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February 19, 2017
Casual - Youtube Process! by KNKL is wonderfully painted with moody lighting and a great expression on the character
Featured by TsaoShin
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Casual - Youtube Process!


Watch the timelapse on YouTube!

Watch the FULL process walkthrough on YouTube!

MORE D.VA! Overwatch Promo by KNKL

🌟 PSD Download

🌟 Process sketches

🌟 Extra footage and more rewards available thru the KNKL Patreon!

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Love this Pict

Hi! this pic is great!! I am looking for a picture for a facebook fanpage. Can I use yours?

somercet's avatar

Cute! Nice work.

WindSwirl's avatar

In was so sure to have seen a 'steal like an artist' type of video which also featured this illustration and showed the influences in it. Anybody know if it's still online? I can't seem to find it and I thought it was super helpful... :c

It's KNKL 334: I am an ART THIEF! (And you should be too!)

Kienan Lafferty's tutorials are the best!

WindSwirl's avatar

Thank you so much!! ♥

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I love that's she's playing Titanfall 2 yes epic

iwazawa's avatar

I really really really appreciate your art, and i am very happy that I decided to search for the artist when i found this one on google Gremlin Happy Icon (animated)

I don't know if you care, but use it as a wallpaper on everything I have, IT'S ABSOLUTELY PERFECT

InfaniteNinja's avatar
Didn't know was a Titanfall fan . . . but then again. Anything with a mech i guess.
quechur's avatar
good job friend me when they play videogames on school nights very good
Lorelai255's avatar

Good Job! Looks Cute! D.Va - Overwatch Emoticon Sign Emoji-03 (Thumbs up)

SailorBinch's avatar
SaltehTSS's avatar
I think I’ve seen this on those Video Game music 24/7 livestreams
alphazerotango's avatar

that's what i thought,thank god i'm not the only one

Lorelai255's avatar

-_- It's overwatch Really?

Rainbowpaint08's avatar

they know, the artwork is just featured on the background lol

ChisuKisu's avatar
I can hear her saying ''I'm going to own all these noobs.''
I hope the author is not against that I took this diva as a basis for a tattoo)
Lorelai255's avatar

Cool that would be cool as a tattoo!

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