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Bishoujo Exile - Riven

If you like my fan art for Riot, then check out my NEW ZOMBIE COMIC, EMMA!


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I'll follow and support you now that I've found who's made this piece any tips for a noob like me???
Haymunk's avatar
Looks awesome!
Seems Riven is posing for some league pinups
Axellated-Pixel's avatar
Definitely added this to my favorites! You did an awesome job and Riven is just so darn beautiful. Much like most of the League girls. Definitely adding this to my collection of "League" pics! ^_^
AlanPrince's avatar
SerpentSw0rdUnlmtd's avatar
This is my new background <3
OrionTheSorcerer's avatar
"screams so loud the scream could be heard everywhere and even through out time and space"

Anyways, nicely done.
thegoodsamaritan's avatar
O mai... O___O

STOP SEDUCING ME WITH FICTIONAL CHARACTERS- She's already my favorite champion, what more do you want?
DreadTracer's avatar
This is just a spectacular pose. I can not emphasize how skillfully done this pose is. It's cute, it's powerful, it's goddamn erotic and I love the hell out of it. This is going to be my favorite wallpaper for my favorite champion for a long, long time.
MorgothMelkor's avatar
ive fallen in love with her since release ;D
got this as a wallpaper in my diashow btw :o

she`s sexy and she knows it!
MaxTheSwed's avatar
This is so awsome O.o I Love the character Riven , And i love this picture , you really captured her personallity! I think i fell in love whit this picture.
MercPhotography's avatar
thank you for my new desktop background
jaewon031's avatar
I love the art. But some guys are just dirtying your work.

[Link] [link]

GibMehEcchiPlz's avatar
Make this Riven's splash art instead XD
OrionTheSorcerer's avatar
Even though I've never beaten her, and she's basically my "target of ENDLESS RAGE!!! 'FUUUUUU!" as it were, not bad.
BadaiSapi's avatar
I love the sword man !
kaze5115's avatar
HOLY... Sooo cute .... I love her more now :P such a Great Piece of WORK ;D
Phamine14's avatar
woah...Never felt so strongy about a LoL female character before, nicely done!O.O
RetroGeekBoy's avatar
I like the style of your art
bloodsteam's avatar
i dont always get penta kills but when i do im playing riven, stay thristy my friends~
Kannir's avatar
I like how you show that she has a sexy side XD Love your work soo much
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