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RWBY Group Community Comic 11 by knives4cash RWBY Group Community Comic 11 :iconknives4cash:knives4cash 112 37 Proof that I'm making zero profit by knives4cash Proof that I'm making zero profit :iconknives4cash:knives4cash 2 2 Community Comic 10 by knives4cash Community Comic 10 :iconknives4cash:knives4cash 20 24 Community Comic 9 by knives4cash Community Comic 9 :iconknives4cash:knives4cash 83 19
Oxenfree- Drowning in the Shallows: Chapter 20/20
Chapter Twenty: Operation Clausewitz
“Jonas!” Clarissa called out to the young man. She vaguely remembered his handsome face at the start of that fateful night. He was distracted, on his phone, passing the time at the pickup zone in the airport. “You’re Jonas, right?!” she asked as Alex got out and waved at him.
Jonas grabbed his bag and put his phone away. “Yeah, that’s me. Don’t say my name; you’ll wear it out,” he joked as he went up to Alex. “You’re Alexandra?”
Smiling, Alex nodded. “Just Alex. Nice to meet you, Jonas. This is C- friend, Clarissa,” she introduced, trying to get over the awkwardness of their sudden turn of fortune.
Jonas, oblivious to that and so much more, gave her a smile and a wave, to which Clarissa confidently shook her head upwards at him in the universal “sup” greeting.
The two, new siblings were both very polite to each other and shook hands.
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Oxenfree- Drowning in the Shallows: Chapter 19/20
Chapter Nineteen: Operation Spring Awakening
Alex was put the finishing touches on Michael’s bed. His pillow was the last possession to go. Everything else had been cleansed. The morning sun’s rays hit her right in the eyes as she stood in front of his bed, but she was far too absorbed in the surrealness to care. This was a young man who had spent his whole life in this bed. It was where he slept, where he read, where he built pillow forts with her. It was where he had spent hundreds of hours doing nightly calls with Clarissa. To commemorate their bond, Clarissa had bought him a burger pillow. It was mostly an oval with poorly printed buns, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and two patties. And now Alex held it in her hands, the last trace of Michael to be removed from his old room. Swallowing hard, Alex wondered if she had enough time to cry before she had to start walking to school. The house was empty; her mom was out on a honeymoon, so she could certainly start out late w
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Oxenfree- Drowning in the Shallows: Chapter 18/20
Chapter Eighteen: Operation Solstice
At first, Clarissa just stood there. The sun slowly set, and night crept up from the horizon. After a while, she lost the strength to stand and sat down. It was horribly quiet. No static, no flickering from a red light, no murmuring. She fell into such a trance that she eventually fell asleep, laying down on the wooden walkway. This slumber was plagued with nightmares, and she awoke with horrible guilt and a terrible shiver, as the salt water had given her a nasty chill. Miraculously, she managed to get back home; but all the while she kept trying to dive into the Shallows, to save her friend, to spare her the fate that she didn’t deserve. She had no power. They’d taken that from her too. Left with nothing else to do about it, Clarissa had a hard time adjusting to normal life. She forgot that she needed to eat; after all, she had only eaten one good meal in the whole adventure. She was surprised at how much water a human needed, a
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Oxenfree- Drowning in the Shallows: Chapter 17/20
Chapter Seventeen: Operation Watch on The Rhine
Cool, seasalt air hit her face. Anna awoke to the smell of the ocean. She heard seagulls squawking overhead. The warm daylight hit her face. The dryness in her mouth was insatiable, and she cracked her eyes open. She looked up to see Katie staring down at her with a smile.
Literally on the edge of her seat, specifically the passenger bench, Clarissa looked down, head hanging over Anna. She slowly asked, “Are you hurt?”
Anna tried to swallow. It was like a storm had rinsed all the water out and dumped the salt directly down her throat. “I...” she quietly croaked before wheezing in pain. “Bloody...” she tried to curse as she grasped at her throat.
Relieved, Clarissa felt calmed down enough to scoot back, leaning against the bench and taking a breath of relief. She offered Anna a thermos. “Here, drink up. I figured you’d need it,” she explained as Anna sat up and happily took the m
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Oxenfree- Drowning in the Shallows: Chapter 16/20
Chapter Sixteen: Operation Jassy-Kishinev
They swirled, like they were caught in a whirlpool. Sounds and voices flew past Clarissa’s ears, some familiar, some foreign, all garbled and drowned out. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t see. Everything was a whirlpool of color, static, and foggy sounds. It went on and on for what felt like an hour, but could only have been just a few seconds, ten at most. The worst part was that she was all alone. In the chaos of the moment, Anna had let go of her. It all came to an end when Clarissa came crashing down to a sandy floor. She lay perfectly still for a few moments, uncertain if she was actually alive. She jolted when she heard another thud. Looking up, Clarissa saw that Anna had landed on her stomach, her precious backpack still strapped to her person. Clarissa quickly sat up, and then she realized that she wasn’t breathing air. She technically was, but she and Anna were far below the ocean’s surface.
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Oxenfree- Drowning in the Shallows: Chapter 15/20
Chapter Fifteen: Operation Bagration
