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hot cocoa in styrofoam cup
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Wonderful piece, very atmospheric, I can feel the chill of the air but also the comforting warmth of the coat and the beautiful stillness of the snow on the ground. Makes me nostalgic for the winters of my youth, it used to be my favorite season.

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That's really good!

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I enjoy this little drawing very much – especially the fuzziness combined with the detail. =)
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Nice Fall outfit for Amy. And nice scenery too. :nod:
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That reminds me of the days when we had skating in school. I often bought hot chocolate after it and walked to school with it to farm myself up a bit. 
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oh myg osh I love THE TEXTURE look of this painting
it reminds me of crayons or chalk or something... ugh I JUS WAN TOUCH IT
seriously I would love a speedpaint from you one of these days... I bet you would make a killing with a patreon. 

loving the background and the mood is really cozy and warm. Makes absolutely no sense because it's literally winter and snowing/
hhh so good ;A; great job on this
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the lighting and colors and even the folds on the dress are all PERFECT!! i wanna be able to paint like this some day omgggg
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Beautiful work! 
Detail, atmosphere, colour- It sets Winter up perfectly. 
You can practically taste that hot chocolate. Lovely job.
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The way you use color's for your painting style is so wonderful ;w; <3
I would love to know what kind of brushes you use to get this amazing effect! ^^
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I love the painterly feel to this and how you executed it! The color palette's super nice, too! Don't be afraid to push the atmospheric perspective with the contrasts some more, you have a fantastic understanding of it so far with the crisp vs vaugeness distance wise (Amy vs the background). Keep up the good work! :clap:
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I always love Amy in her winter wear =3
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Your use of colors and painting style are so well laid-out :heart:
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I'm glad to hear you think so-- thank you!!
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so pretty, the colors are amazing :aww:
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thank you very much! :D hehe
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This is super cute, nicely done! The pink really pops out and the light in the windows down to the light on the pavement really pulls you down from the top left to bottom right (and is nicely counterbalanced with the leaves from the tree!) you've really got me wanting to work on a wintery composition!
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Thank you very much!!
I had one really cold properly novembery day and got all in this "seasonal aesthetic" mood pfft. I wanted to put that extra cozy "wintery/fall feeling" into a picture, if that makes sense.
I'm glad to hear it put you in a "wintery mood" too. Go for it! :D
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Keepin' a look out for SanekOVA Sonic: Pixel Icon 
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Everything is so smooth aaaaaah
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