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Haunted am I
by their ghosts,
not many of them really dead,
but all gone,
friends lost to time,
their life tracks crossing mine
in a wonderful
or sometimes painful connection,
some interwoven nexus
built on talk,
and time,
cups of coffee in the midnight,
the frustrated smile of that waitress at Denny's,
Liverpool rummy at two in the morning,
story writing
and role playing,
the tapping of keys in the midnight,
building up to some bright moment,
and then
as we all found other moments.

Life goes on.

I salute you,
friends of my past,
ghosts in my memories,
as you grow close tonight,
and I light a candle in my memory,
set it adrift,
and remember.
Thinking about those left behind...ghosts of where I was once...
© 2010 - 2021 knittingknots
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i like this and im hard to impress for poetry. So kudos to you. :yoda:
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Thanks! I appreciate that.
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I really enjoyed reading this <3
It made me reminisce about my old friends.
Really fantastic work dear (:
knittingknots's avatar
Appreciate that. Thanks!
This is one of the types of poems that makes you think for so long. It's hard to let go of friends, especially when you want to reconnect with a lost friend but you can't. It's sad to drift apart from people, or when people drift apart from you. Wonderful job though, even though it was a bit somber.
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once in a while, the memories hit me like this...both missing old friends and knowing that there's no going back to really great moments that have passed...but I remain hopeful that more moments are to come!
Of course! Everything works out in the end, even when sometimes, it doesn't really feel like it.
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JUST STUNNING! :iconclappingplz:
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This is amazing! I am going thru some changes with a couple of my friends and not sure how things will come out on the other is so hard to let go! GREAT poem!
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Thank you! I appreciate that! And good luck with your friends.
Salli-Jo's avatar
You're welcome...and thanks for the luck!
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Not many of them really dead...

but some are. Physically or spiritually/inside.

I think that's the saddest part in this poem. Who knows, because you're not in touch with them anymore!

I can relate 100%. Shedding friends is a normal, healthy part of living life... but it's still SO fucking hard to come to terms with. :(
knittingknots's avatar
It is...especially when it's one of those things where its a drift-apart, because you were pulled together by something, a website, school, or something, and the event/site/time of life moves on and you drift away, not from rancor, just just life going on...sigh.
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Indeed. It's difficult, but don't let it wear you down. There is always that handful of people you'll know for life. :)
knittingknots's avatar
True, true. And I am an upbeat person...but once in awhile, the ghosts of my past like me to remember!
Cibbwin's avatar
I totally understand. I am the same way, I'm afraid. :(
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