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Yeah, I'm as stunned as you are reading that. I was tagged by a good friend :icontwilightsweetie: no less so I kinda have to do it. Well anyway here we go I guess.

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
3. You must choose 11 people to tag. Put their icon on your journal! (Yeah.....Not gonna do this as the people I know have all been tagged with this already. >_>;  )
4. Go to their page and tell him/her that you tagged them
5. No tag backs!

1. I am currently unemployed, not for lack of trying though.

2. I read. I mean I read a LOT. I'm no Hermione Granger or nothing, but I believe I read at least 90K words minimum a day. Most of these come from fanfiction to which I have become addicted to. Don't believe I read as much as I do? Well here is an example, I finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows about 6 hours after it was gifted to me. One day, while my internet was down I actually finished all seven books in one sitting. So... yeah. MOVING ON! (side note, it's pretty clear this is one of my favorite series...)

3. I like to consider myself a hobbyist writer. I haven't posted anything on DA yet, but thats because I don't have anything truly worth sharing just yet. Mostly cause I found I write scenes better than I do a full story. You can ask another of my good friends :iconcount-noir: or :iconamaruneebony: about my scene/skit writing if you wish.

4. I'm a roleplayer, I like to consider myself semi-literate but I actually have a lot of trouble with spelling and grammar. So noted by what you read here. Still I've made characters for a great many worlds. Though as I am very bad with naming them I have more than one version of some of the same Oc's. I think the one I recreate the most often is "Hero". There are at least nine of him running around in various Universes. All linked by the nickname Hero and one or two powers or abilities. I've also put items with the same name into these various worlds. Mostly because some of them almost have enough history to be considered an OC in their own right.

5. I am heavily inspired by music. It doesn't matter the genre or artist, though certain types often inspire me more, so long as it gets the geats of my mind turning at high speed. It helps that a dear friend of mine feels the same and started working on instrumental/Video-game style music herself. Isn't that right :iconrpingriku937: ? (She takes commissions if you want a bit of music for yourself.)

6. I suffer from ADHD, and I'm not taking any meds to counter it. So from time to time I will seemingly vanish as other things catch my attention. Infact I've been distracted from writing this a few dozen times already. Music, food, sounds outside and the like. Oh look, its dawn... O .O; -started this 3 hour prior-

7. I'm also suffering from long term depression, also without meds. This hinders my RPing ability, but I don't let it get me down too often. Shocking no? Yeah there are days when it hits me across the skull like a sledgehammer, but they arn't as often as they used to be. Still, you might notice my mood shifts pretty easily. This is only my opinion, but I think its the depression and ADHD clashing. Couldn't tell you if thats right or not but whatever, I've learned how to cope with it.

8. I like Dark chocolate. Mmmm Dark Chocolate.........

9. I'm a gamer. I've come to prefer handhelds but I'm fine with most home consoles. Heck I've owned nearly everything Nintendo or Sony have put out console and handled wise. I prefer Nintendo as nearly all of my favorite series are there. Zelda, Pokemon, Golden Sun, Metroid, and Fire Emblem. Not to say there arn't others. I've become a big fan of Bioshock and Fallout as well. Sad to say though, I've not owned a Xbox other than the first one with it's massive controler. I'm more of an RPG and action adventure player to care though. Since I hear that Xbox is the prefered console for most FPS game, of which the only two I play are the aforementioned Bioshock and Fallout.

10. I like to glomp and pester by friends with pokes. I'd do it in real life too if I didn't fear I'd hurt someone when I glomped them. I make so with the occasional hug instead.

11. I like to cook, but I'm not very good at it. I tend to over cook things without meaning too. Again, its the ADHD coming into play. I never let things catch fire, but I've put things into the microwave for longer than I meant to when I am in a conversation and not thinking about it at the time. And man do I hate when I've got to clean up after exploded hot pockets and burritos......


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Just your averge guy. I like to write whenever the mood strikes me. Nothing posted just yet, because my stuff is scattered on random Flash Drives.


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