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Transformers Animated-SNARL-
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Published: May 1, 2008
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Finished the Snarl pic in between commissions. If anyone remembers the rough, you'd notice it looks nuthing like it:P This marks my first actual Transformers fan art. Its odd since I grew up with and loved the G1 series(still confused as to why they couldnt get rights to his original name Slag). You figure I'd have more:P I dont really consider this one [link] actual fan art since its just a design based off of a character in the TF universe. If you concur, then I guess that BB pic was the first.
It was supposed to be just a simple splash page with different expressions. He's the strong silent type, so really, he might just be expressionless.
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ChriststarrgirlHobbyist General Artist
Awwww I love Snarl! He is so cute!
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JazzyJasmine15 Digital Artist
how come he never talked..?
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JazzyJasmine15 Digital Artist
wish he would talk
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JazzyJasmine15 Digital Artist
snarl is soo cute. but it's a shame he never talked
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ninjasoilHobbyist General Artist
snarl never got enough love D'X
i always thought he was adorable though XD
he's by far my favourte dinobot, though Grimlock is also awsome in a kinda goofy-epic way :3
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Lovin' the different moods you put him in.

As for why he isn't slag, it's because Hasbro has stopped using that name. Reason: [link]
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Aww, I love Snarl! <3 He's my favorite Dinobot! I just love his chubbiness :iconloveloveplz:
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BHS-ArchetypeRex General Artist
Oh my goodness, so ADORABLE. Love it so much! The different expressions just adds even more to this. Hehe.
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ToonQueenHobbyist General Artist
Awesome and adorable! :3
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i think i know why they named him snarl
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And wuts your hypothesis on the subject professor:P
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because slag translates into "whore" in England the cartoon creators thought if they named him that it would affect cartoon ratings and toy sales for him
knightsfaith's avatar
you cant be serious?! Really??!!? Nahway!0,o"
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Mekal6Hobbyist Writer
It's true!
Just check and you'll see!

And your art's fraggin' great!
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Eek! He's so cute!
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SaaKawaHobbyist General Artist
i don't care what copyrights say, I'm still gonna call him Slag.
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Its definitely an adjustment.
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They grow up so fast:P
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TaintedTamerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw, he's so cute! :heart:
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Watch it, he bitesXDD
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