Christmas Poem II

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like a candle in the darkness,
like hope in despair,
like touch to the lonely,
like water to a thirst,
like a starry night
filled with angels singing.

like the mysterious light
filling a tomb
to shatter finally
the hold of the darkness.

The gift of light,
first among all the gifts,
a love song of God,
a love story,
a baby's cry in the night
announcing Emmanuel,
God with us.
2nd in a series of religious Christmas poems
© 2007 - 2021 knittingknots
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So incredibly beautiful!! and perfect!!
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You really capture the spiritual side of Christmas
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I was thinking of you when I posted these. I have a few others, but these, I think are the best.
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Thank you! They are wonderful!!! They carry the real Xmas' spirit!! :hug:
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I'm glad you like them! Here is a prayer I wrote last year:

O Lord,
how often we think we are rich,
living in plenty,
but our hearts, instead,
are living in the barrens,
a desert haunted
by dry winds ripping at our souls,
waiting for the rain from Heaven
that makes the desert bloom,
that brings the peace we long for,
looking for it in so many wrong places,
forgetting the source,
forgetting the call,
forgetting you.
So much like how the world
once turned its back
on a stable,
and a child,
and the song of angels,
leaving no room at the inn
like we too often
leave no room in our lives,
though how our hearts long to be filled,
were made to hear that song,
to know that child.

Touch our ears, O Lord,
that we might hear that song,
Touch our hearts, O Lord,
that we might realize the emptiness,
Touch our eyes, O Lord,
that we might realize the true poverty
which is life without you,
This day, and always,
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Wonderful! I'll show it to my friend! Beautifully written and with such a deph!!!
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