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For my favorite Yordle!  :iconrintheyordle:

Thanks again for showing us what Yordle females should look like!
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Your style's fucking awesome
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I love her expression
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Since, Gnar is going live soon, will Riot make a video about the history of the yordle race?  I would like to see more than blue for ladies and brownish for the guys. Is anyone besides you working on that project?
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Forgive me but the first thing I thought was Aurin Male(WildStar).
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Hey! Amazing art!
I would like to ask, if I could use this as an avatar and in some of my YouTube Videos. 
I would credit you in the description of all the videos it's being used in, of course.
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All though Kienan is the artist, I would prefer if you did not. This is my character that he drew for me, and she is very special to me.
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Sure! :)
Alright, thanks for the fast reply! :)
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Thank you so much ^_^ Sorry, I just came in to re-download this and saw it again (was getting it for my phone hahahaha)  I'm sorry Im so protective of her!
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Fan-canon confirmed.
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but Rin is a furry yordle, is not imposible :) 
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you do realize that was posted like a year ago, right
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well is still the same point.
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Since when do all female yordles have one set appearance? Just because Tristana and Poppy are blue doesn't mean every female yordle ever is. Forgetting Lulu perhaps?
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As an editors on the "official" League of Legends Wiki, you shouldn't misuse the word official. It's a fan-created website. Riot has stated they want to visually upgrade all Yordles to look like the same species (just like they want to do for Kayle and Morgana, since Morgana currently has elf ears). What it currently says on the Wiki is not necessarily intentional, merely observational.
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"tend to have" You don't seem to know your reading, "bud."
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Sorry, I really have to interject here because I did a lot of research before creating Rin myself. The only thing that I cannot justify is her tail.…

if you look at the journal of justice page here, they show some tan looking females.

Also, re-read your statement. "It MAY be note worth to state that female Yordles TEND to have smooth skin (COMMONLY blue)..." These key words alone state that, all though common, it is not the ONLY color that shows up.

Either way, Riot has stated several times that yordles are incomplete and need an overhaul. The only reason the female yordles "tend to be blue" was because Tristana and Poppy, the first two "female yordles" were actually Meglings in the beginning. Their lore changed half way though since Riot thought it was too much to have several races, and crammed them together to call them "Yordles" since they all were short. Lulu and Rumble came along later to challenge what stereotypes were made up of yordles from this, and the revamps coming up have also been categorizing yordles into a more "fuzzy" state, it would seem (IE: Heimer not having a human like face anymore).

Sorry, but I feel that female yordles do not all need to be blue. Maybe it was common, but another statement on the wiki also says: "Their skin tone runs a much broader spectrum of colors than their human counterparts; while there is no direct scientific explanation for this, some consider this to be a sign of the yordles’ attunement to Runeterra’s magical nature"

So this statement also justifies and concludes that female yordles, and males, can be very broad in colors and a range from super fuzzy to light fur or skin textures. Though, again, it seems Riot wants to tighten that up more to avoid further confusion.

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Actually, ever since I saw Rini and Riot's general approval (pre-Aatrox), I've actually wondered about the opposite--If Rini is a non-blue female yordle, what of "megling"-like male yordles?

...Additional research is required.
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Rumble is blue, all though not skin-like. Heimer WAS skin tone and none fuzzy on his actual face, minus his fro and facial hair. same with corki. Looks like they are changing this, however!
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actually Riot is trying to revamp all yordles into one category and they haven't really decided how yordels will look altogether
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