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Hey everyone!

This is just a reminder that the Chinese Year New Contest hosted by my publisher has one more week to go! Be sure to join if you can! There will be lots of great prizes like Knite posters and buttons :D

More details on rules and how to enter is right here…

Good luck!
Want to win up to $100 worth of Knite or other comic merchandise by brutally mutilating an innocent pumpkin for your own sadistic needs? :iconimhappyplz: Then join :iconteam4d: pumpkin carving contest and unleash your inner beast! :iconlikeanartistplz: More details here -->…

This account is solely dedicated to posting ch4 beta pages and ch1 translations of Knite.

If you notice any mistakes or would like to contribute by translating Knite into a new language, please NOTE me on my main account at :iconyuumei: (I don't check this account very often so for a quick response, please note me there).

For information on how to translate and where to get the blank pages, please read this…

Thank you!