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Violet, The Marauder Captain

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Splash art of an upcoming character from my online comic : )

Watch the FULL process on YouTube!

Read the COMIC here!

🌟 PSD Download

🌟 Process sketches

🌟 Extra footage and more rewards available thru the KNKL Patreon!

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Holly hell man, sometimes i think i'll never even be a match for ya, love you still , wouldn't know half the stuff i know now without your videos.
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abselutely AWESOME !! :D
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Okay, now I wanna know what she looks like in the comic's style. :XD:

(Will the comic be continued, though?)
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Her noose.

Is her hair.

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I wouldn't mind being hanged by her..
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lol that's so messed up :D 
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It took me a few seconds to realize the noose was made out of her own hair!  Freaking badass!
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As someone reluctant to go digital, I really learned a lot from this video series after someone linked to your channel from the MTG Reddit a while back.  Such a great resource, I was rewatching episodes from the set daily for weeks! 

Also, the Thoughtfuls were quite helpful, or at least reassuring, so I must admit I'm kinda bummed they're on hiatus.  Anyway, thank you for the inspiration and courage.
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That looks like it could belong on a hearthstone card
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Really great. Love the expression and the angle.
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wow, so cool! I love your art and videos!! :heart:
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Hung by a thread....ALL OF THEM!
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I thought it was a rope.... Cool!
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loved the youtube videos.  i'm a subscriber and always find your videos informative.  thanks.  great work with this btw
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I may or may not be in love with her what the heck
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stunning from head to finish!!!!
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Her design and overall cloth style is great and im curios if she lieks t ohang people ahha
xXJesterKillerXx's avatar
Killing people.... Hurst her..? lol
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I love it Kienan. This tutorial was super useful (and super fun as well ahah)
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