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35 deviants said Racked with guilt or tragic somehow. Misunderstood or sympathetic.
35 deviants said Has a bizarre, distorted mindset that's interesting
30 deviants said Unshakeable conviction in an ideal or otherwise 100% committed, might have a benevolent end-goal, but their methods probably less-than-benevolent
29 deviants said Seem like a pretty cool guy, apart from the uh, killing and whatever.
23 deviants said Irredeemable, evil, want to see them get destroyed, total stone cold monster
23 deviants said We watch them descend into madness/lose control, etc
14 deviants said Enjoying themselves, unrepentant, etc
11 deviants said They use their brain somehow
9 deviants said Something else
6 deviants said Can't be reasoned with, or like an unstoppable force, have never even heard of morality, etc. Could be like an animal or so on, simply obeying their nature.


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SophiaWolfie Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2019  Student Digital Artist
HELLO Hey I was wondering why The Vulture was removed from your gallery :0 I totally understand that you couldn't finish it but MAN the aesthetic and inspiration was there and I loved rereading it. I come back and it POOFED. Didn't by chance post it anywhere else?
knockabiller Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2019
I reorganized my gallery recently, and I put the vulture in a "hidden folder" since it's no longer active. I didn't remove it, though.
Basically, I just wanted separate folders for fan-comics and regular comics, since I've changed my focus. I don't plan to return to it and i'm really not interested in doing sonic stuff right now, so I didn't want too much sonic stuff "front and center," especially old projects I won't continue, if that makes sense pfft

If you go into the "fanart I" folder in my gallery, there's a subfolder called "OTHER comix". It has the old one-shot comics in it. There's a link to the vulture's folder in the description of this subfolder.

You can also find it by searching "tvult" which will bring up all the pages.
SophiaWolfie Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Ohh! That explains it. Thanks for explaining that to me though! Deep down was a quiet noise of a screaming goat because I thought you deleted it... I'm glad it's still around while you indulge in other interests. Everything you do is rad and it's great seeing you get into other stuff!! Good luck with it all! ♥
DrawingMyDestiny Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2019  Student General Artist
Ms. Knockabiller, do... Do you not like Sonic anymore? :C

I mean, how could you not with upcoming stuff like... New Sonic racing game and new Olympic game... And who could forget the new Sonic movie? Right?

(Actually, I can see why you wouldn't be interested in Sonic anymore XD)
knockabiller Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2019

yah, basically I just got kind of sick and tired of it. I mean I posted basically nothing else for ages <__> and everything you mentioned... not especially gripping to me, pfft
it almost feels like they cut the portion that's interesting to me out of their design philosophy, which is possibly a blessing in disguise, because it provides a very good reason to branch out lol

I was using it as a way to get ideas for drawing, so when i wanted to draw i'd have an idea ready, and wouldn't sit there and stare blankly at the screen for ages instead. I'm the type of person who often kind of shuts down when given too blank of a slate, and there's a lot of cool things i like, but it's hard to just pick something, and then it's hard to make whatever you picked resonate with other people. i find a LOT of things inspiring or interesting, but that can make it a little paralyzing. Hence using fanart as a nice quick-start pack, so I can actually get to the drawing part at some point.
But doing that constantly apparently prevents you from training the ability to come up with that sort of thing on your own. Like, the ability to go "topic, character, color scheme, situation, composition" or like visualize something to draw etc is a skill that you practice.
with fanart, some of those blanks are made very easy to fill in, and it's also easier to tell a story, since the personalities and histories of the characters is built in. and it's fun to make a pic that can be enjoyed by many because it features characters they are emotionally invested in.
but then whenever I wanted to make something that WASN'T fanart, it was suddenly very hard again, because I didn't have a handy wiki full of stuff to possibly use, and i hadn't practiced the skill of coming up with things properly.
furthermore, if i wanted to make something that wasn't SONIC fanart, I had the exact same problem, which is just moronic. but anyway, it's the obsessive overuse of one topic that causes the problem, not really the fanart part. but in any case, i don't find this situation acceptable.

