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LeBlanc KNKL 08

If you like my fan art for Riot, then check out my NEW ZOMBIE COMIC, EMMA!


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Hmm love me some Lebleezy!
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Lovely one of best pictures of her ;) I would love to see that image extended to full picture of her ;p
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Awesome picture. Pictures like these make you really like the LoL champions ;) I didn't think leblanc looked THAT great, but after seeing pictures on deviant art i think shes awesome!
Good work man!
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Very nice! LeBlanc is my favorite champion to play ^_^
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Wait a minute, I can't showcase you. Thanks for pullin' a fast one, dude! *Shakes fist*
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*purring around on the ground like a cat*
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you should make a tutorial
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I did! its in the video!
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very good job!
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ooh that's pretty O__O
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Amazing details! The composition is beautifully done, she looks so lustful and... decieving. XD
Wow! Very nice!
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O.O Im gonna go play LeBlanc now...
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