Ring Around

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Ring around, ring around
ring around your rosie,
romping in the summer afternoon,
ring around, ring around,
wishing for a posie,
knowing that the sun will set too soon.

Ring around, ring around
ring around the upstairs,
listening to the radio blare a tune,
ring around, ring around
memories as the sun flares
through my window in this summer afternoon.

Ring around, ring around,
the music makes me sleepy,
heading downstairs to get a glass of tea,
ring around, ring around --
my eyes, they get so weepy --
sun falls down, so I turn on the TV.
memory and ennui, and perhaps the anticipation of death mixed up with a children's rhyme....
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Interesting idea. I think the first stanza is the best - you seem to get the rhythm perfect there.
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I kept getting interrupted! Finally felt like writing something, and ah, it's hard to get the rhythm and the chain of thought right when that happens...maybe one day I'll revise it. But I'll need to let it sit first.
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Oh, for sure. I've sat on some ideas/poems for months and months before succeeding with 'em.
This was an interesting piece, I don't really know what to make of it. I like it and all, it's just...a little weird.
knittingknots's avatar
Sometimes, things are like that...weird.