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Silver seems to like staring at the sky a lot. Probably because he's not used to it.

Here's the reason for the title. Apart from... you know, the fact that it's evening.

(do i win the award for crappiest scribble rendition of crisis city or what)
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Gorgeous scene! Love the colors too!

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I love it

usually I
snark or say something witty but this is just too.. captivating
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Awww~~~~that.s the very beautiful and purely sky.....
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I'm speechless... ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE IT!
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I have a question though. Why is Silver holding on to a rail while floating. It's not really noticeable but I'm just curious.
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Hmm... Well, the rail is supposed to be like one of those highway signs that goes over the road to tell you about upcoming exits... I had the thought of him pulling himself around like he's in a space station. The point of this pic is that gravity doesn't matter to someone who can levitate

He's not meant to be carrying it, although I guess the blue outline may suggest that... It's supposed to be stuck in the road still.
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I didn't think he was carrying it. I just thought it was odd that he was holding onto it when gravity wouldn't push him upward into space. It's actually a nice touch to have in the photo.
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Had to tilt my head to know the layout of the horizon compared to Silver, and it's great!!!
Air and space
space and time
time and faith
never seem to collide...

Funny, I need to listen to that song again at some point. Anyway, awesome work with this picture.
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Oh my god, this is AMAZING!!!!!OuO ^u^ => /beautiful!!^_^ =) =>
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the perspective is amazing!
good work. :D
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This REALLY beautifulLove 
You did a great job on this Clap 
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Absolutely beautiful! I love the interesting perspective in this drawing, and the colours used are gorgeous, great job!  
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Beautiful :') Heart 
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This is beautiful :)
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*has to tilt head* Woa!
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May I turn this into a wall scroll. I need to hang this.
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Uhhhh... So, here's the thing...

...mind if use this as a cover for my fanfiction? I'll credit you, I swear.

(There's a possibility of the story not getting published tho)
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That's absolutely fine with me! :D
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Thanks ^w^
I really appreciate it!
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No, you don't get the crap award! You get the awesome award! I mean, look at all of the gorgeous colors and how they all go together to create a breathtaking piece! That is an awesome award winner in my book!
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