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Oh, this was the biggest knitting group I could find on search. But it looks inactive. Wasn't even able to join. So guess it is closed..

Hope no one minds the promotion: 
For creatives who make clothes for animals (including knitting) 
:iconpetclothes: PetClothes

And one specifically for dogs: 
:icondog-clothes: Dog-Clothes 

I'll probably make one for all knitting and crochet, since this one is abandoned. 
Aww, those are cute. I was a member of this group years ago (2010 or something like that) and have been inactive for years since then but just started adding new things to deviantart and wanted to check out this group again because they had crochet contests that were fun and that I did once. It is sad it is inactive now. I wonder if someone could take it over as admin or if most members are inactive now. I hope to find another group that will do contests because that was fun.
Hi, is the group still active and accepting submissions? I was just wondering as it seems to be closed down.
I'm guessing no, as I've had some submissions expire recently. :( 

Yeah, I had too and I was wondering if maybe the admins were just busy or if the group had really went kaput. I'll miss them. Daisy tearing up

All my submissions keep expiring, if you need an active admin for the group please feel free to note me - I'm admin for another crochet / knitting group :D