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Knite ch4 pg 50-54 Animated

By Knites
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Here's a gif compilation of Ch4 page 50 [link] - 54 [link] XD

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I would mind a kiss on this story - yh I'm yaoi freak-

I luv this tho, wish it was at least Shounen Ai <3
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looks like hibari from reborn
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This is so awesome :D
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Damn this looks awesome
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I DONT WANT THEM TO BE GAY! :iconsadplz:
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They're not =_=
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YAAAAAAAAAAY! I thought so because everyone is like YAOI GAY KISS KISS!! XD IM glad to hear that, also I love your work :3 :iconultrahappyplz:
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this sounds very fangirlish, but...
I was half expecting him to kiss him.
And I hate shipping characters. (eccept neville and luna because THEY belong together)
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He pulled an Itachi lol
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YES. my exact thought as i saw this. XD
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Yeah-.- thats the Kai I knowXD
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This is such a cute little section. :aww:
Whenever I see this I can't help but think about in DRRR!! when Shinra punches off Celty's helmet.
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Sen's face was priceless XD
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I love the random repositioning of the tie. lol
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I didn't want to leave OMGOMGOMGOMG on every page so I'll compile all my spazz into this one comment:

I LOVE IT SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA OH GOD. I just love Kai so so so much and his interaction with Sen and I knew he wasn't gonna punch him but I didn't know what he was gonna do instead (I WAS THINKING TOUCH HIS FACE BUT THAT'S JUST THE FANGIRL IN ME TALKING) and I'm rambling now, sorry.

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i wanna see the next pages!!! <3
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i love how gentle Kai is.
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