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Beauty in Darkness
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All Hail King Profit
All hail King Profit, chief god of the world right now.
What cares him for the fate of humanity?  He is lord of wealth and greed and all that glitters, for these are the true things that satisfy his being.
He hides behind the masks of pleasure and security, sometimes wearing the face of the Prince of Peace, sometimes the face of Democracy, or the face of Phobos, King Fear.  Sometimes he even hides behind the mask of Righteous Indignation, but these are all fronts in his grasping hand.
In his never ending hunger, he is the cause of war, deprivation and untold  human suffering, who lies and tells people that resources are infinite in a finite world,  who smiles at the sight of industrial pollution as long as gain is made, who whispers, Think about the jobs while people are forced into sweatshops and to drink polluted water and breath air that will shorten their lives.  He turns his back on his followers in the lower ranks as his priests downsize companies and rep
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The Irony
Pounding the nails
deeper and deeper,
every word of hate
done in his name,
every act of exclusion,
every lie told
to make the smugness feel good,
every act of violence against
the weak, the poor, the other,
every chance mercy
is abrogated.
How they crucify him again
as they scream
like the crowds did
at his trial
the truths he told them.
Lord, have mercy,
for we have no mercy of our own.
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Rumination On a Long History
Perhaps it is
that we prefer the overlord's hand,
the feudal structure,
the noble telling us what to do,
taking his toll
from out sweat and blood,
while we weave myths
justifying this
as blessed by Heaven.
Over and over again
we weave this pattern,
bearing our burdens
until the toll they take
is just too heavy,
and things explode
or someone from the overlord's ranks
breaks trust with the myth
and tries a new thing
that always,
in the end
reverts to the old patterns.
lathered in our own grief,
rinsed in our own tears,
but still,
but still,
we return
to repeat.
Can we learn a new thing?
Can we teach this old dog a new trick?
That remains to be seen.
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New Year's Eve
Another year,
another fear,
another tear.
See the lead fly
the words lie
the children cry -
winding the noose
that will hang us all
a little tighter.
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all you golden ideas
from the Enlightenment,
concepts from the Renaissance,
and light,
science and
the worth of the human.
We never fully believed in you,
and in our reaching,
our greed and grasping,
we have overstepped
and now,
with the dark clouds hanging over all,
rising seas
and storms
we seem to prefer
the old ways better -
the tribe,
the myth,
and the plunge into intentioned  hatred
in the name of
no matter what the outcome.
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O beautiful for tear gas clouds,
for helmeted police,
for flash bang lights,
and armored cars
and smoke to keep the peace,
Amerika, Amerika,
King Profit bids you grace,
Make money for the elite, please,
or we'll beat you in the face.
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Paeon to King Profit
King Profit's in his holy Temple
(branch offices in banks and stock exchanges world wide)
let all the rich count income before him
count income
(from stock, bonds, dividends, options, derivatives, bonuses)
count income
(from exploiting workers, lobbying for unfair rules, getting sweetheart deals from communities, breaking environmental laws)
count income
 (from paying as little taxes, finding tax havens and putting as little back into the community as possible)
count income before him.
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If you set
your world aflame
do not be surprised
if the heat
burns you
do not be surprised
at the sparks
at the smoke rising up
in an angry column
do not act shocked
when you walk across
a charred landscape
or complain
at the blackened earth,
the ruined hillside
the landslides
the destruction.
Oh you flame bearers,
it doesn't matter
why you set the fire,
why you fanned the situation
until it burst into a conflagration,
when the flames rage out of control,
even you
will feel the heat.
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Calling Up the Words
Words, words, who has the words?
flitting here, flitting there, silver voiced birds.
Get back here! I want to spin you into a thread,
Sound and image, blue green and red,
Heroes and cowards, passion and fate,
true love's first blooming, the conquest of hate -
Words let me find you - don't run away,
Now it's our time to come out and play
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The New Demons
When our grandchildren
prostate from heat
and thirst
and hunger
sift through
the bombed out
burned out
toxic sludge
of our remains,
scramble for the crumbs of our waste
and profligate squandering,
what tales
will our children give them?
Will they talk about
about how we used
fear and greed
to create
our own modern tower of Babel,
and will they curse our name,
curse our ghosts
across a ruined land,
the new demons
of our great-grandchildren's nightmares?
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Unholy Holiness
The winds of righteousness
the games we play
to get our own way,
unholy holiness
attributed to the rules of God
or philosophy
or the market
or tribe
that harden our hearts
and allow us to say
you are less.
Doing evil in the name of good
Humanity's crisis.
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The Great Sea of Righteousness
Our world
being destroyed in the name of
and in righteous indignation,
and in greed disguised as righteous income
and in heartlessness
disguised in righteous love,
and in hate
disguised as righteous lawmaking.
Every mouth that hungers
testifies against you,
Every tear wept in pain
tells against you,
Every battered soul
preaches the reality,
Every wound
witnesses against you.
Wrap yourselves
in your holy books,
holy banners
holy symbols
holy unholiness,
and when the world goes up
in fire,
it will be you,
hiders behind the righteous mask
who brought in
the apocalypse.
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One Autumn Sunset
The wind was just strong enough to let the chill seep into her. and she rubbed her hands over her upper arms.
"Autumn," she said.  Her voice was ambivalent, not exactly sad, but not happy, either.
"What's wrong?" he asked.  "I thought you loved the fall, and sunset, both."
"I used to," she said, leaning against him.  He cooperated by wrapping an arm around her and snugging her close.  "That was before...before..."
"It's all right," he said.  "You don't have to say it."
She looked up at him.  His grey eyes were sincere, not mocking or patronizing her.  "But I need to.  It's been how long now?"
"Two years," he replied.
"Two years.  Two years since he ran off.  I looked everywhere.  You were with me.  We posted bulletins and signs everywhere.  I haunted Craigslist.  It makes me wonder if someone stole him."
"I guess," he said, kissing the top of her head.  "That's the most likely answer."
"But who would steal a yar
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The View from Planet Earth
Ah, humanity,
I watch you dance across time
stride out of Africa,
tame your landscapes,
build empires
learn to measure
infinitesimal amounts
plumb the secrets of time and space
and still,
in your heart,
you belong to those same small bands
fighting over crumbs,
until collapse.
You yourself
you clever creature
will create
the monsters of your mythology,
and when you plummet
into the realms
where once dominant lifeforms go,
the echo of your passing
will prove the fact
that life is tenacious,
but technological intelligence
is not required.
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Let us go then, you and I,
to watch the waters lap oh so high
to watch the lakes grow oh so dry
while they blow smoke to the sky
and frack our future.
Bubble bubble,
distort the trouble,
doubt the science
on the double
lie and cheat and make a fuss
tomorrow's tomorrow,
in money we trust.
And the waters they rise,
and the islands they sink
Southern Louisiana's right in the drink
The wars are here, the thirst has come
but too many bigshots sit and hum.
Repeating the mantras won't change a thing
repeating the mantras won't change a thing
repeating the mantras won't change a thing.
Reality bites.
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Vision and Reality
Woe, woe, woe -
who knew
that the angel's bowls
would be poured,
the horns would be sounded
through the agency
of the Christ's own followers?
They brought down Wormwood
on everyone.
The seas poisoned,
the lands ravaged,
the greed
even great Babylon herself -
how they caress her,
offer her trinkets.
We know now
who supplies the gear,
for the Four Horsemen.
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Sue Stone
United States
Writer. News Junkie. Believer in Free Speech. Science and History Buff. Reenactor. Semi-activist. Torturer of Photographs. InuYasha Fan. Horribly curious about how everything works.


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