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DragonBall Z Brolly VS Buu

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Published: September 7, 2007
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Size Doesn't Matter!!

The colored version to my Brolly-Buu picture.
This was originally a kiriban for SiegeRedwolf, that she won oh so very long ago.
She nagged me about doing a DBZ fan pic for a long time, then got a kiriban that didn't actually exist....and this was born laaa deee daaa.

Wouldn't it be cool if these warriors faced off??

(c) Image - Adrian Dones. Do not distribute, modify or use without my permission.
(c) Characters - Akira Toriyama
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YinYangMaster2014Hobbyist Interface Designer
He's gonna get absorbed
StegosaurusGao's avatar
I would love to see that fight........ assuming they would even throw a punch at each other
Red-Jirachi-2's avatar
Please, they wouldn't be enemies. They'd totally be murder bros, having fun killing across the universe
TripleA9000's avatar
TripleA9000Student Writer
In all honesty buu would demolish broly.
Brother-Malachai's avatar
Those two are looking like they're having fun!  LOL.  XD
Jokerz-1824's avatar
Buu vs Broly.  Whoever wins, we lose.
SSJBROLY's avatar
SSJBROLYHobbyist General Artist
Cool! Brolys got this!
Arty-Buu-Chan's avatar
Arty-Buu-ChanStudent Digital Artist
Nemelex's avatar
buu would win.. he was the last boss, and the powerlevels of dbz-guys went up exponentaly after every boss. besides.. SS1-goku defeated brolly in the movie?
Bassy4ever11's avatar
Bassy4ever11Student General Artist
this is so awesome! ^^
dindakai's avatar
dindakaiProfessional General Artist
Rauruderweisex3's avatar
Rauruderweisex3Hobbyist Digital Artist
Buu, no contest.
Oh, and awesome work!
MoonWars's avatar
That is so boss! I love it! regardless of power levels Id love to see this!
EnvyMyApex's avatar
I can really imagine both of them having the time of their lives while fighting each other.
Quicksilver1987's avatar
Quicksilver1987Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hate to say this but.... BOO YEAH!! lol
hesnotdead's avatar
hesnotdeadHobbyist Traditional Artist
Goku and Buu needed their own planet to fight on...but Brolly and Buu? Hell, they would need their own galaxy if not an enitre universe! So epic!
Ilovekidbuu's avatar
IlovekidbuuHobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry to burst ur bubble broly fans but ssj3 goku couldnt beat kid buu. so what makes u think gohan ssj2 or broly could beat him? Just a question. Love the pick though KID BUU FOREVER!!!!
FpsJUSTICE's avatar
You know broly gets stronger as he fights and if he would have came back after the fight with gohan ssj2 saiyans also get stonger after being beatin so he would be atleast ssj3 power lvl if not almost ssj4. And i don't mean bio broly.. i hate bio broly
heathfiedler's avatar
well if you think about is GT really dont count, i really didn't like gt because it made no sence.. and well is irrelevant now that a new chapter of DBZ is coming out
Ilovekidbuu's avatar
IlovekidbuuHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah your right! I also hate bio broly
TheRevfoREVer's avatar
TheRevfoREVerHobbyist Digital Artist
I love how buu's arm is just flying all over that place XD
FrankensteinII's avatar
Is it right for you fapping to this? XDXDXDXDXD That'd be totally AWESOME! The universe would explode for excess of epicness!
SylentEcho88's avatar
wow, this is amazing.
anonymous's avatar
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