Contemplation One Afternoon

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Contemplation One Afternoon

Sky, o sky, o blue sky,
laying on my back I see
you stretching over me
like a crystalline ocean,
an endless pool of blue
stretching out into forever.

How much of me
wants to drown in your color,
breathe in the very blueness,
the peace and immensity of it all,
swallowing up my me
until there is nothing left
but a tiny echo
in the blue bell stretching overhead.

Ah, how tempting,
to escape into your immensity,
all encompassing peace away
from the dirt and noise of the mundane.
And yet I shrug, and sit up,
brush the dust and grass off my jacket,
and know that I am here and now,
much smaller,
and my I isn't yet ready to move quite that far away.
Some days, I have more Zen than others.
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I can really identify with this. I had a brief experience like this this past summer. I wish I could do it now but its is freezing cold outside.
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I hear ya got to about -4 here today...I've been holed up in my house. It's the coldest it's been around here in a long time.
somnomollior's avatar
My feet are cold indoors even with slippers and socks on.
knittingknots's avatar
When mine do that, I end up taking lots of hot showers trying to get the chill out. It helps me, some.
AutumnClarity's avatar
"in the blue bell stretching overhead" — love this image! Also, I found this poem very relatable, since I have days where I feel like falling into the sky, caught up in the awe of it and the smallness of myself.
knittingknots's avatar
Exactly! so big and wondrous and perfect...that I just want to merge into it...
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