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LoL - Blood Moon Akali

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This is the picture that got me to buy this skin. I hadn't even seen the ingame model, nor did I care. I fell in love with the image, and had quite the forum rant when it was replaced with the Chinese version.

Still mad about it.
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To this day I still don't understand why this splash was changed. It's just so lovely.
FIREREDAlbinoUmbreon's avatar
>: I have JUST now figured out what you drew this splash for her skin.. Q_Q I was so devastated when they changed it to a different splash because one was by far my most favourite of all skins.. Dx It still is. Q_Q Sad how the new splash doesn't match with the splash for Shen's Bloodmoon skin.
ThirtySix-Degrees's avatar
DUDE! this is yours, whoa! <3
i wanted to buy this skin, not only because it's so great in game, but because the splash art was that amazing. i'm forever frustrated that they changed it. fucking AMAZING work you did right there. i love that face. just wanted to say it :)
DidsRainfall's avatar
I LOVE this splash art, it's one of the reasons I cosplayed Blood Moon Akali -skin I own- [link] ^^ Such a pity Riot changed the splash art, this is awesome :heart:
I wish this was still the splach used in the NA client. :/ Me and my friends agreed back when we'd just started playing the game in the fall of 2011 that bloodmoon akali was the coolest skin in game in large part due to this splash art.
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I bought the skin a while back because of this splash. It's a shame they changed it :c I adore your work!
KNKL's avatar
means alot! But hey, this one will always be here for you! ; )
Aveldine's avatar
Can't believe they changed this art... I bought the skin cause this art is beautiful
Healing-Shuriken's avatar
I just bought this skin before riot changed the splash art .___. I love the intensity in this one
Miaka-chin's avatar
This was my fav skin and they changed it :(!
Sun0fNothing's avatar
WHY DID THEY RUIN THIS SKIN. Seriously? Kienen I am sorry. I am fairly certain this was my favorite splash art in LoL.
ohnoyoudidnt's avatar
One of my favorite character arts in the game, and the reason I wanted to buy Akali and this skin. So sad Riot changed it )o:
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This one is my fav skin of akali <3
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SpunkyFreakster's avatar
Nevermind, I lied! XD SO that means I found the LoL artist, sweet
SpunkyFreakster's avatar
This is the official games artwork, lol i dont think it belongs to you sir
ilumari's avatar
this artwork is so beautiful :D
animefreakfran's avatar
*nods* love the art and very graceful ^_^
Bandooo's avatar
Well, no wonder why Riot hired you, if I may say. :)
digifields's avatar
My favorite Akali skin. The art made it an insta-buy. Nice to know you made it :D
lilgian's avatar
this my favorite akali skin! great job! :D
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