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AHRI - League of Legends Fan Splash


Watch the FULL Process on YouTube!

High rez here!


🌟 Process sketches

🌟 Extra footage and more rewards available thru my Patreon!

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good job making her radiate sinister and powerful.
MilkyAlice's avatar
I remember seeing this piece for the first time and I'm still amazed by how great it is. You're an amazing artist KNKL! <3
tygrenier's avatar
Kienan, how long have I known about you now? I remember when the videos for this image came out, so at least that long. And only today did I notice "KNKL" in the amber gem by her hip. Tricksy.
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0_0 it's beautiful !
xWraithx's avatar
This should totally be the official splash art. Wipes the floor with the current splash art... WHY AREN'T you being paid MILLIONS FOR THIS MASTERPIECE?!?!
The expression is legendary!! As is the pose, aura, colours.This is such an empowering piece to look at :#1:
Sama-Lass's avatar
This looks like something out of the game's splash arts.
Aurakid's avatar
She looks amazing
LemCrossview's avatar
This is absolutely beautiful. The shading and lighting especially are so smooth and clean, it's incredible.
I found your work through a friend of mine, and I'm very glad I did. 

May I ask if it's alright to use/borrow your art with proper crediting? My friend would loves the piece and would like to use it for his Youtube banner, I just wanted to ask before he does.
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always been the best ahri artwork to me ^^
nekoanomaly's avatar
That red and blue goes so good together I love the color composition of this piece.
manerarts's avatar
Amacing piece this ahri prefer this splash than the new one they make. Awesome colors and lighting. Also big fan of your show I'm learning a lot of  usefull stuff to aplly to my drawings
Onineko1989's avatar
Oh my... in my eyes, people who draw such a wonders are real mages of our times O_O It's so stunning!
shabbyrtist's avatar
how is it even possible (❍ᴥ❍ʋ) 
MilkyWayToHeaven's avatar
Please make this the new splash if she gets a rework/update
lumenix's avatar
AceCantes's avatar
OMG your art evolution is so amazing.... from the 1st ahri splash art .... to this one... cant believe they didint use this one.... as official splash art....
MelaloriaSagittarius's avatar
omg wow ...finally found the artist of this. :3 ok soi really wanna cosplay this.. im working on it right now...just i cant make out the sleeve pattern
AmoebaGagless's avatar
No way that's insane!
EtchedLines's avatar
You did a really good job on the face.
Papyrus101's avatar
You just created my true form
I am...Sans Dance Sans dancing
Metalraptor's avatar
This is completely epic, amazing work. :D
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love her facial expression
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