avatar

Thank you, we're really happy to hear these designs are going down well with people and we think Catbee did a wonderful job with this piece, capturing the designs perfectly in their art style! :la:

tailsluver29's avatar
Whoa they look epic! I can see this in an anime love it
GBHPrime84's avatar

I remember seeing this being done in the stream. Good stuff.

KnotholeTeam's avatar

Indeed it is good stuff! Deeb's does incredible work!

MercenaryMaster's avatar
They. Look. AMAZING!!!
KnotholeTeam's avatar
dth1971's avatar

Now I wish I could pitch these Sally/Bunnie redesigns for their IDW Sonic debut in at least 2021!

KnotholeTeam's avatar

Again, these designs belong to this project. You should get permission from the creators of any designs like this before use or proposing them to others.

dth1971's avatar
KnotholeTeam's avatar

We appreciate that you and a lot of other people have been really receptive to our redesigns of the characters, but it would be unfair to us or anyone that have created unique designs of characters if their designs were taken without permission and used in any official material. And if IDW were to bring back the Freedom Fighters they would have their artists do the redesigns themselves.

dth1971's avatar

We'll see what happens. Could the Freedom Fighter IDW redesigns of Sally, Bunnie, Antoine, and Rotor top the post SGW Archie Sonic Freedom Fighter redesigns?

gameboysage's avatar

A great style for great designs for sure :D

KnotholeTeam's avatar

Indeed! Nex's fantastic designs paired with Deeb's wonderful art style compliment each other so well! :la:

Don-Flick's avatar
KnotholeTeam's avatar

Thanks! Be sure to let the artist know as well!

mjponso's avatar

They both look great! I like the different outfits, as well as Sally's hairstyle.

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