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Knite ch4 pg 92
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Published: March 18, 2012
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Have you guys ever heard of those first world problem jokes? Like "My parents are the worst. They didn't buy me the new iPhone 4S and now I'm stuck with just a lame iPhone 4."

Some people sure take things for granted.

:star: Ch4 Page 91 [link]
:star: Ch4 Page 93 [link]

:star: Ch4 page 1 [link]


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Man, i was never that bratty. I got a Kindle Fire on Christmas and a ton of other gifts. And that was in 2015. :D
livingbut-not-really's avatar
livingbut-not-reallyHobbyist Writer
damn it, now I feel like such a spoiled little brat after reading this :/
Fliaway's avatar
... So, can we not all just chip in and pay for these people's education, so then they won't
have to work in those god awful factorise.. and bring back the stars - everyone is happy then, aren't they?
punpatrol's avatar
punpatrolStudent Digital Artist
This is one of the reasons why I don't like to complain much.
Inuyashagirl7692's avatar
At least he has a roof over his head and someone who very well might kill him someday. I've agreed with everything you've said so far, but please don't expect me to agree that Sen has no right to complain about his family life, because he has a roof over his head. Kai downplays it because his sister is dying, but everyone has a sad story. Sen is one of those kids who genuinely have a right to angst about theirs. That said, I agree that he should concentrate on raising his grades so he can leave his home and do something constructive with his life. And what gives Kai or Dickson the right to mess with people who want to believe things can change?
Knites's avatar
I think you misunderstood. The point is not that Sen has no right to complain about his abusive stepmom, but his goal of bringing stars back into the sky meant shutting down the factories that provides an income to the poor. It's his dream vs other's people's lively hood.
Getsuei-san's avatar
Getsuei-sanStudent Digital Artist
Kai really has deep thoughts :nod:
TheDarkLittleBunnY's avatar
TheDarkLittleBunnYStudent Artisan Crafter
destroy the factories and make then work on recycling places instead
MegaAnimeFreak7's avatar
MegaAnimeFreak7Hobbyist Digital Artist
They shouldn't be working at all.
WhistleAndSnap's avatar
WhistleAndSnapStudent General Artist
Oh no. Oh god oh no. So... what does it mean? We get rid of the factories? Or no? Are they building the future, or destroying it?
TheFinalAlice's avatar
I go to school with some kids like that. And then people grow these stereotypes about my school, my town, my county, like we're heartless wolves who are spoiled shells. It hurts. I understand why people dislike spoiled people, but what good is making gross generalities and considering other people to be naturally evil?
oblique-mirage's avatar
Another thing about those people though, is when they hear about these kinds of problems in the world, they feign pity and sadness, while subconsciously they're just apathetic because it doesn't concern them. One of the worse things is that some people even outwardly display their disgust and blame the workers who are doing this to themselves, spitting their racial slurs, influencing other people to believe them. That's like attacking the mailman for delivering letters from the IRS rather than facing the real problem. =.= Apathy, ignorance and propaganda is so terrible.
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WhiteRose53 General Artist
Ugh, I hate when kids my age complain about what they don't have. :/ I'm 15, and all I hear from kids my own age is, exactly as you said, "I hate my parents! They're so stupid! They wouldn't get me the new WHITE iphone so I'm stuck with a stupid black one!" "My parents won't let me go to the party, they won't stop whining about how I never spend time with them! Now I have to have stupid family night." It's really dumb. :( /I/ don't have an iPhone but I'm not complaining. :) I'm just happy to have a phone at all. I'm perfectly happy with what I have.
TheArtisticGenius's avatar
TheArtisticGeniusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Dat's right. I hate to hear kids at school going all "Oh, sorry I can't come to your party, my parents are taking me on a stupid vacation"...I mean, it's a vacation! And the majority of people can't pay for a good vacation anyways!!

I'm completely happy that I'm healthy and alive, unlike some unfortunate people. I just hope the people who complain all the time realize that what they have is priceless to poor families and kids who are forced into work.
WhiteRose53's avatar
WhiteRose53 General Artist
Exactly! My vacations usually consist of driving 6 hours to "the-middle-of-nowhere-Texas" to visit my cousins. And then there are the people who complain about "having" to go to another state, or even out of the country. -.-

I agree with you. I'm lucky enough to have a good home, a good family, and a dad who gets a good income (my mom stays at home with my baby sister). I can get a good education, and I have enough food to eat. I see no reason to complain. I may not have an iPhone/iPad/whatever, or an expensive TV in my room, etc., but I'm perfectly happy with my life. I wouldn't change a thing.
TheArtisticGenius's avatar
TheArtisticGeniusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Right on....
ArtistKatt's avatar
ArtistKattStudent General Artist
At Christmas time ESPECIALLY I always hear about people receiving iPods/iPhones/WHATEVER upon piles of other stuff. I see these people waste their lives with drugs, alcohol and smoking. They all complain about these things that I swear are the most idiotic things I've heard. I know sometimes you don't know the situation behind them and why they do that, but honestly it annoys me so much when people complain about how their life "sucks". I usually KNOW from there that they are contained in a little bubble which makes them oblivious to the world.

This comic for one really made me see how lucky I am to have even have education, food, water and a place to stay for the night. When people complain about how hard their lives are on the simplest things, I wonder and fear what will happen to us in the next 30 years.
9999poppy's avatar
9999poppyHobbyist General Artist
I despise ungrateful people ><
Its like... Are you so blind to the outside world, to the ones outside your personal bubble? :meow:
XXShiro-KunXX's avatar
XXShiro-KunXXStudent Artisan Crafter
Just wanna cry my eyes out :iconruncryplz:
Lico-Choco-Tea's avatar
Lico-Choco-TeaHobbyist Digital Artist
My sister tends to take things for granted..... I always make sure that I'm grateful for all the things I have.
fighterkirby1998's avatar
fighterkirby1998Hobbyist General Artist
Reminds me of Closer's lyrics..... "So have you forgotten what you've learned, that happiness you once said you've earned? Well maybe you're just too blessed to see the things that are right before your eyes: that you have been born onto this Earth, and that you've been breathing since that birth. You just seem to overlook the fact that these are really both miracles..." So touching...
Lico-Choco-Tea's avatar
Lico-Choco-TeaHobbyist Digital Artist
So true... Also, I hate your signature. :iconcryforeverplz: i lost the game.....
fighterkirby1998's avatar
fighterkirby1998Hobbyist General Artist

:iconhurrplz: I do love making people lose the game. :P
Lico-Choco-Tea's avatar
Lico-Choco-TeaHobbyist Digital Artist

:iconwthplz: I do hate people making me lose the game.
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