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Last Saturday we started the outline of my next tattoo"project", a norse inspired wolf on my right arm. Very excited! Probably need another 8'ish hours or more to finish it. Dot-style for the win :)
The we'll add some details to the norse/viking-style dragon on my left arm, and TaDaa! Can't wait to see how it all will look!

Please do add a comment or two if you like any of my pictures, I would love some more feedback :) If you leave a footprint I promise I will give one back ;)
I am back again with some more pictures. Been browsing trough a lot of my old ones. I finally got Photoshop again! :)
I just can't seem to be able to find my favorite font and be able to install any new ones... Sob.

Winter is here again, it's too cold and too snowy for me :<
Helloes Deviant-world!

About time to upload some more scribbley-doodle-stuff soon I guess. I have photos and drawings all ready for my dear Deviant-gallery.

I am planning my first ever tattoo now! It's going to be an Urnes-style inspired tattoo, a big piece on my back. I am stoked and simply can't wait to get the appointment!

*waves from the cave*
Alritey! I have now uploaded a couple of (shitty) drawings, and I have still yet to upload my latest photos.

I hope you will enjoy my lack of drawingskills, no eye-bleeding please.

Enjoy your weekend! (I have to work... Goddamnit....)

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I just remembered I had a DA-profile, but I couldnt remember my username OR password... I was browsing pictures for half an hour until I finally found one of my pictures. Whoha! Dang it's been AGES!

I kinda missed this place..... :)

And everything has changed so much in my life, reading my journal is a flashback, it's unreal.

I'm currently living together with my boyfriend whom I met trough WoW (yes the geekyonline game, yay!). He moved in with me in April. He is from the UK, so we're doing all this "learning Norwegian" and "trying to get a job"-thing for him at the moment. It's fun to he bonest, and I simply LOVE living with him! We seem to be compatible so far, considering my horrible crammed space its all going extremely well. No more long distance relationship - Hopefully! After he is going back to the UK in December, there is a possibility he will return to Norway to be -us- again. Time'll tell but I can't imagine being another day of my life without him, I hope he feels the same.

I now have tonnes of pictures I could share here. I got a new compact cam for christmas from the bf and his family, its really nice and neat. I have (ofcourse) abused it as much as possible!

Feels good to be back here!
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Ok, so some new pics are uploaded. My cam's battery is now flat, dead, empty. I raped it 0.o

Life goes on! Last night (the 21st of april) my dad had another (tiny) stroke. He came down to me this morning (22st) and told me we had to discuss the future, what to do when he is not here anymore. It sucks. I dont like growing up... I wish I could turn back time to 1990 or something. I wish I could, at the same time I dont wanna go trought everything all over again.

A good thing : An online friend of mine, from WoW, who I met earlier this april, told me I might get a puppy from the eh, "litter"? theyre having next february. Small chances but still, I really hope I can have one :) Its chihuahua and drop dead gorgeous. I met his dogs when I was there, and theyre lovely. I havent really met chihuahuas before, but I fell for them, so hard... :) I need a buddy!

Baby the Gerbil (you can find pics of him in my scraps) had a stroke too. That was in january, I think. He is an old man an probably has not too long time left. He is 4 years old now, and they get around 5 years old I think! But he is still so cute. Maneater, but cute ;) Gotta love that rodent!
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Ok, 2 years since last update. Well, thats some time...
Earlier today my bf and I came home from Denmark. We had been visiting some people I play with (WoW). It was a blast! So now Im dead tired and dont really know what to do except from sleeping... But then I found this journal again and decided to update it some more 0.o

I have bought a new compact camera! Its pink, its fujifilm. Its cool ^^
I'll update some more pics and maybe even screenies from WoW soon!

Still datning the lub of me life! Been together for 2 years and 2 months now :) Hooray!

Hope you guys are doing good, rock on and cheers!
Off to bed I am, Nighty!
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Hey guys! Have I been away for so long? I cant believe I havent been here for so long..

Well. How are things in my life at the moment...

The lovelife is amazing. Me and my amazing boyfriend are having the time of our lives together! We have problems to solve in out lives, and we are working hard together everyday.
We can talk about everything, anything.. We are the best of friends!
We have alot of fun together, life together is not a job.. :) Im very very grateful I have him in my life.

All my love to you my dearest, my best friend, my OJ. You are the best!

And the rest of my life 'til now.. :
I finally got a new job. I havent had a job since january. Got a job at the police department in Oslo this september, and Im working days and nights. Even answering the norwegian 911, can be interesting at times ^^

My love has also made me an addict to WoW! (World of Warcraft, mmorpg.) I have been playing since early may, and my lovely dwarf huntress Nuiva reached lvl 60 not long ago. MC is so much fun ;)
I play on Defias Brothehood if anyone else here is into that too, teehee.
I have introduced my mother and a friend to WoW, and they are addicted as well... We are a bunch of happy "nerds" ;)
(But I have a rl too ;) )

So thats a tiny update!

Another thing.. Im dreaming about a new digicam... So I can put more pics in here.. I miss Deviantart!!

