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LoL - Redeemed Riven

If you like my work for Riot, then check out my NEW ZOMBIE COMIC, EMMA!


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Hntpo's avatar
She looks so cute in this splash ! :D
stormilove's avatar
!!! this is my favorite in-game skin and I love the art sooo much <3
You did such a good job!
suiseimei's avatar
My friend bought this skin and everytime it shows up we're just like "Holy shit man the splash art is so beautiful".  Your art style is so nice :>
WanderingSketchPad's avatar
my favorite skin for riven! Awesome man <3
SkumbagChrisi's avatar
I love your Riven artwork! But may I ask which color you used for her eyes? I'm going to buy lenses for my Redeemed Riven cosplay on saturday and I still don't know which color I have to use because everyone takes another color ;_; 
Is there a high dpi version available?
AndyRivers's avatar
Thank you for this gorgeous artwork! Best character ever! Moreso in this skin!... but closely tied with Diana and Leona... you and Ironstylus should do an epic art showdown to determine the rightful owner of the title! XD PS: your comic, Emma, has me hooked, can't wait for the next entry!! So many questions D:
Rintarouu's avatar
Awesome. I needed to do a drawing of this, it's so well done!!
ang3ll's avatar
(I love your redeemed Riven so much *-* What a wonderful illustration «3)
maki9791's avatar
It is awesome but all the backgrounds are just great. I think all of them fit exactly with the carácter you drew and together take part of a very interesting and immersing image
NearoC's avatar
Favorite skin portrait, really.
Rancidlemons's avatar
[link] Her stance and expression are so powerful and when combined with the vivid background and the amazing lighting, this is easily the best splash art in the game...
ShizM00's avatar
Definitely one of my favorite splash arts in the whole game.
murphster93's avatar
your skin artwork is amazing :D i see all of these being put onto the league skin options and i always wonder who draws and designs all of the amazing work i guess now i know :) keep it up my friend i look forward to spending rp points on your works ;) so keep everyone posted!
FlickaBee's avatar
I always use this skin.
It seriously does her character justice and is just gorgeous. <3

Riven has become one of my main next to Warwick and Nidalee.
Pandalk's avatar
My favorite artwork in lol
Lescroc's avatar
I just love this artwok, maybe the best lol art. Such a shame the IG Redeemed Riven does not look half as good as the artwork :/
jorgepinillo's avatar
nice love the expresion of her face
SugarYoshi's avatar
I looooove this skin! <3
ShiroRinu's avatar
my fav pic of riven
Melonehalf's avatar
Oh, can it be...? Can I zoom TWICE into your pictures?

Yoichinoyumi's avatar
As Kleon said, I bought the skin because of the artwork too haha.. But the skin in game is far from this smexy..
KleonX's avatar
I've bought the skin because of the artwork.
strangeloup's avatar
Really awesome skin for a character I love. Thanks for sharing :)
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