Wind from the Mountain

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Wind from the mountain
blowing coldly through my hair
as I stand and watch
the snow on the mountain peak
fall leaves dancing in the air.

Tomorrow will dawn
with a leaden sky, and snow
hiding the sunlight.
I will look back, contemplate
the summer I berated.

Too quick, the seasons,
too slow are the memories
that wrap around me –
Yesterday, pale white blossoms
drifted, today apples fall.
Tanka Sequence
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somnomollior's avatar
Besides the evocative images of the seasons there is so much else in this to think about: such as how we relate to time; how our thoughts betray us.
cupcakemonster95's avatar
what's tanka? pretty poem btw but what's tanka?
knittingknots's avatar
a japanese style poem of 5 lines. the lines have the following number of syllables: 5, 7, 5, 7,7.

So it's like a haiku with 2 extra 7 syllable lines.