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  • Eating: alot
  • Drinking: less than I should
So this is it. I have finally moved to my place, permanently! Got no job here yet thoug, that su*ks, I really need money. But thats gonne be allright, in the end!

My bf for almost three years and I broke up, still friends. Thats nice. But Im not single... I am already lucky enough to now be the girlfriend of the gorgeous guy I have been dreaming of since I was 16 (in 2000...). I still cant believe it is true. Everytime I wake up by his side, I have to stare at him for ages just to convice myself that it is really happening. We are togehter... *sigh* To me, he is the most wonderful and beautiful person in the world, both on the inside and the outside.
I though I knew what it was being in love, but it has never felt as real as now.

Thank you OJ, for being the one you are! And for being in my life :) I hope you can stand me for a while ;) *gg* You rawk, my love!! (And, the weirdest thing just happened... youre mine! Wowee!)

Oh, and more g00d news for me!!
Sweden Rock Festival 2006 Line-up : Whitesnake, Journey, WASP, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper ++++
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? So many great thing in a row, Im sure something bad is going to happen! XD  HAH!! Love it!!!

Moi moi!!
back home from USA, it was a blast!

Christmas is over, New years eve has passed. Its a new year.. New opportunities they say :)
I have been struggling with my dystymia again, but I have rediscovered some fine friendships :) Yay! Life rocks, and sometimes sucks ;) thats dystymia.. heh heh...!
And, just a month til next finnish-lesson starts!
Tomorrow, the 30th of November, we leave for Las Vegas!! My first time ever in the USA!
We leave from Oslo airport early, and land in Helsinki, then we leave for New York and the next day we land in LAS VEGAS! Im not sure if I'll bring enough shopping-money but can you ever get enough? I dont think so...
I cant wait to go to a Häagen-Dazs bar and have som delicious ice cream, my all-time favourite.. And I cant wait to see Night Ranger live ;)

Ciao!!! Moi!!! Hade!!! Bye!!! ;)
If You are, you've been tagged by this:

[My name is]: Vivi
[in the morning i was]: Cold :p
[all i need now is]: Money and a great health!
[love is]: Crazy
[i'm afraid of]: being forgotten
[i dream about]: Lerning Finnish properly, well thats right now.

-- Middle name: Skedsmo (Its actually a second last name, dont know why they put it in the middle...!)
-- Birth time: 09:18 31st of August 1984
-- Birthplace : Oslo, Norway.
-- Last place traveled: Helsinki, Finland.
-- Eye Color: Bright green..
-- Nail Color: NAIL colour??
-- Height: 1m 60cm
-- Zodiac Sign: Virgo

-- Your heritage: From the mountains, and the capital, of Norway!
-- The shoes you wore today: Cold worn-out black winter-boots... Actually they look nice for their age!
-- Your hair: Long and clean, hahaha...
-- Your weakness: Finland-vacations
-- Your perfect pizza: Pizza?? Ugh...

What is:
-- Your most overused phrase: I have no over-used phrase.. :p
-- Your thoughts first waking up: Work??
-- Your current worry: "DO I have enought money to spend in Vegas....???"
-- Your plans tomorrow: Going to Vegas, or ehm.. to New York, from Helsinki :D
-- Your best physical feature: My... My left eye :D
-- Your bedtime: Whenever it suits me.

You prefer:
-- sunrise or sunset: Love both!
-- gore or horror: None...
-- eastside or westside: I dont care about sides :p
-- stripes or polka dots: Argh!
-- Planes or trains: Love both! XD
-- metal or hardcore: Metal
-- Pools or hot tubs: None please...

Do You:
-- Do you think you've been in love: All of the time.
-- Want to get married: Some day
-- Type w/ your fingers: Toes... WHAT??
-- Like to take baths: Nope.. Shower!
-- Get motion sickness: Yep.
-- Like talking on the phone: Nope
-- Like thunderstorms: Sure
-- Play an instrument: Well, no. But I tried singing in a choir. Why did I qiut!
-- Workout: Yeah and its fun. But then I get tired of it and quit. Stupid, I am!
-- Like reading: Only while studying finnish of astrology :p

-- Body part: The body I do not have.
-- Kind of fruit: My newest favourite addition is sharon! But I like everything.
-- Music to fall asleep to: Whitesnake's "Slide it in"-album!
-- Car: Chevrolet Suburban
-- Number: 5
-- Thing to do: Travel and shoot pics! And study finnish.
-- Horror movie: Eh... Ringu?
-- Color: Blue
-- Food: YES! FOOOOD!

The Future:
-- Age you hope to be married: Somewhere over 30.
-- Numbers and Names of Children: One GERBIL named baby, and HE is a boy ;)
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: In Finland, with few drunks :p
-- How do you want to die: In peace.
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: I wanna be fit, healthy and happy! And live in Finland.
-- What country would you most like to visit: Finland, USA, Italy.

