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LoL - Runegolem Skarner

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I bought this skin just because of this splash back in the day lol
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Luv me some skarnar.

hello new wallpaper
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Hi, I came across a journal that mentioned a site selling stolen artworks. One of your artworks is on it, and I'm not sure if you gave permission for it. If you didn't, you can sue them.

Journal: [link]
Site: [link]
Even though they took down the stolen artwork from their site, it's still on their Ebay: [link]
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This is what Skarner should've looked like. This. That crystal scorpion thing looks silly, but THIS? Badass. All kinds of badass.
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miltamo's avatar
one of my fav champions <3 the coolest ewer
Spankreas's avatar
my favourite skin of my favourite champion! I'm addicted to jungling
Phamine14's avatar
Yay! My main:D other than of course, Taric;D
taskaro's avatar
can you make a tumblr skarner?
like he'll be like brolaf in a sense that its out of his character and its just a fun reference to keep going

like he'll kill someone and say "you mad bro!?"
he'll die and go "FUFUFUFUFUFU"
when he ults someone, "forever alone >:)"
Inqubus-verseum's avatar
Wow, the best skin possible for Skarner. Great details and colours ^^
ToukansDesign's avatar
My favorite piece.
ZetaZero's avatar
I so need to buy this.
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Hah! You're the guy! the guy with the awesome art on teh LOL skin pages? Awesome! Just played Skarner yesterday, this was one of the coolest skins for him I think.

Thanks for sharing!
Limeman's avatar
That vehicle from Atlantis.
paradoxical42's avatar
Do you mean the Puddle Jumper?
Metagrossfreak's avatar
Atlantis the lost empire, not stargaze
Naeran's avatar
Eeek... :o
It's truly fantastic.
Really good work on that creature. :)
Leah-the-Red's avatar
Wow, fantastic work!
KNKL's avatar
thanks so much!
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