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At my bird feeders, birds landed en masse,
Sparrows and finches and pine siskins , chickadees,
Juncos hopping on the seed strewn ground.
A storm was coming – I could feel it in my hands,
Lenticular clouds floating over mountains, flying saucers if you please
drifting across the blue, unable to come down.

The next day, perhaps, the gray skies would gather.
I added more thistle seed and mixed feed to the feeders,
while listening to the chatter of the impatient birds.
I always ached worse before the storm front arrived,
It was how I measured the weather, a sharp winter meter,
Of pine siskins and pain, riding ahead before the storm occurred.

I miss them, the birds, the juncos and pine siskins,
harbingers of the storm, in their need to get off the mountainside,
who came because I offered them shelter from the storm ---
so seldom is the weather, here, so white in the winter's gray.
Although the pain still comes with each swell of the weather's tide,
I watch the storms pass, unaccompanied as the winds blow, cold, forlorn.
Thoughts of winter then, now
© 2009 - 2021 knittingknots
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Jackertan's avatar
Hmm its flighty, but grounded all at once.
knittingknots's avatar
Just like the little birds who used to come to my bird feeder! LOL....
somnomollior's avatar
I like the subject matter. You also get a lot of emotion in to this.
I am only getting chickadees at the moment.
knittingknots's avatar
We get chickadees, sparrows and housefinches the most...occasionally a gold finch; I miss the juncos and the pine siskins, but we're a couple of miles from the mountains here, and they don't make it that far. We also get quail, too sometimes, and once in a blue moon a goose will land on the roof. And I hear tell, an owl sits on the top of our house!

Our old house had a lot more vegetation...wisteria that had taken over the fence, three spruce trees, and a huge walnut tree...We don't have nearly as much cover here. But they like to sit in the neighbor's willow tree and dash into our back yard...
somnomollior's avatar
That's a coincidence. We have willows too that are near our feeder, but the feeders actually hang from laburnums and rowans (Mountain Ash). We usually get large numbers of juncos but we were away for a month at the end of the summer and they seem to have deserted us since then. We had a lot of blue jays in the fall but they have gone now too.
LovelyLadyGray's avatar
Opps! I meant the second "in" in your poem about "Birds" should be "it" instead of in. :sleepy: ;p =)
knittingknots's avatar
Thanks! Is fixed now!
LovelyLadyGray's avatar
You're welcome, Sue-chan! I'm glad you fixed it! =)
LovelyLadyGray's avatar
Beautifully done as usual, Sue-chan. You put an extra "in" in your poem. Mistakes happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them. :hug:
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