Opposite Sex:
-- Best eye color: Same as mine... Well, Actually, that doesnt matter.
-- Best hair color: As long as its LONG, I dont care.
-- Best personality traits: Happy and nice, and not to happy with alcohol or sigarettes (Im allergic). And not a flirty-guy and not too hyperactive... XD
-- Best height: Taller than me is fine.
-- Best articles of clothing: Nice and clean :D
-- Best first date location: Probably late summernight in Finland :D
-- Best first kiss location: Whenever!

-- I eat: Food.. yes!! Anything but seafood, thou I love fish!
-- I think: All of the time
-- I am: A daydreamer
-- I adore: Cuteness
-- I suck at: Things i HAVE to do
-- I am obsessed with: Lerning finnish...
-- I can: Sleep! :D
-- I can't wait: To leave for Las Vegas tomorrow!
-- I am annoyed with: Money
Got back home from Finland yesterday (sunday 23. October.). We got back to snow, and chilly winds! Anyway. Im not sick anymore, yessss (hurray for that one...!) and I'll be doing my work-outs and I'll be working my ass off, 'coz in December we're leaving for Las Vegas! And that means "I-need-loads-of-money"! Gonna see Night Ranger live there, I dont think I'll understand the fact that Im gonna see that band live, until Im sitting there :D

Finland was NICE as allways. We were at Nightwish' last gig, and we got the news of Tarja being kicked out of the band early on saturday... I thought it was a really bad joke, but seeing my friend crying rivers told me is could be true... It will be interesting to see what the rest of the band will do next! ;)

Just a comment.. The food on Finnair-flights is G00D! *drool*

We are going back to Helsinki in only almost two days! We leave early in the morning on Thusrday... Its surreal still! Seemes like we just arriwed home from our previous stay, and in another way it seemes like Ive been gone from Helsinki for years... Mixed feelings! All I really know (tired as I am now) is that I CANT WAIT TO GO BACK THERE! :D
Finnish-lessons have started!! Its so much fun! Allthough its only once a week (2x hours) its awsome!
We are reading words and trying to pronunce it right now, next time it will be even more words and sentences, I just cant wait!! :D Oh, lovely... *sigh*
Finally! Finnish-lessons starting next monday! Hurray!! XD
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
My 21st birthday is over (31st of August) but it still feels like Im 17 :p
Time passes, fast!! Soon Ill be miving out, to my own apartment, in a brand new house. Finally!! Only 1-3 months left *sigh*
Nightwish-gigs soon too, the 3rd and 5th of September, here in Norway.
And then in Finland in October. Ai ai ai...!!

I really cant wait to next years Sweden Rock Festival, and all other summer-happiness! Only a winter to go ;)

.. is now over. Our trip to Finland was amazing! We had two weeks alone (me and my bf) before our friends came. We went to Kouvola first, to see Entwine live at a festival-afterparty. Then we were in Hellcity (Helsinki's nickname :) ) for a couple of days before leaving for Kuopio where we saw Tuoni live at Henry's pub. AWSOME GIGS!! :headbang:

Then back for Hellcity and our finnish friend who we had a lot of fun with the entire stay! She took us with her to Linnanmäki and Suomenlinna, where I shot tons of pics! :w00t: I am most certainly returning to both Suomenlinna and Linnanmäki later with her :D

Tuska-festival was great too! Saw Teräsbetoni, Children of Bodom, Accept, Dimmu Borgir and more, but now I dont remember anything :p I had. unfortunately, migrene all the time after the other ones arrived. I tasted Salmari for the first time of my life, maybe that was the reason...? ;)
Tuska afterpartys was a blast as always! Barathrum and Codeon the first day (at Gloria) and To/Die/For the next day! To/Die/For-gig was so nice, fun seeing them live again! :D Pics pics pics.... I didnt take pics from that gig :p My bf did, so I didnt want to... I enjoyed the music instead! :sing:

Im now, for the first time since the 19th, looking at my pics from the trip. Two full 1GB mem. cards, one full 512MB mem. card and the tiny but still full 16MB mem. card had to be emptied... :p So stay tuned for more pics from me soon! Finland is the best.. Miss Suomi already, alot!!

And dont forget the shopping..!! I bought maybe 20 CDs and tons of piercing-jewellery... And my bf got me this beautiful pair of shoes *sigh*
I shopped alot, but as usual.. I really dont remember anything right now :p

We'll be back in Suomi in October!! :lol: ;)

:heart: Sydämeni Kuuluu Suomelle :heart:
Friday the 1st og July, we are off to Finland!! This is the one thing Ive been waiting for the entire spring. I just cant wait to sit in the nice Finnair-plane again, eating the food on the plane, getting those tiny Finland-chocolates, and shooting tons of pics from the air while flying to Helsinki (or, Vantaa, where the airport is :p..)...

The first things Ill do when I get to Helsinki is sending sms to my Finnish friend, running to the piercing-jewellery store buying the jewellery I need, and then run around shooting pics everywhere.... ;) I promise to come back with some pics for those who wanna see!!

Minä rakastan suomea!!!!

Tuska metal festival, here we come.. again ;)