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Knite Ch4 Bonus pg 7
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By Knites   |   Watch
Published: May 16, 2012
© 2012 - 2019 Knites

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Some people have been asking if this is the end, and I've said so before but I guess some missed it... No, this is not the end. There will be around 6 more chapters to go :)

:star: Ch4 Bonus Page 6 [link]

:star: Ch4 page 1 [link]


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colossalJinx's avatar
colossalJinxHobbyist Traditional Artist
so sweg
AzorART's avatar
AzorARTHobbyist Digital Artist
O.O Amazing
mhairigood's avatar
MY HEART! I can't even--- I just found this and have read everything.
I'm in love with this - It's phenomenal!

Keep up the amazing work!

I ship KaiSen so hard right now.
Satsuki98's avatar
Satsuki98Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'M WAITING FOR THE NEW CHAPTEEER~ icantwaiticantwait>u<
laiseange's avatar
laiseangeHobbyist Traditional Artist
i bet it'll continue when they've grown up then ...more yaoi tensions :iconcreepyonionplz:
nakaru-san's avatar
nakaru-sanHobbyist Digital Artist
its been 11 months ;_;
Varmine's avatar
VarmineHobbyist General Artist
How can you feel depressed and happy all at once? D:
Yewrezz's avatar
YewrezzHobbyist Digital Artist
dun dun duuuuun
look-a-flying-cat's avatar
wow it gave me chills D:
this story makes me so sad, I really hope it turns out happily...
silver-sung's avatar
silver-sungHobbyist General Artist
This single image stands alone so beautifully...
"right the wrongs of a generation"
And that blue is just gorgeous... especially after reading the other chapters of Knite. I think it actually caught me by surprise when I first saw these last few pages. Just suddenly realized the difference between the skies here in the US and in China.
zhang3011's avatar
The skies in China are no longer /that/ grey. It really depends on where in China you are. Due to the Beijing Olympics, everything seemed to be cleaned up a bit, but yes, the difference in air quality and environment in general can be quite shocking. :/
But then again, what else can you expect from the 'factory of the world'?
duquoo's avatar
how long til ch5 ?
duquoo's avatar
who's he ?
jose rizal ?
you see yuumei, i've seen great relativity between your character's vision and our hero's. jose rizal had the same dream a few decades ago. but it cannot be solved as long as the people do not turn their ways from their perverse deeds and adulterous thinking. it is not only the apathy or the negligence of sanitary measures that makes all this. it is us. the whole us. unless we turn our ways into God, we will never find peace.
ChocolatePudding16's avatar
ChocolatePudding16Hobbyist General Artist
I DIED OF HAPPINESS WHEN I SAW THIS. You my friend, have an amazing talent! pleeeaassseee continue
umdots's avatar
THIS is why Kai is my favorite character. <3

(And Ming Ming too...she's adorable. :3)
ilovethegameoflife26's avatar
i can't wait to see the gift he left for sen
LittleSweetie's avatar
LittleSweetieStudent Digital Artist
This can't be the end.
I hate endings like this. O nO
BTW, wonderful clouds!
KstarC2's avatar
so many people have this dream, i just hope they will reach it and pull it to reality.

GO KAI!!!!!
Lucy-Damien998's avatar
Lucy-Damien998Student Traditional Artist
nooooooooooooo ToT
Chaoss17's avatar
Make me want to travel far away.
shessyluvsrin's avatar
shessyluvsrinHobbyist Photographer
Oooh this is just so good! Give me goosebumps! Your drawings are so beautiful!
workinghikarikame's avatar
Just beautiful. Every person I meet I try to get them to read this.
PatatoDoodles's avatar
PatatoDoodlesHobbyist Artist
kai i still love you XD
Aquilonn's avatar
omg, that sky is just beautiful!!! :iconinloveplz:
anonymous's avatar
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