5 things anti-bronies say and how to counter them

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There have been quite a few things that anti-bronies seem to say a lot, which are almost entirely false, and this journal is going to debunk them and tell you how to counter them

#1: All pony art looks the same!

The fact that one even thinks all pony art (By art, I mean anything that is made that doesn't convey or represent data.) looks the same is like saying all carbonated drinks are the exact same. Granted, there are a few key similarities, enough that they're all classified as carbonated beverages, but not similar enough to be considered the exact same in every possible sense. If all pony art was the same, the fandom would be much smaller, and people would not throw such a huge deal over it.

#2: Quit using not all bronies now!

 Are you really this immature and ignorant, to claim empirical evidence as unusable when defending a fanbase? The fact that you'd use such a pathetic claim is downright sad.

#3: Clopping is disgusting, stop doing it!!

That is an opinion, not a fact. And why does it bother you what people that you don't even know on a personal level masturbate to? There is plenty of more disgusting stuff people masturbate to, whether it's with ponies or not.

#4: Don't ponify stuff I like!!!

Most people in this aspect that even use this argument are willfully ignorant regarding other shows and popular culture icons being presented as other shows. For example, with the furry fanbase, lots of people have been putting their OCs into five nights at Freddy's, and I don't see anyone complaining. With South Park, lots of people have made other characters into South Park characters, and I don't see anyone complaining there either. The fact remains that anti-bronies merely cherrypick in this context.

#5: Bronies are homophobic, misogynistic, and racist!

At this point, I question if anti-bronies even take themselves seriously. Firstly, I must state that porn is not sexist anymore than what a casual sexual encounter is, and what most anti-bronies use as proof is a large amount of porn. When I could at the same time claim that the Pokémon fandom is very misogynist, as it also produces a large amount of porn. Secondly, the fanbase is not homophobic because a few homosexual bronies are hated for a good reason (Like drawing foalcon, being an asshole, and blackmailing other members.), that's called egalitarianism, when nothing other but mental soundness and age is taken into account. So unless you still consider homosexuality a mental disorder (Which would be even more homophobic.), it's not homophobic.
Finally, any claims of racism in the fanbase have to be made up or cherrypicked. Firstly, look at any major package of art the fandom produces, and you will notice that about half aren't white, most are Asian and Latin American, note me if you want examples of them even. Secondly, you claim the fanbase is racist because they draw every mane 6 character as white, instead of adhering to something that is even more stereotypical (Yes, making an already shy and feeble character a shrouded, Arab woman is very offensive and sexist. Or making an athletic character an African one is very offensive as well.). Finally, not everyone is going to like poorly drawn artwork because it has the character drawn as a different skin tone. They'll like it if it's well-drawn.
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Amen to all of this, I know one homosexual little bitch who is an ass-hole on FB and that's that little bitch, Bow Coltcuddler Belle or his real name, Blently.