So I've been trying to practice this skill, and make more original pictures in general, even if they're unrelated to anything.
On top of this, im just bored of sonic, and i no longer feel inspired to come up with fanfictiony things about it or whatever. like i feel "done" with it for now, wanting to devote that kind of energy to other things, especially original stuff, or exploring other series/topics.

in essence: i've just been getting WAY more enjoyment out of making original stuff, and making fanart for other things lol
Nova-rek Featured By Owner Edited Apr 5, 2019  Hobbyist Filmographer
I can relate to that, I mean, it's been several years that I found nothing interesting in Sonic, since Unleashed but I took time to really understand it.
I still have a passion for the time period were Sonic was interesting (from classic to the end of the Adventure era), but after that...
What i also understood is that it's not my taste which have changed, but Sonic itself, the game have changed, the tone have changed, the characters have changed (and OMG I really dislike how Sonic is protrayed as a character in the current game...).
I do beleive that Sega and the Sonic Team has voluntarily abandoned the older fan and the general core gamers audience, probably too hard to please, especialy when you have a policy which consists of doing the minimum to gain the maximum profit (Forces and Mania were low budget game and I don't even talk about the re-release every years of a new megadrive/genesis collection).
Sonic now targeting the kids and only the kids... :/
But well, lot of people do not realisse it yet but Sonic is clearly in a dark age far more serious than the one of 06, Sonic is dead in Asia (and always was), but it is nearly dead in Europe as well, both Forces and Mania are now officialy the Sonic games which had the lowest sales for a main Sonic game released on several platform at once (yeah, even with it's cheap price and it's outstanding review, Mania sold for only 1 milion copy in total...)
knockabiller Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2019
It's important to remember they're a company, and they need money, or they won't be able to make any games at all. so trying to maximize profit or catering to the target market or anything isn't bad. although if it's true that their latest games are some of the lowest-selling, then it's not working very well pfft

As you said, the tone and feeling have all changed. The characters may have changed a bit too, or just feel less like characters due to lack of screentime. And I don't like Sonic himself being the focus of the universe like he's some kind of chosen one, celebrity, and saint that nobody can live without. after a while it feels like "The Room" lol
I like how in the earlier games levels feel more like part of an environment in a surreal, exaggerated world. Newer games somehow seem a bit more like a set designed for someone to run through, whereas city escape or apotos etc feel like you're in a real city in the world that people might live in.
There's all kinds of examples of this sort of change. Just small things, but over time, all the little changes build up. basically everything is different now, and seems kind of dull and empty to me personally. they're probably fine games too, they're just much less interesting to me because of this kind of change.
it really deflates any desire to make fanworks of something that isn't even personally interesting anymore. Now, I don't want them to cater to me specifically or anything. Like I said, I kind of consider it a blessing in disguise pfft. but watching something discard everything you liked about it and change into something you have absolutely no interest in is... not pleasant

Of course I'll always be fond of the things I originally liked about it, and that vibe it had, and I enjoyed making all the stuff I made. And I'm very glad other people liked them, too. I just basically have this overwhelming urge that's like, "okay, okay... yanno what, let's do something else now."
Looking at it practically, I feel what I really should try to do is incorporate that vibe I liked into something new, so anyone can enjoy it, and it can grow and evolve and come into its own.

its hard to describe, but whatever passion i felt before feels like it wasn't quite "passion for this video game series" at all, but passion for its own sake, that just so happened to find a useful toolbox to channel itself through. but now i don't feel the desire to mess with that anymore. I don't really want to have to rely on that kind of thing in the first place. I'd rather create something original, or explore and find other things to inspire me, since there's so much other stuff out there that deserves to be seen and enjoyed.

DrawingMyDestiny Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2019  Student General Artist
XD indeed.

I get'cha and I feel the same way xD and true, that's why fanart and your fanart are so interesting because they're additions to what's already there like, adding more.

Ah ok, I'm like that too, where you just doodle characters while your thinking of what you actually want to draw or till an idea hits you. I understand and mhm!
Yeah and you're right, you're totally right with original ideas vs. fanart, it's much more difficult to come up with something and grab someone's attention with original stuff compared to the latter... But both are really good in their own ways.
Ah ok and yea, you do become reliant on that one thing after you draw it so much, that's what always happens to me.

That's good! I'm glad that it's a change you've been wanting to do, now you're doing it and your doing so amazing on it! Ye, I totally understand... I just wish the franchise was doing better cause right now it's not looking good at all (in my opinion) hopefully it does get better tho.

I'm happy about that! Showing off your full potential :D I remember finding your account because of your Sonic fanart and just being in complete awe. Your poses, expressions, settings, paintings, use of color, character design, you do all of that so phenomenally! ^v^ and after you started branching off I was a tiny bit like-
aw :c
But seeing your original art and other fanart are so good!!! I love all of it and how creative it is. And I can't wait to see more in the future! ^^ :heart:
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