Anna raced down the beaten path, almost tripping as she made her way to the bunker entrance, her backpack bouncing, precious radio equipment rattling. With a full moon, things were bright enough for her to see as she approached the bunker, its yellow light a shining beacon; but going uphill reminded her that she was no longer the young woman she had once been. Taking a few deep breaths, she leaned against the vault door and accepted the fact she was a bit out of shape. Luckily, the rest of the trip was down. She climbed down the ladder and heaved at the damp concrete, its terrible stench filling her lungs. Reaching the bottom, she had to check her map of the network before confirming where she needed to go. She was a bit annoyed that the flashlight she had brought was half dead, but she couldn’t be mad at Maggie for not replacing the batteries before she flew away to Alaska. As she passed the dreary sleeping quarters and kitchen, she im
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Oxenfree- Drowning in the Shallows: Chapter 14/20
Chapter Fourteen: Operation Overlord
Eyes wide, Clarissa called off her suicide and dived into the Shallows, pulling and twisting her muscles, tearing her body apart. It was like a Stuka dive bomber had dropped its payload, and she hit the ground along with it. Screaming in pain, she lay on the ground, unable to move. She had to laugh through the pain, though. It hurt like Hell, but she was alive. She screamed again as she rolled over, but she wasn’t in control. Terror gripped her as she realized they had grabbed ahold of her.
Only this time, the warmth came from human hands. “Jesus, child!” Anna screamed at her as she held her still. “You scared me shitless!” she scolded her.
“Go!” Clarissa begged as she groaned. “They’re coming!” Grabbing Anna by the wrist, she tried to push her away. “I can’t- I’m too-! Go, Anna, get out of here!”
“Leave it to me, child,” Anna
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RWBY- Wish upon a Star
Part sixty-seven of my RWBY series "Pollination: The Bumblebee and White Rose".
Qrow joins the Superheroes Super Club. Hilarity ensues.
“Qrow!” I call out, with a small hint of optimism in my tone. He isn’t shambling as he walks, for once. Maybe I caught him on a dry day. They’re so few and far between. Thank the gods he only ever had one kid, he’d have been terrible as a father.
“Glynda!” he warmly greets, throwing his arms out as he steps into the elevator with me. “How’s my favorite teacher doing?”
“Flattery will get you nowhere,” I scoff as I offer a polite hug. “You seem sober-ish today. What gives?” I wonder as I press the button for the top floor.
Huffing back at me, he snidely remarks, “Not flattery? I wonder what those sexy students use to get alone time in your office,” to which I firmly backhand his butt. “Hah! Maybe it’s the facial hair. They always have beards growin
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Oxenfree- Drowning in the Shallows: Chapter 13/20
Chapter Thirteen: Operation Baytown
Clarissa hadn’t had the flu in years, but she remembered the sensation of waking up from a cough syrup coma. Fifteen hours of deep sleep, slowly breaking open her crusty, yet damp eyes, swallowing hard on a dry throat, just wishing for death. The vivid memory was only so fresh in her mind, because she woke up reliving it. Staring into the night sky, her vision came back to her, slowly. The world around her, what few sounds were available, disentangled themselves and danced into her ear drums.
Alex. Of course, it was Alex who was talking, she thought. She recognized the voice; she would always recognize the voice. But Alex was away, not right next to her, but not that far away either. As her hearing came back to her, along with her sight, she could hear a much more pleasant sound right next to her head.
“She’s- I think so. Clarissa?” Nona almost begged, “Are you okay?”
Clarissa focused her vision on the woman
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Oxenfree- Drowning in the Shallows: Chapter 12/20
Chapter Twelve: Operation Husky
Clarissa didn’t wake up, but she felt like she had fallen asleep. She was still on the lamp post, but something was different. That cold wind was replaced with a warm breeze, and Clarissa could clearly see that the surrounding grass and trees were getting ready for the warmer months. From her own experience, she deduced that it wasn’t yet Spring Break; otherwise, the island would be swamped with people. Such was the life cycle of Edwards Island, total isolation between January to March and September to December. Looking around, Clarissa’s eyes quickly fell upon the small dock that held the ferry. It had apparently finished dropping off its passengers, as it was setting off for the mainland.
Clarissa shimmied her way down the lamp post, miraculously avoiding injury. An inner rage boiled up, the likes of which she’d never experienced before. “I will... kill her...” she murmured to herself, setting off for the beac
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RWBY Group Community Comic 8 by knives4cash RWBY Group Community Comic 8 :iconknives4cash:knives4cash 118 17
Oxenfree- Drowning in the Shallows: Chapter 11/20
Chapter Eleven: Operation Citadel
The birds flew freely across a gloriously blue, bright sky that was dotted with picturesque clouds. Not a human could be heard, save for Clarissa's panicked hyperventilating; and that was drowned out by the crisp breeze that blew through the long, brown grass of Epiphany Fields. Ignoring the pain and terror that Clarissa was going through, she could at least feel some sense of pride and accomplishment in herself: After an eternity of time traveling, she could go when she wanted without losing consciousness. Granted, she still hadn't figured out how to jump to different locations, but she knew she at least had time on her side for the immediate future.
Clarissa pulled out her phone. She had swam to the present, successfully. At first, she was angry at her phone. Somehow, she had hoped that swimming to a time where her data plan was valid would grant her phone access to the internet. It was all a moot point; her phone was still dead. At the very l
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Hello, all. 

