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Her dark eyes glitter
from across the room
as they pause and consider
watching you as you think
you have her figured out.

In a shimmer of blue silk
she walks toward you,
skin like milk
swaying to the beat
as you swallow in anticipation.

Feel the electricity -
tinged with rose and musk
a hint of patchouli
dancing to the rhythm
of the most ancient song.

Do you think her a tasty treat?
Her black hair shines,
as you sway on your feet,
her bracelets dancing on her arms
as she moves closer.

But in the shimmer of her skin
and the touch of her lips,
who is it that will win?
You, man, in the moment of heat
may be the morsel well tasted.

She could drink you down
as the music plays louder,
draining you without a sound -
and if you lay there lost,
will you even wonder why?
Lilith is a legendary creature is associated with infertility and unabated lust. (There are a whole group of legends about her.) For the most part she is considered a succubus, a powerful demonic creature who seduces men and sometimes eats children but has even appeared as a screech owl.

Is this Lilith a succubus or vampire? You decide.
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Ave Lilith, my Goddess
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Lilith was not a woman, not a goddess, not immortal like other immortals we know, it was like Adam, not superior, not inferior.. It was a creature never created again, the first female human.
This simple truth is lost in the English language, as it cannot be supported by etymology, at least my English are not enough for this.
It was Lilith who tried to "seduce" Adam to...
In many cultures she survived as a myth creature called Lamia. Lamia wherever she appears, she/it or her daughters she can instantly suck out all life of any living creature. The "easiest" way of understanding "suck out life" is suck blood, so yes Lamia is the first and the mother of all vampires.
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Very interesting. Still haven't found the Odyssey...

Anyway, I think that it's a wonderful idea to write mythology related stories, they're so interesting to read. :)
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There are alternate versions of the legend that say that Lilith was Adam's first wife, created at the same time as him but that she would not be satisfied having sex in the missionary position so she was cast out of Eden, and God tried again with Adam's rib bone. I like that one. ^_^
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Oh, I know it...I was just trying to condense for my author's note...I've been a fan of Lilith stories since I was a kid, long, long time ago....
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*laugh* Well, I guess I prefer that one. ^_^ Still, I really do like the poem!
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I like her best as Eve's predecessor who refused to lie beneath him, then become a sea demon when God took Adam's side. Proof God's a man, I suppose, but no wonder Lilith prefers being a demon.
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I hear ya on that one...
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Thanks. I appreciate that!
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This is very good stuff, i likd it alot! :)
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Glad you liked it! Thank you!
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