The Wind's Tale

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The Wind's Tale

I feel you now, wind,
hear your little messages
whispering of spring,
and how winter has an end,
as you kiss my ear with love bites.

I feel you now, wind,
and look up and watch the clouds,
gray, but not leaden,
look down, and see growing now
one brave weed's leafy rosette.
Tanka sequence. I wrote a poem. Yay!
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The line "as you kiss my ear with love bites" is very tender when I think of how the winter wind chaffs against my skin. I also find it interesting that a weed is the first to blossom in the new season.
knittingknots's avatar
The weeds always seem to beat my flowers...except when I had snowdrops, which would push through the my mind, they're the real harbingers of the switch from winter to spring...
somnomollior's avatar
I particularly like the idea of the wind nibbling ones ear.
Spring, o, spring, where are you?
knittingknots's avatar
Spring is definitely misbehaving this winter...