I said that most of my fires would be put out on August 5. Well, a lot more kept coming up. It's not a justification for my disappearance, but I found myself with no spare time to take care of Deviantart, or any non-essential business for that matter. Here's a time table on what I've been doing.

August 3 - August 11, I "finish" my senior design project. It technically worked out, but it also doesn't 100% work the way it's supposed to. I had to work on that pretty much non-stop. As it stands, I'm officially done with it.

August 12, I leave my less-than-pleasant dad's house in a hurry. While I had managed to secretly pack up most of my stuff leading up to August 12, I had to rush through what was left. I had initially planned to leave my dad on the 16th, but other people's schedules forced me to accelerate my efforts. On the plus side, he's out of my life for good, and I am never going to have to worry about him again. 

August 13-16, I stay with a friend while waiting for the fall semester to start. While I had hoped to use that time to catch up on DA, I ended up having no access to the internet on my computer. On the plus side, I put that time to good use; I made some money in manual labor to help support my fall semester expenses. 

August 16 - 20, I move onto campus, sign a lot of paperwork, and hand over a lot of money.

August 20-24, the first week of my last semester started, and I have kept up with my classes thus far. 

Now I'm here, August 25. I'm pleased to report that the fires in my life have all gone out! While I did ultimately ignore my DA responsibilities, I'm here now, and I'm not going anywhere. Daily activity on my part is going to be the norm once more. 

Besides catching up on all the submissions, I will get to CC6's comic plot finally. I'll talk with the artists on the matter, and we'll figure out who is still on board, busy, etc. I also promised achievement trials and a contest for the last few months of the year, and we'll do those too. 

Again, I'm sorry for putting DA down for so long. I'm back for good now. The comment section is an open Q&A, as I'm trying to be as transparent about this as is possible.


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