Rain Walk

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The rain poured down
over his head,
a steady stream
from one of those storms
which threatened
to go on forever.

He didn't mind it really,
it was warm
but cooler than the hot day
that brought the storm,
he didn't mind it much
except for the water
dripping down
his face,
water running into his eyes,
down the tip of his nose,
off his chin.

He shook his head,
as if that momentary
would make a real difference.

But the view ahead,
ah, that made it all worth it,
as she dashed,
head lowered,
her clothes plastered wetly
against her body
revealed every curve,
every jiggle.

Funny thing though,
he knew
that soon as they made it home
and dropped their wet things
for dry towels,
and the air condition hit her skin,
she head for the shower
to warm up.
Just walking in the rain....
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this is beautiful