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LoL - Janna

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og waifu ^w^ your version is thiccer than the new bored plank look she's got going, and that's probably the main reason I gave up on playing support. Even the tattoos are gone from the new splash, which was one of the things I liked in this rendition.

sphelon8565's avatar
Hmm I miss this old splashart from Janna. It fits more of her character and appearance than the new one. If they only improve the new splashart according to this one with some young appealing looks only though.
IrinaKl's avatar
Amazing Work!!!! :)
Imperial85072's avatar
Better than the new one!
Zenilla94's avatar
agree :D I miss this one. 
nikoltu's avatar
A LOT better than the new one.
Angusturtle's avatar
So much better than the new one.
Felineartchibi's avatar
I really like this artwork but his head is really big u-u
ShadyIMG's avatar
So mad they replaced with with a new splash that makes her look like my brother in law.
BakaKurohi's avatar
It's so sad that Janna's got new splash art. In yours, she's looking normal and on the new one she is just anorectic ;_;
asenla's avatar
janna has the ugliest and weirdest looking weapon i have ever seen imo, i wish they would rework it
jwpirate's avatar
the fact that her head is a bit large compared to the body always bothered me...
Rus-ka's avatar
I really like this picture. The face is lovely, and the body pose is really delicate, they give an ethereal impression about the character that works very well with it's concept. Congrats. =)
Lunipard's avatar
my fav character! she so purty.
ang3ll's avatar
I play wit this girl and always wondered who made her artwork *.*
Purple-Soysauce's avatar
Wait... YOU DREW IT!?!?!!! Amazing work I'm stunned
panzer-Gulwen's avatar
Rancidlemons's avatar
I remember seeing Janna for the first time.With this splash art, she seemed so powerfull and commanding... This might make no sense but I believe that with this art, you managed to express Janna's concept in a better way than riot did with her actual lore(which desperately needs a rework [link] )...
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Wow that's absolutely gorgeous!
sonaakali's avatar
Each time when a match with Janna is downloading, I admire her shiny skin colour
koryme's avatar
Awesome job!! I used your work for some inspiration [link]. Hopefully I'll make it on the Summoner Showcase! :D
Azuria649's avatar
Love Janna in general.
Inspired now. *goes off to draw Janna*
ImCake's avatar
Isn't there something wrong with her leg ? Like you forgot to actually smudge the colors or something in this version (I did notice the actual ingame splash being perfectly okay)
Simple-Mindss's avatar
i loveeeee janna so muchhhhh <3
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