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Spinning, spinning,
the drop spindle whirls
as she pulls the thread of our life
with its twists and curls,
lumpy, sometimes,
with hard bits and burrs
that her fingers let slide
to see what unfurls.

The spindle drops
fine and even at times
as the wool of our lives
gently unwinds –
overspun like a spring
that wraps and binds
when she turns it too fast
and the spindle whirls us blind.

Spinning, spinning,
the thread pulls out
Sometimes it snaps,
and life ends with a shout –
sometimes she can fix that,
but it's always in doubt -
yet sometimes, the thread stretches smoothly
until the wool runs out.
Clotho is one of the classical Fates of Greek mythology, and may be the oldest of them all (the earliest mention of the Fates refers to the Fates in the singular, and occasionally calls fate the Spinner, which is what Clotho means. It is she who spins out the thread of our life.

Poem may reflect my experience with hand spinning! LOL.
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BRILLIANT! spin it dude!
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It really works well that you use spinning knowledge in there. May we all have smooth threads!
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It does make the concept of what happens to a thread more real, that's for sure..., knots and lumps and burrs and overspun threads...I'd never seen it talked about that way before, but it sure seemed to be waiting to be said....
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I really liked this idea! It has a really good rhythm :)
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Wonderful! You did a fantastic job describing the Spinner mythology. :+fav:
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You're welcome! :)
Wow, this was wonderful. Even my lack of knowledge of mythology, I still know some, though it may be a little wrong here and there. :D
knittingknots's avatar
I'm glad you like!

Evidently, I pull from myth a lot...going back and looking at my work...not always classical greek myth, but I do like the mythic.
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Love Lit Issue Twelve is out and you have been featured :)
Please fav the article and pass it on if you liked it!
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wow ! =D that's great! ^^

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Thanks! I do a lot of spinning, so it gave me a little extra insight on how to frame things....
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lolz :XD: i can't spin to save my life . . .:XD:

knittingknots's avatar
Took me a good bit of practice at first...
Darketh90's avatar
/anything/ does :XD: ^^ of course ^^

knittingknots's avatar
I'm one of those awful compulsive fiber arts people...or well, I was before the writing compulsion and a touch of arthritis showed my my true path....LOL. I have everything I need to move from fleece to finished garment up in my craftsroom...I was a real knitting junkie, too, but the arthritis slowed that way down. It's only problems in one joint and a bit of tendonitis I can get in my thumb, but oh, it kept me from working at it nearly as much.

Ah well. I'll just knit my stories, instead.
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