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Furry Chicken and Chick

A Minimalist carving in Burl White Oak

boiled linseed oil and a little acrylic

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oh, this is lovely. perfect piece and the lines are fantastic! I love the angle of the chicken's head...feels very intimate and emotional...:nod:
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Ginger, you are always so nice. Send me a PM with your address and I'll send it to you.
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omg omg omg MIKE!!!! you are soo right, the picture doesn't do it justice.. the wood grain is so perfect... she seems so real! kind of made me smile to, the backside of the piece has a heart ♥

thank you sooooooo much! It's a perfect fit for my house, very natural and a lovely nod to mother earth :)

Thank you again Mike, I hope all the best for you :hug:
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Your welcome, That piece sat outside for 2-yrs, waiting for something to show it's self. The pigment fially showed its feathers, a light sanding revealed the contrast, and boiled linseed oil brought out the warm colors, The chick was almost discarded. It was a cut-off that had the little one hiding in it, Never noticed a heart, How about a pic?

Hoping your enjoying them.
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pic posted! :)
I love how wonderful this piece is, it so fits in my house! :nod: Thank you again :boogie:
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Your very welcome, and thank you.
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