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My Little Unicorn cover (back)

The back proposed cover for the stolen work.
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I feel like this pastor didn't actually read the book and realized that not only does the book have jack ***t to do with religion or even the secular concept of belief ,but that apparently belief is some kind of magical force that allows anything to be possible and is *totally* not the Deus Ex Machina. Yet again the title is My Little UNICORN ,but whatever
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Thank you, Nigeria. I don't know enough about your contributions to the world to say what you've done, besides wheel soccer, but surely this is up there.
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Oh God, this looks so fake. :stare: 
please be a fake. 
Or a just in name work. 
Oh God. 
You cant do this ! but you will. 
I cant even. 
Please be a fake. 
It cant be real
Is it? 
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What's so bad about it? Mykan's getting his just deserts! Besides, do you realize what could happen if this got published and Hasbro found out about this and the fanfics?
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I dont care, but publishing...THAT? 
why? why not something better? 
but,yeah, i may be too kind and lets see what missus karma does. 
well... what if they found it?
I think they found it and dont care.... 
but ... maybe they havent. 

anyways the idea scares me. think about how the children will react! 
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And think about how their parents will react...!
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yeah , be emphatic (Empathic....hemphatic...I give up... be ... caring) about those people. 
so, publishing this ,in my opinion is a no no! 
but.... my opinion doesnt matter, does it? 
anyways thanks for listening. 
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You're welcome. This opportunity could be used to kill two thieves with one stone... :evillaugh:
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that is badong! :O 
i hope my works are publisheable in not that way. 
i cant even english well. 
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¡Gugol Transleer al rescate!
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why whould someone do that?!
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Proposed Space For Bar code eh?

Further proof, your just trying to scam me... 
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Dude... It's a joke. Calm your tits.
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I think this is fake.
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Do you really think that the proposed cover would have a bar code on it? No, books aren't assigned barcodes until they are approved for sale. And how many times must I tell you that I am not trying to scam you?
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